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Hopefully this fits in the spirit of goal 1 for this community - I'm looking for beta user feedback for Mind Mapping 3D (Android). Let me know your thoughts if you try it out. Thanks!

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Partial Graphic Organizers to Support Student Note-Taking and Learning

Providing students with partial graphic organizers prior to reading text passages or attending a lecture can support their learning and increase their understanding of the material – particularly to answer more complex application questions. Plus, providing students with graphic organizers can help them to adopt this note-taking strategy themselves when no prior notes are provided to them in other courses.

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Biggerplate Webinar: Financial Planning with Mind Maps

Join the +Biggerplate webinar on October 30 to learn how to structure a financial plan, how to track the information needed, and how to use mind mapping to guide planning.

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Biggerplate Webinar: How to Study with Mind Maps

Join the +Biggerplate webinar on October 15 to learn how you can use mind mapping to improve your memory and learning.

#mindmap #mindmapping #howtostudy #learning

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Get More Done with Less. 3 Ways to Put Team Productivity Into Overdrive

A typical day in the life of a professional team consists of an endless number of to-dos. Unless there’s a plan in place to tackle them, the items on the checklist pile up fast.

1. Kanban board apps for greater control
2. Invest in the right to-do list app for your team

3. Use mind maps to boost creativity

It would be reductive to say that a mind map is essentially multiple to-do lists in one. The reason: A mind map is so much more than that.

It’s a detailed drawing that allows users’ creativity to flow. It’s an excellent brainstorming tool, and it's something I highly recommend all businesses invest in. Use it to start the conception journey for a project and see your productivity jump. Not just your productivity, but also the quality of your ideas.

With the right kind of mind-mapping tool, teams can visualize complex tasks in great detail, zero in on the gaps, see obstacles and predict outcomes that might otherwise be easy to miss.

Via +Entrepreneur

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Jumpstart New Projects with Mind Maps

Most projects start with a goal: Build a new website, create a roadmap, or write an employee handbook. Goals are easy to define. Figuring out how to reach the goal—that's the hard part.

Mind maps make it easier to break down big goals into actionable tasks. They jumpstart your creativity, help you generate and capture ideas, and let you weigh multiple options so you can make the best possible decisions. And with the right setup, you can take the ideas captured in your mind map and turn them into tasks and project plans in your project management system.

Guide by +Zapier

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How does mind mapping software enable clarity?

Chuck Frey put this question to some of the world’s leading mind mappers to get their perspectives on this question. Here’s what they had to say.

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Future of Artificial Intelligence & Mind Mapping Software

Presentation by Chuck Frey about mind mapping software and artificial intelligence, presented at a recent +Biggerplate webinar. It contains a wealth of new findings that give a more detailed picture of what the future intersection of mind mapping and AI may look like.

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Biggerplate introduces Biggerplate PRO

+Biggerplate introduces Biggerplate PRO as a replacement for Business Club membership.

For only $29/year, Biggerplate PRO members can look forward to live webinars that will feature great business-focused speakers and sessions, and will also feature presentations from mind mapping experts, practitioners and innovators in education, healthcare, government, and more. All PRO members also get access to past Business webinars.

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For people with dyslexia, the mind map format offers many benefits. It helps them organize their thoughts, structure texts they're having trouble comprehending, and much more. I'm very happy to share that MindMeister now also supports OpenDyslexic, a font specifically designed for people with dyslexia! 😊🎓
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