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Age:14 Moons
Pack: ((Unknown))
Personality: Varies due to situation
Power: Can turn into a ghost ((But this power isn't willingly it's based on his mood and emotions at the moment...
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Name: rain
Age: 19 moons
Gender: female
Pack: none
Rank: loner
Mate: open
Kits: none open
Brother: gore +Gore Shadow Clan
Sisters: open
Mother: unknown
Fathers: unknown
Personality: brave,shy,outgoing
Bio: lived as a loner for most of her life with her brother gore and never know who her mother was or if she has any other siblings, she and him traveled far and still have a lot to explore

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Walks through sun pack territory

Walks through sun pack territory

name: autumn
age: 20 moons
gender: female
Rank: alpha
pack: sunpack
personality: aggressive, stubborn, hardworking, kind, loving, independent
mate: (open)
pups: none
bio: autumns destiny was to become a big part of the pack so she tried her best to be good at everything. She knew she was going to become possibly alpha of her pack and she knew she would make the pack so much stronger and just so much better. One day when there alpha died the deputy knew he couldn't become alpha because he was to sad about the other alpha dying, because it was his mate. They picked a new alpha and it turned out to be her...
birthday: September 25

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This is how my wolf Oc is coming out :D

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Bio:Loner, selfish, Hid family was killed when he was a pup, mischeveous, Barely speaks because his voice sounds evil and creepy, Doesn't like anyone looking at his markings,

I need this community active please! I really need to start getting some actual roleplays in this community! Whoever my mod is please invite your friends and do whatever you want to make this community better. :D

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I wanna be in dark pack but I wanna live a life as a loner vefre I do that
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