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Excited to share this item from my #etsy shop: Unicorn Girl, Happy Planner stickers [349] , Full box, A5 PDF, Instant download

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Mongolian beef recipe
Dinner tonight , July 12 , 2018
So delicious , just be careful with the dried chilis, the recipe calls for 5 we used 2 and it was just enough for our taste, Here served with whole grain rice.

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Asian Sloppy Joe
Dinner tonight , July 17, 2018
Tasteful , fulfilling and delicious outtake on the original Sloppy Joe. Very easy to make and great for everyday food.

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Cauliflower rice-stuffed peppers
Dinner tonight, June 20 , 2018
Great and fast way to make a fancy everyday dish, I did not steam my bell peppers, because we like the peppers to be crunchy . Serve with a nice green salad or tomato feta salad.

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Spiced pork tenderloin
Dinner tonight May 1, 2018
Reasonably fast to make, really great taste, instead of mashed potatoes I made mashed cauliflower , Yummy !!

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Ultimate swedish meatballs
Dinner tonight, 22, April, 2018
Delicious meatball dish , serve with potatoes and green salad

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Oldschool paprika casserole
Old fashion Danish dish from the 80´s, dinner tonight March 6, 2018, Just so delicious , and old classic, but still good.

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Cauliflower and prawns
Starters tonight, February 28, 2018
A great Danish 80´s Appetiser dish, but actually quit delicious.

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Homemade favourite sauce
Dinner tonight, January 31, 2018
Delicious sauce , its especial good with white meat, but good with beef too.
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