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This may be the symptom of #Stomach_cancer. The symptoms of stomach cancer also include
> Heart burn
> #Vomiting of undigested food
> Loss of appetite
> Sudden loss of weight
> Bloody or tarry stools
> Too much of #fatigue
Consult with us if you are suffering from any of these symptoms @ .
#Kochi #Kerala #CancerAwareness

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Stomach cancer can be treated with standard care which is the best of current treatments or new methods called as clinical trials. Clinical trials are recommended for advanced care.

2 Chemo's down, 4 to go for now. Stage 4 breast cancer.

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My Amanda, only, 25 years old, this is her pelvis. All the white is cancer. It has spread rapidly. She is scheduled for removal of her left ovary, a complete hysterectomy, removal of her colon and removal of cancer up and down her abdominal walls. The team of specialists tell me she is not curable. We can only hope she survives this complicated surgery (the tumor in her pelvis is so close to her bladder too) and can get into remission. I'm so heartbroken.

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Learn about the various oral side effects of cancer therapy, including, chemotherapy, head and neck radiation therapy, and anti-resorptive medications. Dr. Levi will also review the ideal time to visit a dentist during cancer treatment, including the appropriate blood counts for an extraction or routine dental care. Finally, she will speak about methods to help minimize the risk of developing the oral and dental manifestations of cancer treatment.
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Have you just completed some research, either individually, or as a team?  If you can provide 300 words that explain your research, materials and methods used, the results found and the conclusions drawn, relating to #IntegratedOncology, then we want to hear from you.  Still time to submit your #PosterPresentation.  Email

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Hi! I just wanted to share just a little bit of my story. I didn't add a lot of content but if you would like to ask me questions relating to this video and my recovery please feel free. I'm hoping to post more information on my YouTube Channel MSDAWNMARIEFEUSI. Be well and God Bless

My husband has stage4 gastric stomach cancer drs give him six months to live this is hard on me and my kids

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My little brother did it!!!!!!!!! 😁
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