Warriors: The Third Dimension Bk. 4

"Jayfeather, get all the cats in the back of the medicine den, now!" Hissed Fernstar. Jayfeather scrambled quickly to the medicine den. "Is everyone alright?" Jayfeather mewed worriedly. Poisonfeather abruptly mewed in pain. "Help me!" He cried. Jayfeather and Foxclaw dashed to Poisonfeather's nest, where one of the rogues was right in front of him. The rogue quickly glanced at the two cats like they had done something wrong. "I want Sunnyflower," the rogue called out to the cats in the medicine den. "You can't see her or even be near her. She just kitted, and besides, you're a rogue," hissed Foxclaw. The rogue calmed down and looked at the cats in disbelief. "Why do you want Sunnyflower, anyway?" Mewed Posionfeather worriedly. The rogue looked down at his paws. "Those are my kits," he mewed suddenly. Everyone was shocked. "What do you mean those are your kits?" Redpaw barged in. The rogue looked at Redpaw, then at the nursery.

Warriors:The Third Dimension Bk.3
"Help me save my kits!" Sunnyflower looked straight at the two medicine cats. Redpaw worriedlylooked at Sunnyflower. He suddenly mewed "We'll help you, Sunnyflower. You're a part of this clan and you have just kitted. We need to get you to a safer place than the nursery." "I don't think my kits can travel outside the den even," mewed Sunnyflower. "I'll stay here. Get some warriors to protect the den. We can't leave. There are other queens in here that can't leave because they just kitted, too." Jayfeather quickly disappeared out of the den. "Foxclaw, we need you in the nursery," Jayfeather called out to Foxclaw. Foxclaw turned with a hunted look in his green eyes. The two cats raced to the nursery not looking behind them. "Foxclaw, you need to protect Sunnyflower. She just kitted. Her kits are not ready to leave yet no matter what strategy we use." Redpaw mewed. Foxclaw sounded like he choked on a piece of fresh-kill. "I'm sorry Jayfeather, I can't. The clan needs Fernstar and I to fight off the rogues that have invaded the clan. You three just stay here and be as quiet as possible so the rogues don't find you." Jayfeather nodded his head in respect. "We will do that."

Warriors: The Third Dimension Bk.2
Poisonfeather kept nudging his herbs. "I don't want to eat them," hissed Poisonfeather. Fernstar came into the medicine den. "Please, eat these herbs or you won't be able to be around your kits until you get better." "Fine," Posionfeather hissed. He munched grossly at all the cats in the small den. "Jayfeather!" Sunnyflower mewed. "Sunnyflower must be having her kits," mewed Redpaw worriedly. Jayfeather appeared with Redpaw in the nursery. Sunnyflower had a hunted look in her eyes. "Here is a beautiful little she-cat" mewed Redpaw. Another kit came. And then another. "Three beautiful kits," mewed Redpaw. "What are you going to name them?" Sunnyflower thought hard. "I think Sweetkit, Mumblekit, and Berrykit." Redpaw and Jayfeather looked at each other thoughtfully. "I think that will work," mewed Redpaw. "Too bad Icetail isn't here." Sunnyflower looked down at the nursery floor. They heard hissing and yowling outside the den. "What's going on?" Sunnyflower worriedly mewed.

What do you think is going on?

Warriors: The Third Dimension

Soultail woke to find Poisonfeather coughing. "You need to get to Jayfeather," mewed Soultail worriedly. "I'm fine," answered Poisonfeather. Soultail nudged Poisonfeather. He lay his ears flat against his pelt and hissed. "You're going to the medicine den weather you like it or not," hissed Soultail.
The moss underneath him felt old and crisp. All of a sudden Jayfeather appeared with his apprentice, Redpaw, by his side. "Eat these herbs and you will be be healthy in a few sunrises," mewed Redpaw. Poisonfeather immediately hissed back "I don't need these herbs, I'm fine." "No you're not, Poisonfeather," Redpaw argued. "It's the middle of leaf-bare and a lot of cats are getting greencough. We need all the warriors we've got right now. Our fresh-kill pile is low, and the prey is scarce." Foxclaw came into the den soon after. "What is all this noise, you're waking up the kits in the nursery." We're very sorry, Foxclaw," Jayfeather mewed. "But Poisonfeather doesn't want to eat his herbs, and he's got a serious case of greencough." "You need to need to eat these herbs, Poisonfeather. They will make you better. If you don't eat them you will die of greencough. Do you want your kits to go without a father?" Poisonfeather nudged his herbs.

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Hi. I'm going to start writing Warrior Short Stories. If you don't like them, tell me my mistakes andnI will try to fix them. Anyway, I hope you enjoy these short stories. I make up my own characters, too.
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