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General Rules

#1: Respect. Respect The Mods, Owners and your fellow Members.

#2: Observation. Look before you post. Make sure someone else doesn't have the Canon Character already, or the Political position you smart, read and review...then post.

#3: Moderation. Do not expect to take Canon characters right out of the Movies/Books/or TV shows completely as is. Bios and lives will change in accordance to any OC Character that influences the change. Cross Overs are allowed for Individuals if made to fit the Star Wars Universe entire factions or technological advancements are not.

#4: Power Balance. Do not, and I repeat do not create an OP character. Create obvious weaknesses, if needed explain their weakness. Posts will be held for review to make sure Characters are fairly realistic and not nearing being a God.

#5: Detail: Not so much a rule as a request. A Profile Template will be posted for members to use at their discretion, the more detail the better, bring your Characters alive. Bios must be at LEAST one full paragraph. No one or two-liners

#6: Have Fun.

-Note: all Posts, Profiles or not will be held for review. This is to ensure no Profiles are OP, or that any Action Posts conflict with the general "Story Line" as it develops.

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In this galaxy there is a third side to the blade to war. This side is usually forgotten but it is the deadliest. That side is the Mandalorians.... You cannot kill us because we are not a species but a culture. Our Empire is eternal and will last forever. You may try and enslave us, torture us, taken away everything we hold dear but there's one thing you'll never take from us.....Our pride!

Full Name -- Atin Burc’ya
Meaning of Name -- Atin: stubborn(mandalorian) / Burc’ya: friend(mandalorian)
Nickname -- Narudar Shakajir
Birth Date -- 23BBY
Astrological Sign -- Taurus
Birth Place -- Concordia
Age -- 37 years old
Nationality -- mandalorian
Race -- human
Hair Color -- black
Hair Style -- bald cut
Shape and Features of Face -- oval/rectangular
Glasses or Contacts -- none
Eye Color -- blue
Skin Tone -- white
Scars or Distinguishing Marks -- one running across left cheek
Disabilities -- ADHD
Body Type -- fit, healthy
Height -- 5ft 9in
Weight -- 187 pounds
Speech Patterns -- none
Tag Words -- none
Gestures -- none
Weakness -- honor, pride


Mother -- Pirun Burc’ya
Father -- Ruus Burc’ya
Mother's Occupation -- house wife
Father's Occupation -- mine worker
Family Finances -- high middle class
Birth Order -- Ivin’yc Burc’ya, Atin Burc’ya
Brothers -- Ivin’yc Burc’ya
Sisters -- none
Other Close Family -- Kotta Burc’ya (adopted chiss Son)
Best Friend -- none
Other Friends -- Werda (Taung)
Enemies -- Galactic Empire, Sith, Jedi, Kal Viszla, Wasuur Clan
Pets -- none
Home Life During Childhood -- mandalorian military training
Town or City Name(s) -- n/a
Details of Town(s) or City(s) -- modern mandalorian scenery
What Did His or Her Bedroom Look Like -- n/a
Any Sports or Clubs -- cantina
Favorite Toy or Game -- none
Schooling -- homeschooled
Favorite Subject -- history
Popular or Loner -- loner
Important Experiences or Events -- losing his wife(Riduur)
Health Problems -- ADHD
Culture -- mandalorian
Religion and beliefs -- mandalorian, code of honor


Bad Habits -- having pride getting in the way
Good Habits -- being a leader, making good decisions
Best Characteristic -- leadership
Worst Characteristic -- stubbornness
Worst Memory -- losing his riduur
Best Memory -- adopting Kotta
Proud of -- Kotta, Reputation,
Embarrassed by -- n/a
Driving Style -- good
Strong Points -- being a quick thinker, leadership, inspirational
Temperament -- steady
Attitude -- smart ass, stubborn
Weakness -- pride/honor
Fears -- losing Kotta
Phobias -- none
Secrets -- none
Regrets -- being ordered to attack the Wasuur Clan
Feels Vulnerable When -- n/a
Pet Peeves -- failure
Conflicts -- Mandalorian Civil War
Motivation -- to be the best warrior there is
Short Term Goals and Hopes -- survival
Long Term Goals and Hopes -- to see Mandalore and its clans reunited
Sexuality -- straight
Exercise Routine -- parkour, hand to hand, target practice
Day or Night Person -- night
Introvert or Extrovert -- Extrovert
Optimist or Pessimist -- Pessimist

*Likes and Style:*

Music -- ancient Mandalorian
Books -- mandalorian history
Magazines -- none
Drinks -- tihaar
Animals -- Zillo Beast
Jewelry -- mandalorian mdog tag

Home -- Concordia
Favorite Possession -- Riduur’s dog tag
Most Cherished Possession -- Riduur’s dog tag
Children -- Kotta Burc’ya (Adpoted Chiss)
Relationship with Family -- good
Best Friend -- Werda (taung)
Other Friends -- none
Enemies -- Galactic Empire
Career -- Leader of the Original Death Watch
Love Life -- none
Sexual Turn Ons -- n/a
Sexual Turn Offs -- n/a
Hobbies -- practicing in using the darksaber
Guilty Pleasure -- n/a
Talents or Skills -- hand-to-hand, sharpshooter, leading
Intelligence Level -- high
Greatest Strength -- honor and leadership
Greatest Weakness -- honor/pride
Health Problems -- ADHD
Culture -- Mandalorian

Past Careers - none
Past Lovers -- Vhiper
Biggest Mistakes -- n/a
Biggest Achievements -- becoming leader of the original Death Watch
*Backstory – Atin was born on the planet Concordia before the Clone Wars Era. He and Ivin’yc witness multiple conflicts together but ended with different paths. Atin joined Pre Vizsla aiding in supporting the downfall of Satine and her followers. After the missing of Maul, Atin came across the Dark Saber taking it for himself believing it was destiny. Eventually thourgh hard trials and times Atin became The Alor(leader) of Death Watch. During the Imperial Age Atin has been fighting in a civil war on Mandalore using Concordia as his main base.

