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Welcome to Camp Half Blood, the safe haven for special children like you. You, young one, are one of many. You’re a demigod. What is a demigod? A demigod is someone who is half god and half mortal. Meaning one of your parents are a god while your other is a mortal. Who’s your godly parent? What is the path you’ll walk down? Will you stand up against the monsters in the world to prove your bravery? It’s all your choice here at Camp.

Hey everyone! It’s PJ here with the pinned post! Since we haven’t really had a main pinned post in awhile, us mods thought it would be a good idea to make a pinned post. So, I updated the pinned post, added some things, and posted it.

Here is the index for the pinned post.
1. Faceclaims + List!
2. Powers + OPness!
3. Character Approval!
4. Cabin Counselors
5. Categories!
6. Profile Template
7. Swearing + Roleplay Rules
8. Other Reminders.

1. Face-Claims + List!
NEW: OFFICIAL FACE-CLAIM LIST Can be accessed by clicking on
The "Face Claims" category was created for you to claim the facial appearance of a celebrity, anime, drawing, etc. Before you claim the face (hence the name "face claim"), you must be sure that nobody else has that face claim! You can do that by asking in the "Face Claims" category. If the moderators aren't sure, then please wait for at least 24 hours before officially claiming it. If the face is taken, then we're sorry, but the face isn't yours. Once you have claimed the face, you MUST make the character within a month and a half. After that, the face is no longer yours and others are free to claim it. The only exception is when you purposely state that you will take longer than the required time, anytime (just as long as it is not after the deadline). This is to decrease the possibility of one claiming a famous celebrity and then never making the character's profile.
2. Powers + OPness!
This is a really important issue that annoys a lot of moderators.
Please do not make your character too OP [Overpowered]. The maximum limit of powers is 4 powers per character (and 4 weapons per character). I know you guys want your character to be really powerful, but they cannot be too overpowered that they're like a god (because then they wouldn't be DEMI-gods) The only exception is when you have permission from the owner and another moderator! Actually, I liedThere is another exception. The other exception is when you also have weaknesses. For example, one weakness and 5 powers is acceptable. When applying a weakness, please have at least 2 moderators approve it first.
A frequently asked question is if you are allowed to have Titans/Titanesses as your godly parent. The answer is yes, you are allowed to have Titans as your parent. If you don't agree, you can view a small portion of my argument at the bottom of this post. Just make sure that if you do have a Titan parent, you do not overpower your OC.
If you are in need of any ideas of powers, please feel free to check out this post: Haven't created it yet, but will do so soon.
Another important issue that must get addressed is that: your character cannot be fearless or perfect!
3. Character Approval!
To avoid possible OPness, your character must be approved by both moderator and cabin counselor in order to start roleplaying! The only exception is when there's no counselor for your cabin or if the cabin counselor is currently inactive. DO NOT START ROLEPLAYING UNTIL YOU HAVE BEEN APPROVED!!!!
4. Cabin Counselors
A Cabin Counselor is a special camper who leads his/her cabin. A counselor is responsible for being present during special events and approving profiles within the cabin. Each cabin are allowed to have 1-4 cabin counselors. If you are a cabin counselor, you may or may not choose to split the responsibilities among your fellow partners. The current list of cabin counselors per cabin could be found in the introduction of this community. I find it quite annoying when other people ask who's the cabin counselor.
Link to all the counselors:
It has come to the moderators' notice that many of you are posting in incorrect categories. This post will address the descriptions of each category in this community. After reading this post, please make sure that you are posting in the appropriate category. The consequences for posting in the inappropriate categories will also be discussed near the end of this post.
Announcements⇨NO POSTING
Please do not post in this category unless you are a moderator or have permission from the owner. Moderators will post rules, updates, announcements, etc. in this category.
Polls (Moderators ONLY!)
As the title category suggests, only moderators and owners can post here. Any post found in here who wasn't originally or currently a moderator/owner will be removed immediately. In this category, we will post polls, such as Christmas Awards, Events, and Temporary Moderator decisions.
Anything that needs to be discussed. Some examples of posts that go in this category are questions and recommendations. This category was formerly known as "Questions/Advice Box".
You have predicted on what goes into this category: roleplay. Please note that "Anyone wants to RP?" does not go inside this category, it goes into "Other".
Face Claims
This category is perfect for claiming face claims and reserving face claims! We suggest you first ask here, then add it to the Face Claims document. Some people still haven't transferred their face claims onto the document, and we want it to be fair game to everybody!
Zeus (Cabin 1)
Profiles whose godly parent is Zeus
Poseidon (Cabin 3)
Profiles whose godly parent is Poseidon
Demeter (Cabin 4)
Profiles whose godly parent is Demeter
Ares (Cabin 5)
Profiles whose godly parent is Ares
Athena (Cabin 6)
Profiles whose godly parent is Athena
Apollo (Cabin 7)
Profiles whose godly parent is Apollo
Artemis (Cabin 8)
Profiles who are the Hunters of Artemis
Hephaestus (Cabin 9)
Profiles whose godly parent is Hephaestus
Aphrodite (Cabin 10)
Profiles whose godly parent is Aphrodite
Hermes • Dionysus (Cabin 11, 12)
Profiles whose godly parent is either Hermes or Dionysus
Amazons (Profiles)
Profiles whom are Amazons
Other Gods
Profiles whose godly parent is not listed above
Big House • Quests
Already have a prophecy in mind and just looking for other quest people? Post it in this category! Asking if there are any quests open? Sure! Asking for another prophecy? This category is for that post. Anything else? Nope! Note that Quest roleplaying goes in "Roleplay"
Events • Applications
When there is an event, please post anything related to that event here (even if it's roleplaying). When we have a contest (Story, edit, moderator, etc.), please post your application in this category.
Anything that does not fit the descriptions of the above categories. Happy birthday to our PJO and HoO characters goes here. Posts about the PJO and/or HoO also goes here. Any spam does not go here.
For regular members:
1. A warning will be given the first time
2. The post will be deleted the second-fifth time. If it was a small mistake, then it will be moved to the correct category instead of being deleted.
3. You will be temporarily removed from the community the sixth time.

