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[This story will be split into MULTIPLE COMMENTS IN THIS POST. This Star Wars Story has been rewritten many times over the course of a few years(about 3 or 4) over many friends of mine. HOWEVER some of the authors in the first attempt had either left the story or forget about it entirely. This version of the Story is written by myself and my cyar'ika.

PLEASE DO NOT COMMENT ON POST. The comments will be for the next chapter of the story. If you have any questions please message me on hangouts or email or separate comment post which will be in discussion and I will get back to you ASAIC.]

STAR WARS: Aliit Ori'shya Tal'din
By: Elecktra Banas, Peter Dzierwinski

The Bounty: Tatooine
“Wait! You don't have to do this!” The man was on his knees begging for his life.
“Sorry, just business.” There was a sharp report as blaster fire burned through the man’s skull.
The man was not just any man; this was Jack “Dustbiter” Johnson, one of the most notorious swoop bike racers. Not that he was any good at racing. Dustbiter owed at least two million credits to various casino and cantina owners, had at least a dozen bounties on his head, and the bounty hunter was about to claim all of them. But, they couldn't just kill Jack and walk away. Their task was to put on his outfit and compete as him in the swoop race. That way, no one would come looking for Jack and find his body thereafter.
The bounty hunter removed their own gear and put on Jack's armor and helmet. They were a decent swoop driver, if not better than the target. Not that Jack would be racing anytime soon. The bounty hunter put their chest-plate on, zipped up the suit, slipped on their own crushgaunts, and started up the bike. They would be able to make a clean getaway, collect the money for the bounties, and possibly even the prize credits for the race. This merciless bounty hunter was no other than Kandosii Ka'rta. He was going to get away with the murder of “Dustbiter” and collect his bounty.

Kandosii was not the only bounty hunter after the bounty. A couple klicks away on a rock formation, there was another Mandalorian bounty hunter putting together a makeshift crows nest with their sniper-rifle. They wore a Sand-Person robe over their beskad armor. They shrugged off their jet-pack and placed it gently on the rock beside them. They unpacked their sniper rifle, reassembling it, and began targeting for their thought to be bounty of the day. The race was about to start, and they would snipe the target when “Dustbiter” passed by. They were ready, and had done this many times before. After all, Scoria Kase (as she used for her code-name) was very good at her job.

The race had started, and already Kandosii was in last. After all, he had a reputation to upkeep. He raced through the narrow canyons, and came out on flat, open desert. He saw the dust from the other racers, and hit the throttle. As he was speeding across the desert, he thought he saw a scope flash. As he glances to focus more he could have sworn he saw a figure…a figure in black moving rapidly. It was too far away to tell for sure but he thought they were a Mandalorian.

Kase had her sights on her “Dustbiter”. She spots her target taking a deep breath having her finger steadily on the trigger, and quickly, she pulled it.

Kandossi tries dodging the shot. He hit the brakes, and the front of the speeder flew up. The shot caught the engine, and it blew, flying through the air and taking Kandosii with it. Jack's suit was fire-retardant, but his right arm was trapped under the speeder. There was a piece of the engine piercing his arm. A small sliver of the speeder was embedded in his left eye. He lost a lot of blood, and blacked out.

Kase knew this was her only chance to escape. She tore off the Sand-Person robes, put on her jet-pack on, and flew back towards town.

The Arrangement: Catina.
Few moments earlier….
A mandalorian watched from afar...he was observing the “childish antics” of his targets. A mandalorian woman was setting up a sniper’s nest on the cliff...watching, waiting for her target. He smiles watching another mando’ad spy on her. This black-clad mando’ad had been following her for he was following them.
The mando’ad blinks twice in rapid succession cueing his HUD to bring up the files he had stored on these two...Mav and Gaij Wasuur. Twins...and a part of the renegade clan that had
refused to join the Death Watch, thus uniting all the clans again. They were foolish...foolish to think that they could run forever. He had tabs on all of them...Death Watch and Wasuur. Hundreds of thousands of mando’ade...
And he knew them all by name. He watches as the girl fires upon a goes up in flames...he old friend.
“Cinciri? Cici love...who was aboard that pod? Word says another mando’ad was in the area…” he waits patiently as his friend and lover Cinciri pulls up the intel.
“Confirmed, Kandosii Ka’tra was aboard the wreck. Looks like another one off the list Akaan.”
He nods and silently puts in the new Intel…
Kandosii Ka’tra...Deceased.

