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Community Guidelines:

1. No Inappropriate Stuff (e.g. swearing)

2. You can only put stuff that has nothing to do with Baby Einstein in the Off-Topic File.

3. No Death Battles.

4. No blocking me or else you are banned.

5. No Child Abusers.

6. No ruining my Community. (That means you Robert Martin UTTP THDTC)

7. If you don't like someone, Don't turn it into a big fight.

8. No UTTP Members allowed (except for a couple).

9. You must follow me in order to be a moderator.

10. No Disrespecting Opinions.

11. No Robert Martin Allowed.

Thanks for promoting me to a moderator, whoever promoted me.

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+ChefPooPoo Fanatic2003 EDCP You had all of the BE Toys on Pinterest or is it DJ or is it Julie Clark's House?

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Happy 2017

HAPPY 2017

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Dilan has that puppet!

Congrats to the Chicago cubs for winning the World Series! Sending love from Atlanta!

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Should I deserve to come back
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They removed me! 😭
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