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Self-love and Self-advice
Meditation class two!

Now I hope the mummy doesn't mind me writing this....
The meditation video kept going wrong for the last 5 days!
That's why I'm so late with it....

Then I did one. this one!
And I was told by the angels to black of the whole screen!
So I did...

The video cut out
Due to high frequency.
So you have to go to the next video after.

So you can come back down to earth.
That's self love and self advice meditation class 2.2

Something very amazing happened!

I had my spiritual friends daughter come to me.
Around the heart feeling bit of the meditation.
Now I'm a angel channeller well as a meditation teacher.

She said to me
( tell mum to meditate as I'm going to come through to her through the heart felt bit.
I had to keep guiding in meditation
While hearing this haha.....

She said your meditations
Are such high frequency
And loving energy
That it's not hard to connect with mum through your meditations.

Well it was mothers day for this mum
Two days ago...
What a beautiful gift!!
The mum has been trying all other ways!
For two years.....

This is why I don't give up in life
Because I need to help others
And make others happy!
I'm here for them and for you!!

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Barney enjoying peace in my meditation class.

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My garden doing a free meditation online class xxx

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6 WEEKS free course.
On self love. Xx
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