Hi Suresh,

I put my voice for some images added by me. Nowaiting my configuration is not opening. Saying ' Invalid PTK: invalid value for speak. '
Then I went in playtalk support file and deleted my voice there. But still same message is coming. As it is not opening I can't change anything inside my configuration. What to do?

Hi All,

Couple of users had their existing configuration deleted during upgrade as indicated by Prerna Sinha's post. It might be good to export the configurations before the upgrade.

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Halo everyone. I updated my playtalk with new version. All the images n folders everything has been deleted.Is there any way to restore my old PT? TIA

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The hanen approach helps one understand how to interact naturally with a child and develop communication in a fun way.

When developing communication, it is important to provide the child with avenues to communicate that are not restricted to speech.

Using natural and fun ways to communicate when teaching an alternative mode of communication is especially useful to motivate a child to build his/her communication skills.

The structured PlayTalk Program is based on the hanen approach.

PlayStreet Specially Abled Educare Trust is conducting a training program on Hanen and introduction to RDI. Contact us if you want to know more.
PlayStreet Specially Abled Educare Trust brings 6th parent training on the "More than Words" Program

The More Than Words Program is designed for parents of children ages 5 diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). This program addresses the unique needs of children. It provides parents with strategies and support they need to help their children reach their fullest communication potential.

More Than Words is an evidence based program that was developed by expert speech-language pathologists. The program itself is only delivered by Hanen Certified Speech-language therapists who have completed specialized training from “The Hanen Centre”.

Visit the link for details on the "More than words" Program


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Hi everyone,

A new version with fixes have been uploaded. Thanks to all who tested and gave feedback.

Please do continue to provide problem reports so that we can provide fixes.

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Hello Everyone,

A newer version of playtalk has been released. This will be the version that will move to production. I request everyone to try this.

In playtalk, a static images panel has been added to keep the often repeated words. This is configurable - you can enable/disable this and also configure the images you want there.

A new PC based configurator application is available. This can be used to sync configurations with the tablet. Especially useful when working with multiple cofigurations.

A dedicated site www.playtalk.org is set up for playtalk.

Please try it and send any problems that you face.

Thank you.

Hello All,
A new version of Playtalk will be released soon. I request that you save the current configuration into a ptk file for importing into the new version when it releases.

Use the http://www.playstreet.in/products/playtalk-aac/configuration link to see the 'Export Configuration' option.

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My daughter is using the Playtalk AAC App since last 2 months. We downloaded the testing version from Google Play Store in Feb 2017. After that we have not received any updates on the app. Is there any other latest version of the App with more features which can be used going forward. Please let me know.

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