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Tasker SMS and Call permissions are here to stay? Statement made by humans, not AI or robots from Boston Dynamics

So, noob here. I've got some basic functions down and have a couple profiles going so I can automate tasks while driving.

My request for help is to set up a Tasker task that sends mph speed to a text variable in klwp.

Someone help to set a profile in which after clearing SHAREit app from recent tab it needs to automatically force stop.

I've no idea how to set this profile welp!

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Why can't we vote for Tasker as the 2018 app of the year? 🤣

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Technically it's spamming but this is too good not to share. More about the GIF (

Hello, how do I respond to a lost connection from whatsapp ..
I have the tasker clicked

How do you store all your variables?

I was thinking about storing all my variables/api keys in a file (.txt) and using tasker to read the file when it needs the variables but im trying to figure out the best formatting to use in the variable file

Is it necessary to give access to Tasker in accessibility settings?
What things won't work if accessibility is put off?
I tried a few profiles / tasks and they worked....
Just want to know which kind of tasks won't work. Thank you

Why does, asking the new Google Assistant "ask AutoVoice to turn on on the lights"( which is a command in the Tasker profile using AutoVoice) result in nothing?

I tried to change the voiceassistant to AutoVoice in settings in the new google assistant, but it doesn't let me.
I can only choose to enable Google's...

I used to be able just to talk to Google now and it always went flawless.
Did they change something?

I've been away from Tasker for some years now...
What am I missing here?

Finally got AutoVoice working with Tasker BUT ... only in English.

Finally the Google Assistant speaks Dutch but now Ill have to speak English to get AutoVoice to work with her?

This can't be true...can it?
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