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“Vod an cuyir te gaanla solus'ade, vi dinuir cuun tal. Vi kyr'amur par ijaat. Vi cuyir te gaanla solus’ade, cuun irud Mhor ti tal. O'r kote vi yaimpar, cuun goyust’ade kyr. Vi kyrayc te ciryc’tal kyramud! Nayc or'atu oya'la o'r chaabar. Bic's ca'nara laam cuun Alor. Vi gotal bic banar vi're te gaanla solus’ade! Sheb’viinir’ade adol orar bal nau o’r tra’vhipir solus ca'nara tug'yc. Vi kyrayc te kurs kyramud vi gaan an kyr. Jii vi ganar payt te aliit te nibral. Bic haa’taylir ni goyust ures kyr. Bid birov simir’ade, ankyr’yc birov akaan. Vi've kyr’yc jii, jii vi're motir sha te olar. parjai te tuur, werlaara par vurel!”

“We are the chosen ones, we sacrifice our blood. We kill for honor. We are the holy ones, our arm ours stained with blood. In glory we return, our destination's end. We slayed the dragon!.....No more living in fear. It's time to raise our king. We made it happen we're the chosen ones! Riding through thunder and lightning once again. We slayed the beast we brought an end. Now we have left the kingdom of the damned. It seems to me like a journey without end. So many years, too many battles. We've finally arrived, now we're standing at the gates. Heroes of the day, legends forever!” ((Kal Vizsla speaking to his followers))

Full Name – Kal Vizsla
Nickname – “The True Manda’Alor”, “Mandalore’s Blade”
Birth Date -- 24BBY
Astrological Sign -- Scorpio
Birth Place -- Mandalore
Age -- 36 years old
Languages -- Basic (english), mandalorian
Race -- Human
Hair Color – silver, grey
Hair Style -- high and tight (military cut)
Glasses or Contacts -- None
Eye Color -- neon violet
Scars or Distinguishing Marks – slash one right side of face
Disabilities -- none
Height -- six feet
Weight -- 193 pounds
Enemies – Laaran Sho'cye, Narudar Shakajir, Jedi, Sith, Galactic Empire
Home Life During Childhood – Mandalorian and Imperial military training
Important Experiences or Events -- training to become a soldier of the Galatic Republic
Health Problems -- none
Culture -- Mandalorian
Religion and beliefs – Ancient Mandalorian, Code of Honor
Bad Habits – n/a
Good Habits -- being patient, cleaning his weapons*
Worst Memory – seeing the empire rule Mandalore
Proud of -- Himself, his fellow soldiers, his followers
Driving Style -- good
Strong Points -- sniping, leadership, hand-to-hand, swordsman
Attitude -- stubborn, smartass, strong willed, determined, cruel
Weakness – honor
Fears -- losing his “brothers”
Conflicts – The Clone Wars, Mandalorian Civil war, The Imperial civil war Age (Galactic Empire vs the Rebel Alliance), “Time of Reunification”
Motivation -- keeping his fellow brothers alive
Short Term Goals and Hopes -- to survive
Long Term Goals and Hopes – to become Manda’Alor
Sexuality -- straight
Exercise Routine -- parkour, target practice, hand to hand combat
Abilities- latent force-sensitive (untrained but force-sensitive)
Day or Night Person -- night
Introvert or Extrovert -- Introvert
Music -- ancient mandalorian
Books -- history
Magazines -- political
Favorite Saying – “Though we walk through the valley of the Shadow of Death, We shall fear no evil for we are the meanest motherfuckers in the valley”, “Peace is not my Profession, it is yours. War is my profession. Should you fail at your job, I will not fail at mine.”
Color – red and white
Clothing – mandalorian beskar armor, modern mandalorian clothing
Jewelry – mandalorian dog-tag
Games – card games
Greatest Want – to become Manda’Alor
Hobbies – listening to music, drinking, hand-to-hand
Talents or Skills -- expert shot, pilot, hand to hand, born leader
Intelligence Level -- high
Greatest Strength -- leadership
Greatest Weakness – honor
Ancestor- Tarre Vizsla (the first mandalorian jedi/the creator of the darksaber)
Backstory – Kal Viszla was born on the planet Mandalore a few years before a conflict known as the Clone Wars. After the Galactic Empire took over Mandalore, Kal became an Imperial Super Commando for Mandalore. Eventually over the years his legacy was told as he became a well-known and respected warrior of the House of Vizsla. During his time as an Imperial Super Commando Kal fought against “the true mandalorians”. His greatest opponent being the House of Sho’cye. During the age of the rebellion Kal soon saw how vulnerable/weak the Empire was and eventually separated making his own faction…..After the Galactic Empire was pushed off Mandalore, Kal Viszla grew to have many followers but gained once again a rivalry to Laaran Sho’cye. Conflict began to steer between them and another Mandalorian Civil war eventually broke out.
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This Year Number will be only as a reference seeing as all the battles have NOT happened. Currently the RP is set in "12ABY" everything will be subjective, the numbers are just that numbers. Each month a post will go up saying the current year. (Every 31 days or so.).

One month= 2 years.
One week= 7 months.
One day= 1 month
One hour= .1 1/2 days
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