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The Fandom Poem
When life is hard
Still try to get though it
When there's darkness, 
There's always light
And when there's light, you might just see a blue box. 
And in that blue box there's a man
That man is your happiness 
And that happiness can turn into love. 
In love there's hope. 
Hope can lead you to a magical places.
And in that magical place you might found a home.
And when you find your home, you find love ones. 
Loves ones can lead to someone who is so smart but has only one friend.
And that one friend of his can leaded you
To more friends who live in a Fairy-tale. 
The Fairy-tale people can show you bravery and nver give up on your dream.That what my friend you call your family. And your family is huge! 

I want you guys to tell me if you get what this poem is telling about and hope you get what I mean by all this. I wrote this myself, P.s the pictures are hits
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So who wants to rp?

Who wants to rp? I'm booored.

((Open rp: crossover between Kingdom Hearts, Percy Jackson (Riordanverse), Star Wars, Legend of Zelda, and basically any other fandom's just specify which fandom)) the Colosseum is cleared out and ready for the big party, complete with snack bar, concert stage, archery range, monster petting zoo, and a portal to the underworld Colosseum where the gift shop is located

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Thor?.........i cant say im not confused

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can we just...apperciate this....?! X)

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