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Adopt Public Relations for Effective Branding

PR enables a brand educate its customers creating wider market space. Leading the pack of professional PR agency in Delhi,we help increase brand's potential.

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Best Way to Apply for the US Green Card

US EB-5 Immigration and Visa Program Solutions Webinar for Investors

The webinar will be held online on Monday, 13 February 2017 at 7:00PM IST. The event will be held online and the access details will be provided via email. Registration is free to those who meet the program’s standard requirements and is now open for R.S.V.Ps at

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CSR active participation India & Rajasthan

The organizations gains profits using the human resources and the environmental resources. So they should use a part of their profit ..
For more .....

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Because It Matters!
Rahmat Bagwan is a 50 year old single woman with no immediate family. She was recently diagnosed with an advanced stage of Ovarian Cancer. With no identification documents nor a ration card, hospitals are unable to treat her at subsidised rates through various Government schemes. If not treated in time, Rahmat will have only 6 months live. With your help & support, we can raise enough funds to increase her chances of survival and help her lead a fulfilling life ahead! To contribute to this cause, please visit

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Corporate have Social Responsibility (CSR) goals to help improve community living. In India, though the corporates understand their accountability towards the society and are willing to take initiatives for the betterment, it becomes difficult for them to…
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