For moderators:
1. A warning will be given the first time.
2. The post will be deleted the second-fourth time.
3. You will be demoted to member the fifth time.
4. You will be temporarily removed from the community the sixth time.
6. Profile template!
Most people are wondering what the profile template is, so I am posting the template here.
Tell us a few things your character has, or would say in certain situation.

{ Name: } Well, duh. We sort of need something to call the person by..

{ Nicknames: } (Optional) Any nicknames?

{ Age: } They can pretty much be as young as 7, or as 'old' as.... 20 something I think.

{ Godly Parent: } Either a minor God, or major God.
((I'd prefer that you get permission if you want your character to have a blessing, so they aren't super overpowered and such.))

{ Personality: } For this, I'd like you to put at least a little bit more than the whole happy, funny, etc thing, and at least do 3-5 sentences.

{ Appearance: } Either describe your character using the format below, or add pictures.
And if you have a specific Faceclaim, you should add that here as well.

Hair colour:
Eye colour:
Skin tone:

{ Likes: } Self explanatory.

{ Dislikes: } Also self explanatory....

{ Powers: } Please, please, please do not overpower your character, or give them a power unrelated to their godly parent. It just doesn't make any sense.... And it's kinda annoying.

{ Weapon (s): } Pretty much any are allowed... But just a random question... Why the heck would you have a gun?!
Limit of only four weapons.

{ Fatal Flaw: } What's the one specific weakness, that'll probably lead to their downfall?

{ Bio: } At least tell us a little bit of the backstory..

{ Extras: } Anything else?

