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New Profile format to comply with Project Unibody (idk if that means we all redo the profile or what)

Name: Anything that's not taken or from any PJ or Kane Chronicles
Age: Has to make sense, not super old or young
Birthday: Doesn't have to be your real one!
God Path:
Pass ID: (First 2 initials of G+ name and last two digits of the year you joined)

Appearance: Pic are best,but if not then use the format below! Or if you want,use both!
  Eyes: Be Creative!
  Hair: Be Crazy!
  Skin: Race or if your tan or pale
  Height: within reason
  Body: Skinny, lanky, heavy set, medium set, muscular, weak, etc…
  Typical Clothing:

Personality: How you usually are... Ex. Smart, silly, nice, rude, sarcastic

Likes: What/Who do you like...personalities/people/items
Dislikes: Who/What do you not like?
Weaknesses: At least 3!

Weapon(s): Up to 3 weapons!
Pet(s): You may have up to 1 pet!
Prized Possession(s): Is there something you can’t live without?
* BF/GF * Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend in rp’s? 

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Anastasia was walking down a corridor in the house when she saw a shimmering golden light flashing on the wall. It was intriguing the light. It had little swirls and it was mesmerizing. It reminded her of the way fire grows, licking the sky with bright orange flames. Mesmerized, she softly traced her hand on the wall. Suddenly, the wall shifted and opened to a dark hallway. Nervously, she walked down the path. I don't like dark hallways or dark anything. She called upon Sekhmet and lit a flame in her palm. The hallway spiraled downwards and she came upon a tiny door. She stepped through and came upon a large room. She walked around only to trip over the outstretched foot of...

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Name: Anastasia Melloin
Nickname: Ana, Stacie, Stasia (prefers Stasia Stacie is used when someone tries to annoy her)
Age: 19
Birthday: December 12
God Path: Sekhmet (Stasia's a good person though)
Pass ID: Skipping this
Backstory: As a child she was seen as a "perfect child". She was top in her class, neat, precise, funny, beautiful, and love to please people by doing good deeds. Her mother was her best friend who gave her guidance, love, and support. Whenshe died, Anastasia was extremely heart broken and things took a turn. When she reached high school, she met a boy who she thought helped her "see the world in new light". But he was a bad influence. He taught her to smoke and was about to show her and tell her to use harmful drugs when she unintentionally began to channel the powers of Sekhmet. She would cause fires randomly whenever she got high while smoking. Soon, her boyfriend left her and she ran away from home at 18. She dropped out of high school with failing grades in every class and was on the run when she received a letter telling her to come and learn how to control her powers. So she accepted and came to the 21st Nome at 19 and ready for anything.

Eyes: Intense, forest green eyes with gold streaks and a slightly blue rim around her iris
Hair: Dark brown hair with light brown streaks that came from the sun, loose, thick curly hair
Skin: She identifies herself with Indian and Egyptian heritage (Normally has light brown skin, but it is slightly tanned so it is a bit darker), her face is dappled with the most indiscernible freckles
Height: 5'6"
Body: Lean, skinny, muscular in a feminine way
Typical Clothing: Prefers dark wash skinny jeans, combat boots, a large flannel and a tank top, but during training wears cotton based clothing and has a special brand of clothing that is made completely from cotton

Personality: Extremely smart and witty, uses her smartness in a tolerable sarcastic way, slightly sassy, fiercely competitive, extremely funny, short temper (she works on that)

Likes: Animals of any kind, favorite animal is a lion, people who channel Shu, Amun, Qebui, those who channel Ra (their wind assist in her fire power), adventures, taking risks, extremely spicy food (Sekhmet can't take the heat but she can!), figuring out riddles, fighting, boys who are hard to get (isn't boy crazy though), daylight

Dislikes: Boy crazy girls, stupid people, sensitive people, taking showers (she takes one or two every day), evil people, those who hurt Ra or anyone who hurts Ra's most closest people, boys who hit on her, people who channel Tefnut, Anuket, Nephthys, Khnum, Sobek (pretty much people who can easily destroy her with water power, Hapi is the only one she can tolerate), dark nights

Weaknesses: Water, boys, drains of power easily, cannot control emotions, has random outbursts

Weapon(s): Would prefer to use her own fire magic, but uses Bow and arrows, a dagger, or a staff
Pet(s): An Egyptian Mau that would turn into a Lion at request
Prized Possession(s): Her mother's heirloom, an opal "fire" ring that supposedly gives blurry images of what the future may hold
* BF/GF * No


anyone wanna RP?


Andromeda is walking through the library looking to find out more about the Egyptian gods. Her grandmother always tried to get her to learn about them when every she when to visit her in Egypt every Christmas, but, she never really cared. Until now that is, because finding out that she has magic from some pharaoh who she is evidently the great-great-great-great-many-greats-granddaughter of, has a tendency to change ones opinion. She finds a set of scrolls that has the "Family Tree" of the gods on it. She grabs them and sets out to find a small quite corner all to her self, she finds a space in between one of the honey combed shelves and the wall in the far right corner of the room and starts reading. She is just about to pick up the second scroll when something bumps up against her foot. She looks up to see...

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Name: Aria Bellonova
Nickname: Bell
Age: 23
Birthday: June 7th
God Path: Bastet
Pass ID: DA16

Eyes: blue
Hair: She has strait black hair that comes down on each side of her face, and is held up by her headband.
Skin: Pale
Height: 5ft 11in
Body: She very lanky, tall and skinny without much meat on her bones.
Typical Clothing: She wears black leather armor in combat with a black mask and a small bandoleer to carry her weapons. she always wears a blue headband with bastets symbol on it. When not in combat she usually dresses in jeans and a whit tanktop.

Personality: She's very rude and sarcastic because she view everyone else as inferior to herself.
Likes: She loves combat and relishes battles with strong opponents, always wanting to push herself and test her skills against strong opponents.
Dislikes: she hates people who brag or overestimate there own power, she views it as stupid and cowardly.
Weaknesses: She focuses on agility so she can't put much strength into her strikes, she hates working with groups, and she can't stand authority figures.

-A black staff for summoning
-A pair of obsidian daggers
Pet(s): She has a black cat named Chi that she keeps with her in the Nome.
Prized Possession(s): Her headband that she wears has bastet's symbol engraved on it and is her most prized possession.
* BF/GF * None
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let's be active pleeaasseee

Faye haughtily stormed up to the gigantic mansion, watching it flicker before knocking rapidly on the door. She stood back and waited for something to happen.

Andromeda is sitting on the floor mindlessly tapping odd rhythms on her leg with her wand waiting for something interesting to happen when... 

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Andromeda is walking down a hallway lined with everyone's privet rooms, she had been shown where her room was but when ever she left and tried to find it again she alway ended up getting lost. The same was happening to her today. She had just turned a corner that led to another stretch of rooms when she ran straight into you...
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