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This community is being revived and rebooted, Its safe to say my plotbuilding and community making Skills have increased so expect some awesome Systems.

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» Quote: "We live. We die. We live Again."

» Name: Galan Karas

» Age: 16

» Godly Parent: Ares (Claimed)

» Gender: Male

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» Hair Color: Orange

» Eye Color: Brown

» Skin Tone: White

» Build: Skinny/Built

» Physical Deformities/Alterations: None

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» Race: Demigod

» Rank: First Year at CHB

» Skills: Master of Any and All types of Combat (I.e. hand to hand, swords, blunt weapons, ranged weapons, etc.), Enhanced Speed, Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Durability and Enhanced Endurance

» Personality: Collected and calm when not in battle, during battle he's hot headed

» Relationships: None

» Biography: Galan was born in Greece, near the ancient City of Sparta. As a boy he's always had a fascination for War. He would practice all types of Martial Arts and such, being able to master them with ease. He would always get into fights at school, not because he wanted to mind you, and he would always display an abnormal strength for his age. Soon his mother would reveal to him who his real father was. It was Ares, the God of War. After hearing this, at the young age of 11, Jed be sent to CHB. He never mingled with the other kids for five years until he decided to take part in the lessons. Right now he's testing his limits to see how much he needs to learn.

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» Weapons: Two Swords (A broad Sword and Katana), his fists and anything else he can find

» Armor: He's been seen wearing regular street clothes but other times he wears leather training armor and when he's on missions he wears traditional Greek Armor

» Clothing: Regular Human Clothes

» Items of Interest: His Swords were said to be given to him by Ares himself, so they're incredibly special

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Lucius McAlister



1st Year Camper CHB

Godly Parent
Hades (Unclaimed)

Lucius was a French-Italian Mix, born from a Wealthy Family. For years he would have Vivid Dreams of Water and he would learn to Fear it, however his Mother had to go on a Buisness Trip and took a Cruise Ship. Which would be struck down by a Sea Monster trying to kill the Child, His mother was sadly taken to the depths by Poseidon. However Hades, his Father. Luckily whisked him away to Camp Half Blood, where everything would be explained to him in a Dream

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