Present Time…
Kase touched down just outside Mos Eisley, and made her way to the cantina. She went in, and sat on a stool. A bartender approaches her cleaning a glass with a rag,
“Can I getcha anything, lass?” Kase does not look at them as she spoke,
“Any news?” The bartender nods,
“Yeah. Not sure if you heard, but someone sneaked into Dustbiter's tent and killed 'im. He musta been dead before the race even started.” Kase turns to the bartender being a little surprised,
“You don't say?” The bartender nods,
“I mean it. Clean, execution style, one blast, boom, back of the head.” He mimicked the motion as he spoke.
“Damn.” Kase says. As she talks she begins questioning to herself. Who then was it that I shot in the race? The bartender continues,
“Yeah, that's what I thought when I heard it.” Kase nods then looks at the selection behind the bar then back at the bartender,
“Can I get a glass of tihaar?” The bartender looks at the selected bottle then back at her. They seemed somewhat in surprise,
“You’re Mando, eh? Sure thing.” Kase was waiting while the bartender was getting the tihaar, when a man in a cloak walks up to the counter.
“Sir, do you have any tihaar?” The bartender looks at the man in the cloak,
“Two Mandos in one day. Whatta the odds? You’ll have to wait. This lass just ordered the last of it.” The man looks at Kase then back at the bartender,
“How much does it cost? I’ll pay her and you double. Each.” Now Kase seemed interested, getting involved even defensive.
“Sorry, but I’ve had a long day. I need my tihaar, or I get nasty.” The man continues to persist,
“Get some ne’tra gal then. I need the tihaar.” Kase seemed to be getting agitated by this man’s ongoing persistence.
“Fine! Give this di'kut the tihaar. Give me some ne’tra gal.” The man smiles under his cloak,
“Thank you for being so agreeable.” Kase mumbles to herself,
“Shabuir.” Jerk. The cloaked man chuckles bowing mockingly,
“You’re too kind.”
As the man left the cantina, he heard Kase say “Ori'buyce, kih'kovid.” All helmet, no head. He didn’t notice a figure in black beskar’gam watching him quietly from a shadowy corner, one hand was on a blaster long after Atin left, the other holding a writing implement and scribbling furiously in a small journal. The figure seemed to have eyes only for Kase, his eyes flicked constantly from her to the journal, anyone else was just…irrelevant.
By that time, Kase had moved to a small booth in the back of the cantina, and was just finishing her ne'tra gal when a Bothan came to sit down in the booth, next to her. Before the Bothan could even finish sitting down, she had already flicked out the suit's elbow knife, and held the blade to its throat.
“Who are you and what do you want?” She inched the knife closer to its furry neck.
“I know what you did.”
“Don't think I know what you're talking about, fuzzball. Enlighten me.”
“I know you killed Jack in his tent before the race. I know you're going to deny it, so don't.”
“Half right. I killed Jack alright, but not in his tent, and not before the race. I blew up his bike during the race.”
“Don't lie to me. I saw his body being carried out of the tent with my own two eyes. Besides, you're the only person in this cesspit with enough skill to do it unnoticed.”Kase thought for a moment. The man she thought was Jack did seem a bit taller and more defined than the lanky man that was her target. He also had better reflexes than a man who never raced sober. It seemed like, whoever this imposter was, he was a far different being.
“Maybe not the only one...”
“Cut the phobium, bitch! I know you killed Jak, and so does my boss Portula the Hutt!”
“Okay, you can call me a liar and an assassin, but no one. NO ONE, calls ME a BITCH!” Kase slashed the Bothan's throat, stabbed him in the gut, put down the money for the ale, and left, as she did so the figure in black watched her. A few moments later the figure followed her out…they slid a blaster back out of sight. They had been aiming at the Bothan the whole time…