The more descriptive way is this one, but either one is okay:
༄ Q U O T E S ༄

༄ N A M E ༄

༄ N I C K N A M E ༄

༄ A G E ༄

༄ B I R T H D A T E ༄

༄ G O D L Y P A R E N T ༄

༄ G E N D E R ༄

༄ P E R S O N A L I T Y ༄

༄ A P P E A R A N C E ༄
• Hair Colour •
• Eye Colour •
• Skin Tone •
• Height •

༄ F A C E C L A I M ༄

༄ L I K E S ༄





༄ D I S L I K E S ༄





༄ S E X U A L I T Y ༄

༄ R E L A T I O N S H I P S T A T U S ༄

༄ P O W E R S ༄

༄ W E A P O N S ༄

༄ F A T A L F L A W ༄

༄ P H O B I A ༄

༄ B I O G R A P H Y ༄

༄ E X T R A S ༄

7. Swearing + Roleplay Rules

Swearing Rules: Please make sure that you use swearing language at APPROPRIATE TIMES. When making a profile, you must have a warning (such as [ PG - 13 ]) at the top of the profile! There are some young roleplayers in this community, and we want to respect their innocence. There are also some people who just do not like cussing words, and we also need to respect that. When roleplaying with other person, you must have their permission that they are okay if you swear.
Roleplaying Rules: (These apply to all roleplayers!)
・You may not kill off another person's character without their permission!
・You may not swear without their permission!
・You must be approved before you could start roleplaying!
・If there's already somebody roleplaying, please do not barge in unless you have permission to do so.
・Please be respectful to other people's preferences. Some may want descriptive roleplays and others may want them brief. Some also may prefer a specific gender over another. The point is for you to please follow what they prefer and make sure you they're comfortable with you RPing with them.
・If a roleplay states that it is closed for specifically one person, then please do not hop into that roleplay as it is reserved for another person. If it is open, then feel free to hop in (although it'll probably be nice for you to ask first).
If you have trouble roleplaying or have a question, please ask in the comments below or visit our "Roleplay Lessons" Community, which can be found here:
8. Other Reminders. . .
▫ Canon Characters are not allowed! This means, that you may not have any "mortal" relationships with any of the characters in the series. (Example: Leo's sister, or Percy's and Annabeth's daughter are not acceptable!)
▫ NO HATE!! 
Virgin goddesses cannot have any children! The only exception is when you get permission from both the owner and another moderator!
▫ Advertising in any kind will not be permitted in this community. Shout-outs, link promotion, or community advertising will not be allowed.
Thank you for reading!
Have fun roleplaying!
May the gods light your path.
~Percabeth Jones (Awesome)
~All the mods
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I don't remember joining this community at all.

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•<Closed to +Boneta F.>•

Nineteen. Lacey was nineteen now. She knew that is was coming. She was damn near counting down the days until then. She honestly thought she’d be scared. She was already looking for an apartment of her own. She found one she liked. But she didn’t want to think of that right now. She didn’t want to think about the bills and the responsibility. It was her birthday and she wanted to have fun

Lacey got up out of bed, a big smile on her lips. Her and her friends went out the night before. Staying out until midnight, drinking, basically just being friends on someone’s birthday. So now she has the day to do whatever she wanted

After taking a shower, she dried off and got dressed. “Slide” by Calvin Harris was playing from her phone and she danced around her cabin bathroom. She put on a black and white shirt. She then slipped on a pair on high waisted jeans and low top black and white converse.

Looking in the mirror and she moved her head back and forth to the music, wondering if and she put on a little makeup. She felt like it, honestly. She went for a natural look and sighed softly. Once she was done she put on simple pearly white earring and a simple silver choker.

Lacey left her hair down and natural before leaving the bathroom. She was met with smiled and little “happy birthday”’s from her siblings. She whispered a small thanks you since she never really got along with them.

Happy Birthday, fucker Ashton said with a smile. Even when it was her birthday, he’s still insult her, no questions asked.

Why thank you, brethren Lacey said with a smile and a spin. She giggled, feeling her phone vibrate in her back pocket with good morning and birthday texts.

After a small talk with Ashton, Lacey left for breakfast. Waffles she thought. I want waffles. Lacey blushed madly when she thought of Waffles, immediately thinking of Jon. She wanted to see him. She hadn’t seen him in a while, and seeing him today was most likely going to be the highlight of her week
I tried. I cleared most of the pictures from my phone so I could get space, so I just got this picture from some girl I follow on insta

but she’s damn near perfect for Lacey anyways soooo

James was relaxing by the lake, reading a book. It was a cool day so he was wearing skinny jeans and a T-shirt. You see him and walk over

(Closed +AlienTM​ )

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"I can still see you doing that......"

"I may be blind but I am not stupid...."

"My blindness isn't a handicap. It is an advantage and perk I can use to help me however I can."

Aron Lexis.


[Godly Parent:]



January 17, 2000

[Camp Status:]
Summer and school breaks. Christmas, spring, fall, etc.

Exactly like the picture. Nothing more, nothing less.

He is the sweetest guy you will ever meet. He thinks of everyone else before himself. He is also very thoughtful and understanding. But... He has the ability to sound totally kind, but make a horrifying bone chilling insult... The blind eyes help.

Hearing the sounds of campers training and having fun, the smells of the early morning dew and of the nymphs cooking breakfast, making model buildings for his own model city.

People who are ignorant about his condition. That's about it. Just because he is blind, doesn't mean he is crippled. he can see, just in a different way.

He is quite agile. He has enhanced touch, and hearing. He is also quite fast, able to make consecutive strikes in a rapid motion.

He doesnt have any major weaknesses, other than the fact he can't really see.

[Fatal Flaw:]
He sometimes exaggerates his senses and makes mistakes.

He uses echo location. He clicks his tongue to hear the echos off of objects and people to find his way around. He has honed this ability so well, he can make one loud click and take in an entire room and see everything and everyone in there.

He has a special walking cane. but it is much more than that. It was made by a friend of his, Kyle Lewis. The cane can extend into a two handed staff, or detach into two battle batons, those batons can open hook blades for slashing and climbing, and finally those batons can also split and be connected via a steel cable and be used as nun-chucks.

