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Wow! Pent has put Tasker on sale for less than a Pound/Dollar. I might buy that! 😜

Assistant Ideas

So building some sort of assistant seems to be a popular thing to do with Tasker and im thinking of building 1 for my TV. At the minute im mostly looking for ideas for what she can do but assistant names and UI ideas would be great. I cant do anything that requires a microphone but i have most of the AutoApp plugins.

Heres what i got in mind so far but nothings set in stone.

Name: Taylor (obviously)
UI: A custom dialog widget with a picture of Taylor Swift that changes daily/every couple days and a welcome message il read 1 of these at random from a file so it doesnt get old so thoughts for welcome messages would also be cool a textfield to enter text and a list of tasks for quick access in either a listview or a grid.
Tasks: Set alarm, Send Messages to my phone Notes/reminders etc, Speak weather (if TTS actually works) if not show it as text.Play music, open files,launch apps.

Hi everyone. What I'm looking for is just to simply put time and date into a scene. I've got the time I think. But I want the full date instead of just the numbers. Example... dddd MMMM YYYY or EEEE MMMM yyyy. I haven't got a clue how to do it. It's starting to be annoying because it should be simple.
Thanks in advance

How can I transfer the ownership of this app to my another account?

I would like my phone to switch to max media volume when connected to my cars bluetooth. I have setup tasker to do this but i believe media has to be playing when the volume is turned up or else the volume doesnt change. It works normally when my car is set to bluetooth audio as the car starts the media playing before the tasker job runs. If however my car is set to radio or usb audio, then the phone media doesnt start to play and hence the tasker job to increase the volume doesnt operate. Can anyone suggest a better way of doing this?

Getting popup errors on my LG V20 android version 7.0.0
Any assistance appreciated.

Popup and flash not showing text content.

Hi +NotEnoughTECH was hoping you could help me out. I'm trying to open my VLC player app, then select and autoplay an album.

I can get the app to open, but can't figure out how to get the album playing. I've tried the TouchTask plugin, and granted it permission/configured it in the task list after triggering the open of VLC player...but I get no tap.

Any other ideas/help would be greatly appreciated.


Anyone here play around with Termux?

Hi All, new to this group !!

Was having a hiccup to call a profile at task end.

Like I have added some tasks when I enter my home location profile. Now when I exit home and if have plugged in headsets then need to open an app.

How would I get this ?? I was trying to call a new profile with STATE CHANGE under exit task but not working. Please help !!

Finally it came on my Android TV
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