Arrow starts walking down the highway once again. She stops short when she sees a swarm of Zs not too far ahead of her. The Zs see her and start chasing her "Oh, come on! Do I really have to deal with you guys today?" Arrow turns around only to find another swarm of Zs behind her. She trips and falls back. She stands up, only to fall again due to losing her balance. She rolls down a steep hill and then.....
((Open RP))

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Name: I go by "Arrow", even though it's not my real name
Age: I just had my 14th birthday
Personality: I like being alone, because then I can do basically anything I want without restrictions; I used to read all the time, now I read whenever I can and whatever book I can get my hands on; Downsides: I have ADHD
Bio: My parents died in a car wreck when I was 5; I was the only one out of 5 people in the wreck that lived. I was adopted by a couple when I was 10 years old. My parents were killed by a mysterious man a few weeks into the apocalypse. I prefer to be away from others, mostly because I don't want to become too attached to people and then they just end up dead. I like to travel mainly at night, so if you get the feeling that someone is around at night and you hear a noise, it's probably me.

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Best photo ever!
We should make this a contest to see who has the best picture from Z nation! Who's with me!

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Name: Napoleon Sword
Age: 20
Family: all dead
Bio: a surviving descent of Napoleon Bonaparte he just like his Ancestor he lost his family,Was leader of France he tried to save it thank to him it was the last to fall and is trying to survive and trying to recruit a army to retake France
Skills:He was a capable administrator 
He was an excellent judge of character and ability when selecting subordinate officers 
He had good language skills (French, Italian, and German) 
He could grasp a situation quickly and make an appropriate decision.
1. Excellent multi-tasker (Could dictate 3 letters at once). 
2. Brilliant general and tactician (Led campaigns across Europe and Egypt and nearly conquered it all, led the French army and came seized power by way of a coup) 
3. Excellent statesman (He knew not to let the Pope crown him Emperor or else it would symbolize the Church's power over the state - also able to turn European states against each other). 
4. Good understanding of history (Learned from mistake of Charlemagne - don't let Pope have power over you). 
5. Excellent leader of the people (Reason for French nationalism - his campaigns also pissed the other European countries off which gave rise to nationalism in England, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Russia. Perhaps Poland too.
1) Best military tactician that ever lived - he won the battle of Auserlitz 

2) skilled political administrator - Naploean invented the practice of putting all the even numbered addresses down one side of a street and all the odd numbered addresses down the other side of the street. 

3) inspirational leader - as soon as he escaped from the Island of Elba and set foot on French soil, over a hundred thousand men (mostly veterans) immediately re-enlisted in the Army (and then allgot themselves killed at Waterloo) 

4) an excellent dancer - Napoleon actually invented the tango 

5) he was an amateur circus performer - he could stand on his head and bounce a ball in the air using only his feet.
Extra Info: High temper
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