Hello! I want to ask about insert effects with drum kits. Long time use this keyboard and everytime notices this: not all drumkits (why?) reacts to insert effect. I may choose drumkit and no matter "on or off the insert" (with one exeption - D.Turntable is working) no change in sound. How is this possible?

Hi! is there any way to select a voice via num keys?
For example the number 25 from Piano sounds.

My only concern with my MX61 is trying to get the entire PERFORMANCE to change via MIDI not just the internal PROGRAMS that make up the PERFORMANCE. A tad frustrating.

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Make the world free again- Yamaha MX61 composition. Better quality: https://soundcloud.com/najuzaith/make-the-world-free-again-asgardia-anthem


Hey guys, is there any list that we can have like:
voice X = Fender Rhodes
voice y = Hammond
voice z = Steinberg Piano


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All of you who desire the "new blue" can get it for a much lower cost:



Customize, Mod, Modify, Skin

Trying to connect my MX49 to EL Capitan OSX but it doesn't work. Have the latest driver but I only I got an About Message when opening the app. Anyone who can help me out and also how to setup it in Logic X.

MX61 newbie. Is it normal for rhythm pattern light to be always on regardless?...arp and others light up/go on or off to touch or depending on setting, but rhythm pattern light is always on...new keyboard unboxed last week. Does this need to go back, I can ignore it but it's distracting and looks like something may be wrong. Otherwise all working fine.

you can save a split as a User Voice in the internal memory ?

MX should have 2,670 waveforms, but I count only 1,567 in the voice editor, what do I miss?
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