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Name: Bella Parker

Age: 21 years old

Gender: Female

Species 1: Human

Species 2: Cyborg

Personality: Quiet, daring, emotionless

Background: She was made by a doctor called Akuta, but he died of old age. Being taken under another man's wings, she was trained to be an assassin.

Skills (AKA hunting, what they can make and such): Mastered in sword arts

Job (If they have one): Assassination

Appearance (replaceable with picture): Picture

Aren flit through the woods, his eyes searching for his prey. He wants a fat ground bird so he can use his flight to his advantage. He had his claws extended as he flew from branch to branch

Name: Haru

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Species 1: Human

Species 2: Wolf

Species 3: Falcon

Personality: Curious, slightly aggressive, mostly kind.

Background: The son of a wolf/human and a bird/human experiment.

Skills: Good at hunting fishing and scouting ahead silently from either ground or air.

Job: One of the villages main hunters

Appearance: 5'10" tall, bright blue eyes, a human face but with a wolf's smile, falcon talons for feet and angel white wings protruding from the shoulder blades. Black fur covering up most of his arms and from about his knees down. Wears a sort of shorts that they have made. Bare chested, well muscled.

(If there's anything that needs added or changed, please let me know)

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Name: Viola Blu

Age: 16

Species #1: human

Species #2: Charaxes  (blue spangled butterfly)

Personality: sweet, nice but she's shy since she's never actually talked to another person

Bio: In the middle of the woods is a huge glass globe and inside is Viola. She's been inside ever since she was a child and nobody knows why. People try to help her but the glass seems indestructible,

Skills: her singing lures strangers into the forest and keeps the residents calm, she radiates lights and can create it

Job: unknown 
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Viola sat in her glass globe, curled up in a ball. The temperature in the globe was much colder than the woods and she was shivering, blue wings curling around her. She couldn't concentrate so the globe was completely dark, the glow of her skin dull. Te woods were silent around her until she heard a thump! and saw you looking through the glass.

((open roleplay for anybody))

Mal! Mal! Dude, I know you're hiding somewhere here! C'mon! You said you were going to show me the new hunting place you had found! Aleanna huffed as she sat on a nearby flat rock. Some moss laying atop it. She curled her tail around her, draping part of it off the rock. Mal, if you don't come out, I'm not taking you to the meat place next week She heard a sound coming from the undergrowth, her ears perking up. Mal? And old cootonmouth snake slithered out from under a bush, but some sort of emotion was caught in his eyes. Hey, is something up? Come on. You know I'm not good at reading emotions! The male cottonmouth, going by the name of Mal, flitted out his tongue much quicker than normal, the emotion in his eyes getting deeper and more see able Wait. Mal. Are you....Scared of something? You're a cottonmouth. What could you be afraid of? Mal didn't seem to hear her, as he slithered around the rock in a panic. Mal! Calmed down! What's going o- Then the thing that had gotten her pal so worked up jumped out. She had been too worried about her long time friend and hadn't focused on any sound coming from the forest. She made a sound like a growl and a hiss combined Who are you?!

((CLOSED RP FOR +Random Roleplayer ))

Anyone wish to RP? The last one I did kinda went off a stalemate, and I can't tag them to continue, so ya. Comment away~

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Name: Kira de Loríante

Age: 15

Gender: Female (crossdresses as male)

Species 1: Human

Species 2: Black Tiger

Personality: Kira is quiet and watchful, embarrassed easily by certain conversations. She will often question other's views and not understand many emotions as she was not allowed to express her own. She seems cold and indifferent, but she just doesn't know how to express herself.

Background: Kira was born to Genetic Professor Viktor de Loríante. He was working on the splicing experiments at the time of her and her twin brother's birth. ( +Gilen Beilschmidt​​ is the twin bro). Their father offered both his children to the project and spliced their DNA with tiger DNA. Kira ended up with her blonde hair becoming blue-black and her brother's blonde hair turning white. At the age of four a chip was implanted in her brain, used for access to what she could hear, and used for controlling her actions should the scientists deem it so. Kira is trained in hand-to-hand combat, but at one point the scientists tossed her into the forest and left her. She found the village and remembered her mission. So far she has successfully infiltrated the village and kept herself below radar.

Skills (AKA hunting, what they can make and such): hand to hand combat, eavesdropping, manipulation

Job (If they have one): Spy~

Appearance (replaceable with picture):

Yes I realize this is a charrie off an anime, but I've never seen Akuma no Riddle before. So I literally don't know the charrie. ;u; But I may watch it now.))
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Name: Viktor de Loríante

Age: 42

Gender: Male

Species 1: Human

Personality: He used to be a rather kind man, until his wife passed. This turned a switch and he became cruel and sadistic. He even gave his twin children away to be spliced. The man often goes with logic and on how much pain his can inflict. He believes if he hurts others, eventually his pain will disappear.

Background: Viktor was born into a rich family that sent him to school to become a doctor. He did but studied in genetics. Due to his excellence he was hired on for the splicing project of human and animal. He met Marie Aloutore and got married. She bore him twins, a boy and a girl, Kira and Zaire. Sadly Marie died after giving birth to them. Due to his loss he gave the twins willingly to the project, though requested tiger DNA to be spliced to them, as it was more likely to work. His children's blonde hair, their mother's hair, changed. Kira's to blue-black, and Zaire's to white. He was happy and glad both of them got the new implants. Yet shortly after they turned six, Zaire went missing and the chip had malfunctioned, no longer allowing anything to be accessed. Viktor put all his focus on training Kira instead. On the side he continued his work, though often he examined brains of the unsuccessful splices. Sometimes he cut the brains out while the creatures were still alive with no morphine, but strapped down securely.

Skills (AKA hunting, what they can make and such): Genetics and DNA

Job (If they have one): Scientist

Appearance (replaceable with picture):
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