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1. Be respectful to the mods and try to be nice to everyone. As long as your not toxic you won't be kicked.

2. Create a profile before you started posting roleplays! If you do you will be warned then be kicked by the 3rd time.

3. Please keep the hentai in the right spot. If it's a Pokemon x Human then put it in whichever one based on the sexuality (gay, staight etc)

4. Do not pester members if they do not reply. Give them time and they will try, but after the third time is when you should stop completely.

5. I will NOT allow any type of person to come in here and be racist or sexist. If it's a joke it's okay but please say that it is. So don't be going around saying "Niggers should die" or "Women are supposed to be in the kitchen" That jst makes you an asshole.

(More to be added later)


Examples of moderation:
Places you have been a mod:
A quick summery of you:


Turn ons
Turn offs
pic (optional)

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Name: Jay

Species: Lopunny

Gender: isnt it obvious that i have a penis?~

Sexuality: bisexual

Turn ons: almost everything

Turn offs: any kind of extreme fetish

Bio: im always very horny and almost always fucking something~ hehe, or being fucked~ i love being both dom and sub so im great at parties~ 

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Name: Jet

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Anything pleasing

Species: Garchomp

Turn ons: Almost anything

Turn offs: Bloody, Gory stuff

Bio: I was one of those lonely Gabites when Cross came along and helped me evolve into a Garchomp, he always told me to follow my heart, and he's been helping me ever since, he's done countless things to me, but the biggest one is making me look good and work out...

can i invite someone? 

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(I didn't know where to put this... It's a father's day themed rp)
((I need a male! Someone who'll play a father figure for my new Mareanie character!))
I was a young Mareanie, you had adopted me because my parents had given up on me when I'd refuse to eat Corsola's. I was too kind to harm them, so they had left me to starve. When you had found me, I was very skinny. Which showed that I was near death. Seeing me starving, you...
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Name: Lukas
Species: Lucario
Gender: Male
Sexuality: none
Turn ons: nothing
Turn offs: Basically Everything
Bio: ???

Name: Lukas The Lucario (Le Pokemon Roleplayer)

Experience: I own Three successful Communitys not including my other ones on my other account

Examples of moderation: Like I said, I own Three successful Communitys

Places of Mod: Pokemon Roleplay (×4), Pokemon and Furry Roleplay, Pokemon and Trainer Roleplay, Truth or Dare, Stop Bullying and many more

Summary: I would like to help out in this community, such as a better Rule System, Template and Moderator Collaboration. And with me being a trained Actor I will be able to pull in more members.

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Name: Kuroi
Species: Braixen
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bi
Turn ons: Cute shiny things and blue fire/flames. (its boring you isn't it)
Turn offs: Perfume, (the usual, diapers and all that stuff :T)
Age: 16
Bio: A just evolved Fennekin, a kind average teenager really. Loves to bake and cook. Works at a cafe, doesn't like wearing maid outfits or tight things but, was forced to wear a maid outfit for the new uniform, she hates it.

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i was running low on money so i start working at a maid cafe
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