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Hello young trainer, and welcome to the newly discovered region of Utakku. I was the first one to come to this new region, and had to clear that it was safe. We also found a strange scroll. Want to see?

One who climbs to mountain high
will be granted power of sky

One who digs through the magma's girth
will be granted power of earth.

One who finds the hidden key
will be granted power of sea.

But one who visits where the sea, earth, and sky meet
will unlock the strongest of the pokemon fleet.

Isn't it strange? Not just a scroll, but a whole region going unnoticed for many, many years? It just doesn't make sense. Oh my! Have I forgotten to introduce myself? My name is Colin, and I'm this champion of this small region. I hail from Unova. You?

Why, that's wonderful! But today you will embark on your journey through Utakku. A world of mystery. Make sure to stay in contact on your X-transceiver! Also. when you leave, always check in where you are! I am also looking for four talented trainers to join Utakku's elite four.

Goodbye, young one! I travel, so don't expect me in one place all the time! 
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