I wasn’t sure I had much more to say about mecha-drama the past couple years.

That’s changed.

More to come, soon, I hope.

Personally, I am very proud to have worked with women and queer people and persons with disabilities when creating Tears of a Machine. I look forward to continuing to do so and involving more voices in my future projects.

I encourage you to all do the same. Support diversity whenever and wherever you can. Increase empathy in the world. Grow your community and your self.

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More people playing my stuff! (I am not that good at self-promotion.)

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Curious about the next Robotclaw design? Here's a sneak preview of Project Wingspan. Transform yourself into the ultimate weapon and win the war for your homeland.

It's a design I started years ago but it's finally found its footing as a single player RPG. Look for more information about it soon and more playtest opportunities.


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I've started doodling SANdy the SAInt again. Maybe it's time to give a chibi giant war machine it's due.

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DEXCON planning. I've got a session of Tears coming up in a few weeks so it's time to decide what anime madness I need to subject my players to. I've had a pseudo campaign running for years now, as I let players carry on experience from their games at previous convention events.

Soooooooo ...

I want to introduce some tweaks to the combat system, primarily to better organize how people can help each other. (Sort of a Tears 1.5.) There are always players who want to fill a support role and right now the only "real" way to do that is just to throw yourself behind somebody else and push their die rolls up a tick. Instead of that, how about a chance for players to draw aggro or debuff the enemy before their friends attack? How about a chance to leap in front of your teammate to take the bullet meant for them? I mean, it's not like no one has asked for the chance to get themselves killed to save their buddy. What's more anime than that?

See you soon and always remember to
Animated Photo

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So, I'm watching a new anime on Crunchyroll by the name of Hundred (http://www.crunchyroll.com/hundred).

Tell me that boat school thing is totally NOT a sea-going Arx. Go on, I dare ya.

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Check out this podcast of a Tears of a Machine session.
I've been listening to Jeff Stormer's podcast for a few episodes now and it's been a great exploration of one-on-one possibilities in gaming.

What if id didn't come from SAInts? What if the pilot was building up her own id by failing the math test and the SAInt is just a conduit for it?

Good: Ego loss is gone. Instead it's just id gain so deciding if you get ego from an action is simplified.
Bad: That means that both pools are just building up.
Evil: A pilot is more likely to lose control early in the fight if she's had a bad day.
Despicable: How do you relieve Id as a pilot, instead of as a 100 ft. tall war machine?



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Curious about what I'll be doing for Metatopia? Read (or listen to) this.
I'm Going to Metatopia
I'm Going to Metatopia
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