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the day after elsa's that will haunt me for the rest of my life...the day the Arendelle Assassins fell... closes my eyes in grief as some of my late friends' ghosts try to offer comfort but couldn't..

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In the event of the left attacking Team Jeager,
should we fight back?
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+King Elthibar Dunbroch +kristoff bjorgman +Lord Altair ibn La'ahad +Queen Merida +Malcome Good day my friends I have something to show you. shows you the Brig Welcome to the Ørm. Isn't she a beauty?

By the way, +kristoff bjorgman The Parisian Brotherhood wanted me to send you their thanks for that incident with Frollo. Believe it or not, that judge was a target for years. Reason why he hadn't been killed by the time you and the others showed up was he was too well guarded. in fact about 50 Assassins died trying to bring him down

Templar Grandmaster Johnathan Timber: observing James Stone He needs to get back into the Animus.
Abstergo Scientist: But he's still suffering from the Bleeding Effect. I don't think we can risk it yet!
Johnathan: We WILL risk it! Our plans depend on it!
Meanwhile, James is in his cell when he starts to suffer from the bleeding effect again, fighting against the illusion of me.

Abstergo Industry file 1138
Subject name: James Stone
Ancestor: William Tutore and Queen Elsa of Arendelle
Date of capture: 3/18/2017
Age: 21
Level of capture: difficult

Memory sequence: 1

in the hideout of the Arendelle Assassins, an initiation ceremony is in session. William Tutore, age 13, approaches the Mentor of the Brotherhood
Assassins: Laa shay'a waqi'un moutlaq bale kouloun moumkine.
as the Mentor spoke, he branded William Tutore's left ring finger
Mentor: Hvor andre menn blindt følger sannheten, husk ...
Will: Ingenting er sant.
having branded the young man, he straps on his first hidden blade
Mentor: Hvor andre menn er begrenset av moral eller lov, husker ...
Will: Alt er lov. he unsheathed his hidden blade looking at the blade before looking up Vi arbeider i mørket for å tjene lyset. Vi er Assassins.
End of sequence

As I stand in the window looking over the fjord, +Kristoff Bjorgman walks in

Me: I am afraid of what is to come. The reds have went underground, and they are covering their tacks. They also seem to not have the League of Shadows or Hydras support. My intelligence tells me that they have been trying to dismantle them to allow their seizer of power is uncontested from the League of Shadows.

I have good news. The confederation of Irish independent states has agreed to pay the fees for supporting the Jacobite insurrections and now the construction on the wall between Ulster and the rest of Ireland begins.

is sitting with the twins when I hear a beeping. I pull out a strange device in confusion What the...?
Elsa: What is that?
Me: We're about to find out... I answer it and a kid's face appears
?: Numbah 1138, do you read me!?
Me: Numbah 4? What's wrong?
Numbah 4: Trouble! That's what! Numbah 5 will help me explain.

Those who seek to threaten +King Elthibar Dunbroch way of life will be defeated. I ask he let an election of a commander of all his armies that will handle the task of the war so he may handle the domestic issues and diplomatic relations. I wish to be that commander however I will wander to him and him alone.
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