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UPDATE 2/18: Google recently fixed a bug we identified back in December in the Group Settings API (+Google Arts & Culture causing some settings not to actually update when applied via the API (or via Group Settings Gopher) despite returning a successful response. The following settings would have been impacted...(now fixed):


Is there a way to bulk upload users to a group with this add-on?

When adjusting permissions, if we select All_in_Domain_Can_Contact, does this limit the senders to just the domain, or will it allows students in the domain to contact this group as well?

What is the best way to "retire" groups. We are combining Elem schools and I have created new groups for the new school. I don't want the staff/students to use the old groups BUT I want the staff ones to be stored somewhere just in case someone needs to get to something. What is the best way to do this?

Got a question for Schools. How does everyone do the groups for each class? Like the kids who will be freshmen, do every year you delete out the old ones and add the new ones?(what we have been doing) Or do you do some sort of grad year group? Just wondering for some more idea's.

In the Groups, is there a way to create groups in bulk or even just one. I love the way the form is layed out. Right now have to go into the admin console to create them. I have to create like 10+ groups in the coming weeks for a new school.

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We're looking to purchase this add-on, but when we get the following message when we attempt to add it to google sheets.

I've used this add-on and several others from you before, and never seen this error. Can you please look into this?



Perhaps a silly question - what is the difference between Show in Group Directory and API Show in Global Directory? Do they ultimately do the same thing?

I'm about to install the trial for this to evaluate for possible purchase. Any specific features or functions I should check out first?

Have used Chrome Gopher and Group Gator since release so I'm excited to check this out.

Hi all - thanks to early feedback from YOU, we've just pushed a release that includes some bugfixes and stability improvements... Specifically:

- The import filter functionality for groupname "contains," "starts with," "ends with" now includes the domain name as part of the eligible text to be searched. This is useful if you have groups with different domain names and would like to import only those that match a specific domain.

- Domains with very large numbers of groups now will now see better loading indicators during the initial pagination through groups. Previously the app looked like it was hung because no changes in progress message were shown. Now it's much clearer the app hasn't crashed;)

- Domains with very large numbers of groups should no longer see sets of groups written to the Sheet with missing settings.
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