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Mega is now the main download page and pCloud is temporary the alternative page. This is due the high traffic pCloud is getting and is denying access to guest (people who doesn't have a pCloud account). Nothing else will change for now.

This will result not having a preview function which pCloud had, but in trade we'll get pretty much access anytime without any limitations on Mega.

Here's the link:!polhWICD!AJgHZV_DgA7IOrh9Gt5xsA

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The download page has been moved from Cubby to pCloud. This is to hopefully combat future download issues.

It has a preview function in it. If you click on a name of a file, it will be previewed instead of downloading it. This works for the readme file, cover file and the music files, which the latter has a little player for it with a playlist function baked in.

To download files, select the check boxes besides the files and a button to download the files will show up above the list of files. You can also download the song one time each when using the wrench-wheel button besides the file when hovered over. If you download multiple files at once, it will be downloaded in a zip file like Cubby does.

And there's also an one-click download button on the top-right side of the page to download everything of the download page in one zip file.

The Mega version of the download page will still exist as an alternative option. If future problems arise with pCloud, Mega will replace pCloud as the main option.

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Just an heads-up after being inactive on this community for a few months.

I made an alternative download link for every RuneScape song i've uploaded on my channel as some people have reported issues with downloading the songs from Cubby.!polhWICD!AJgHZV_DgA7IOrh9Gt5xsA

I might switch to an another cloud service like Google Drive or OneDrive in the near future to resolve future problems with downloading the content.

Also i thank to the people that issued about this problem as i rarely mantain the download page as i don't have anything to upload and stuff. I hope to update you guys in this Community when it happens.

EDIT: The reason i probably will not use the alternative download page as the main one is that Mega might not support every browser with downloading a small or large bunch of files. I might be wrong, but that's what i knew of Mega a few months ago.

What Synthesizer and/or soundbank did you use to 'render' these? They sound pretty good, thank you!

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Uploaded a "quickpoll" about uploading the Trade Parade on OldScapeMusic to get more votes. 3 votes for something that every subscriber will see when uploaded won't take it IMO.

If you've voted on the poll. Please vote YES or NO in the linked video below.

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As the Grand Exchange is releasing soon on Old School RuneScape. Should i upload The Trade Parade? (I will still upload songs from 2007 maximum) (song might not be upload if the song is a tweaked RS3 version like Clan Wars was)
votes visible to Public

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Happy Christmas everyone! Here's some old RuneScape music from the 2005 Christmas event.

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For those what wants every song in lossless FLAC format: I've recorded the songs that were missing in the package itself. It's uploaded in an another zip file named as: "FLAC Package extension".!JkVChBDR!7p62NdK5wRqr4EfDkqVdPw

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The songs on the download page has now an album cover embedded. You can also download the cover itself from the download page and embed it yourself or place them in the music's folder if your downloaded songs doesn't have the album cover.
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