The Ticket Out of Here: The Corvette 3 Days Later, Atin's Corvette: Jate’kara, Tatooine
Atin stopped at his room before he went to the ship’s control room. He made sure the door was closed before anything else. He went to his desk and pressed a button and a secret compartment opened. Inside was Kyr’tsad armor. In the center was a light saber, and not just any light saber. This light saber belonged to the previous leader of Death-watch, Pre Vizsla. Atin picked up the sword and stared at it thinking of his past. He thought of how he lost everything he hold so dear. His wife and son. His honor and pride. Atin shuts the compartment heading towards the bridge.
Atin entered the control room, nobody else was in the room. He checked the ship’s status, everything was in order… still something bothered him. Atin new if his cover is blown all his years planning would become a complete failure. He knew that if he didn’t start to put his plan into motion, it would be a catastrophe. Atin had three members of the clan, Val being a haunting of his past… that’s another story for another time, to lure the rest of the clan out of hiding. He knew he had little time left and had to make sure they don’t find out. Atin started to put his plan into motion. Atin decided to make a few calls to allies and wipe the memory banks clean. Atin turned on all security cameras in his room. “It’s time to finish what has started.” Atin pulled out his Death Watch sword out for a moment and hides it under his cloak.

Kase had hidden her armor and was also in her civvies, looking for someone who could get away from Portula the Hutt. Nobody seemed to want to tell her where to go to find a ship. She knew she had to find a way off the planet before Portula the Hutt found her……. While she was wandering, she overheard a man talking about the Hutt. It was the same man who bought the tihaar from her earlier,
“Portula the frakkin' Hutt is really hard to find for such a large and fat slug.” Kase looks at them man,
“Excuse me. Did you two say something about Portula the Hutt?” The man in the cloak turns to Kase,
“Possibly. Who's asking?” Kase looks at the man,
“Mando'ad.” The cloaked mandalorian chuckles,
“No kidding? So am I. The name is Atin Burc’ya. You are?”
“Scoria Kase. You know that the Hutt is looking for the Mando who killed Jack? He thinks it's me.” Atin nods. “I know, right? I didn't kill him, but I tried to.” Atin looks at Kase,
“I know you didn't kill “Dustbiter.”
“You know it wasn’t me?” Kase asks curiously. “How?”
“I have my ways. Look…Do you want a ride off this rock or not?” Atin asks Kase. She nods,
“Wait. If I didn’t kill him before the race, then who did I shoot during the race?” Atin sighs looking at her,
“It was a man named Kandosii Ka’tra.” Kase nods then thinks for a moment,
“You said your clan name was Bur’cya…. Like Burc’ya the Royal Guard.” She stops. Atin turns to her,
“Now it is not what you think Kase.”
Kase didn’t seem to trust Atin and drew one of her blasters, and pointed it at the him. Atin then drew his other blaster and pointed it at Kase. Kase drew her other blaster and aimed it at him. Almost unnoticed by the pair the figure in black has also raised a blaster. he aims at Atin, as his other hand grips a beskar-knife…ready to be thrown.
“WHAT IN THE ETERNAL BLUE BLAZES IS GOING ON HERE?!?!” Kase yells at Atin. Atin looks at her,
“I am trying to help you get off this rock!”
“LIAR!” Kase yells at Atin. She seemed ready to pull the trigger. Atin raises his hands standing down,
“Look….I am putting my weapons downs.” He says placing the pistols on the ground. “LISTEN, you could either continue to whine, or we can get away with the one of the largest bounties in the entire galaxy…… all we got to do is go to Portula and kill him together! After that I will can give you a lift wherever you need to go.” Kase and the black armored figure looked at each other, nodded, and lowered their weapons.
“Fine, but we need to do a little scavenging and surveillance before we do.” The figure in black said.
“As long as I can stay on your ship, that's fine with me. Got anything to read on board?” Atin hands something to Kase.
“Here's three thousand credits, in case you find a bookstore. Grab me some droid parts in town, if you can.
“Thanks. See you on the ship, alor’ad. I don't think you’ve met my eldest brother Gaij” The black cloaked man nods as his name was said. Atin nods,
“See you back at the ship…” The figure in black watches Atin go, slowly hesitating before tailing Kase.

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