привет в качестве они

acabo de hacer mi primer pinshe cancion, diganme que tal ta
por cierto esta en ingles:
this is my first song, i want your opinion:

On the porch, she will sit,
light another cigarette,
and take a sip of anything that makes it right.
She's outside, trying to hide from the fight just inside,
where her mom and her dad destroy each other
and on the phone she will call
every boy, yeah, one and all.
They will touch her in all the right places.

And in her room, she will slide
down the bed and try to fly,
and she will fall once again for the feeling
and as he grabs her brown hair,
she is faking
that the feeling he gives her is real
as the floor underneath the bed is
she will finish what she starts with "i love you."

so from her head to her toes,
nervous hands and runny nose,
all of this just for one night of feeling
and in her ears she will hear
all the things that hide her fears
of dying young and making plans for the future.

and all the marks on her arms
symbolize a fractured heart
and all the boys that were smart
left her alone

so from the roof, she will fly
15 feet down the side
of the house where she once was happy

yes it's true, she's aware
that she is breaking
and it's true, she can't do anything
well in her blue underwear
she is thinking how
in jesus' precious name
she got here

well it's sad but it's true
she is ending
but for now, she will pray for some wings
on a black cadillac she is landing hard
yet her parents' biggest worry is the car

la comunidad esta mas muerta que mi abuelo: (descanse en paz)
notificaciones en general, 492
de familia google+, ni madres

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se que esta para suicidarse pero es que lo hice en compu y solo tenia 8 años, es un personaje que cree a esa edad.

Solo lo creen subnormales XD:

Si no lo reenvian a 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000 comunidades los violaran 99 negros y moriran en 7 dias, mientras les dara un tumor y, y yyyyyyyyyyy no se que mas pero si no lo envias ehhhhhhhhhhhhhh no se que pase. No se que mierdas decir pero ahhhhhh ete mensaje salva vidas y ehhhhhhhh reenvialo.

¿que opinan del colisionador de hadrones?

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recuerdo que hace tiempo me mandaron un link de youtube y yo pense que era de esos tipicos screamers o videos de si te ries pierdes, pero resulto ser algo como de hentai o algo asi se llamaba la basofia, menuda porqueri me quede como ¡que pedazo de mierda horrible profana repulsiva y meravillosa es estaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!! que asco de link, termine con un ataque de asma y uno epileptico, casi muero, jeje. les ha pasado algo asi?
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