Aron was born blind. When he was delivered to his father, Zachary he noticed how Aron couldn't see the toys... So his father spared no expense. Since he was an author, he could work at home. So he homeschooled his son and used brail books, researched ways to help him go around, and when he found echo location, he knew that would be a unique trait for him. As Aron grew up, he showed a certain flair and interest in architecture. He could build impressive models out of legos, blocks, and even used clay. When he got old enough, his father took him to the camp that Athena told him about. Aron fell in love with the place his first day there. Ever since then, he has gone every break he could. He still lived with his father and was home schooled during the school year, but he would come every summer and train. He has lead a seemingly uneventful life. 
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Hey, I have some questions for the moderators. I will list them below.

1: I already have some profiles I made myself and I don't think they follow the exact template but are still very detailed. Can I use those instead?

2: Is there a profile limit a single person can have?

3: One of my characters is a second generation demigod, a son of Ares as well as grandson of Athena. His mother was a daughter of Athena. He also has an ability that I think is rare in both Ares and Athena cabins, but with his combined blood, he had a higher chance of getting it. Pre-Flex, the ability to see subtly into the near future in a battle on occasion, only when he has a big adrenaline high.

4: One of my characters is a son of Hades, are Big Three children allowed?

5: One of my characters has a special ability I created, The Godly Oculus, he is a son of Apollo and his eye was given the rare ability to be that of an oracle. He can see a persons true intentions and see if they are lying or not and even track people if he has stared at them long enough with the eye, but he cannot use it infinetly, he always has it covered with a special eye patch and can only have it exposed for about 10 minutes a day.

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[] Open to all~ []

Chou Tzu-yu, the daughter of Aphrodite was in a good mood today as she sat down on the beach, her reddish brown hair softly blowing in the wind. She hugged her knees to her chest as she looked into the foggy horizon. She then felt heat radiate on her back and looked up, seeing the sun come out from behind a blanket of clouds. She smiled softly and then got up and brushed the sand off of herself. She was clad in a simple, loose black shirt with denim skinny jeans and her hair out, dyed a darker red. She hummed a little tune that she learned on the streets of Taiwan as she walked coast, her feet almost gliding against the water. Seeing her, you.....

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_CLOSED TO +Ɠrace Ӈ _

_It was a nice beautiful sunny day! The wind had a light breeze caring a cold front. It felt like it was a day in fall/spring. Right when the cold air was flowing with the wind. Vivian was sitting down as her hair was being blown in the wind. Besides her was a basket of fruit she had gotten the the Demeter kids. She was eating the cherries cause they forgot to take the strawberries out so she wanted to be on the safe side and just eat the cherries.

"Namja! Geudeul-i na-ege malhaji anh-ass-eul ttae geudeul-eun yeogiui ttalgileul dwossda."*"Man! I can't believe they put strawberries in there when I told them not too."*

_She talked to herself in Korean when that random wind ended up blowing her blackest down. So she started to pick them up when.....
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[Repost for +Ëm Ręÿêš who I can't tag]
{Character: Luke Feren | 15 | Hades}
{Location: Camp Half Blood}
{Time: 14:23 EST}
{OPEN | Be descriptive please!}

Luke tipped his head back against the bark of the tree and sunk into the slightly damp grass, hands shaking as they pressed into the earth.

Gods, Luke, just breathe, he thought frantically. C'mon, in, out, in out. Easy, right? It was just a stupid closet.

A stupid, tiny closet that made him feel like the walls were closing in on him, that made him feel like he was suffocating and he couldn't breathe and oh gods, stop freaking out!

He wasn't sure why they'd done it. Maybe it had been some stupid thing about asserting their dominance or whatever. Honestly, he didn't even know how they'd found out about his stupid claustrophobia, all he knew was that one minute he was totally fine, minding his own business and reading a book about animatronics that he'd borrowed from the Hephaestus cabin, and the next a group of unruly Ares campers were laughing as they shoved him into a dark closet.

Luke had been panicking so much he had barely been able to pick the lock on the door. Despite his hands shaking furiously however, he'd busted his way out and run all the way into the forest, taking shelter under his favorite tree.

And now he was here, his fingers running themselves through his white hair as he tried to calm himself.

Breath still coming out in uneven huffs, he screwed his eyes shut and closed his hands into fists. The ground beneath him seemed to quiver, just slightly, and a tiny, hollow skull of an animal broke through the dirt, joined quickly by bones that formed the rest of it's body. The small shrew skeleton squeaked and darted across the grass.

Get it under control, Luke, he told himself, teeth gritted. He let out a small gasp, eyes flying open, and the animal collapsed onto the ground, spilling into a pile of bones once more.

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