Well fuck, this place is still here?

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Link to the stream. Please message in the stream chat if it works so I know it does

Stream goes live in two hours. May be extremely laggy, so if it is, tell me, and I'll work on it

Blah dee bloo blah

Because post quota

New Mods and Owners have been chosen. Treat them with respect.

This place seems a li'l neglected

Okay, guys. I'm headed of to bed now, so good... Y'know what, fuck it. The days of those around me have just been getting sadder and sadder by the fucking second, and I've quite frankly just had enough. I'm going to go away and spend a while away from this collapsing shithole known as Google+. Hopefully, without me or my curse around, things will get better.

I'll see you on my birthday, everyone. 'Cos this sure as hell has been an absolutely bullshit birth week so far

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???: Here is a latter to little garden whether you open it or not is up to you

Kono sekai omoshida kana

Rising to the top...
... Ever-so-slowly rising...
... It happens, I guess.

... Random haiku about this community, because why the fuck not? :P
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