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#Tasker #autonotification set variable

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Hi Everyone, I need some help with AutoInput. I am new to it and trying to automate something. Have configured AutoVoice and Tasker to some extent but getting stuck on the AutoInput part.

Have created this video to show where I am getting stuck. Any help from here is highly appreciated.

Is it possible to switch my system language with Tasker?
My current language is English but my Google assistant understand sometime not that what I say. So I was thinking to switch the language to German when Android auto is open. And back to English when closed. In case you are wondering why I don't leave it in German. It's easy I don't like it to have my phone in German. Maybe some can help me to make this happen. I've access to all autoapps if needed. 

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The #PART3 of #Tasker #PC #control is out now - we are looking at how to open websites and programs on a PC. Also how to close it. #AutoRemote #AutoNotification

I'd like to have a scene which would make status bar grey when Chrome is active..
Could someone point me into right direction

Can anyone help me with a task?
I'm new to Tasker and trying to make a task which opens up the built in voice recorder, starts recording when phone is face down and then kills and saves when I pick up the phone.

Trying to throw a popup if one cell in a spreadsheet out of hundreds of cells in that row is matched.

I'm having trouble with the "if" condition... If I select "matches" it has to match every name in that row to get a "match" and I need it to be ok if one name out of 200 or so match??

Thanks for any help in advance!

Hi everyone, I'm trying to get my phone to speak the notification message, so I put a notification event in whatsapp as a profile in tasker, and in that profile I put a "Say" alert, I put the following text in the Text area Message "I got a message from% NTITLE" which is a variable, this is working everything how it should work, but I wanted to know how to put it to work only when the screen is off.

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Anyone willing to help me figure out a Task that automates the procedure for kodi? I would like to be able to run a task that would pair me instead of having to rush to open the page on my phone and go through the steps. 

I have made a volume slider that I wish to use with YouTube.
Is it possible to have the slider useable and to stay visible while I watch YouTube.
The trouble I have at the moment is I have to press the back button to get rid of the slider to continue watching YouTube. 
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