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For the BladeWielders, this is what the blades of power look like. The 1st one is Excalibur, The 2nd is Canharte, and the last 3rd one is Iarem.

Is this still a thing?

//Well then, I guess Nenji will just have to seek out Excalibur's Sister Swords. Not a problem, as he own Clarent and Durendal. All he needs is Charlemagne's Sword, Joyeuse.

+Yui Komori 小森 ユイ
"Which Blade do you wish to wield?"

The Forge master lays out two of the 3 blades excluding Excalibur.

"My explanation as to why I do not present the holy blade Excalibur to you is that it is simply 'on hold'."
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