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So my best friend +Lindsey Simpson (The amazing) drew this if people wanted to use it as a furry rp character she said to fill free and use it. She doesnt really care but she put in the corner I think of what it is. And she doesnt expect anyone to use it either but I think its amazing!
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skylaren feeling upset thatshe lost her temper in her lost mission she sprints into a cave and sees something and kmmediatly gets in a defencive stance and growls lightly and gets her sword as her eyes glow sky blue. ((open. I cant change the topic idk why its been going on for a while now. It selects a random topic..))

Skylaren sprints towards her objective and sword elite comes up from behind her and she picks up the noise and back flips behind the elite and kicks him forward and stabs his back till he is killed ((open rp for those i hvent role played with on this communitiy i want to get to know the role olayers. :) ))

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Name: Raiden Rhûn

Nickname: Ghost

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Homeworld: Reach

Rank: Chief Petty Officer

Armour: CQB, with custom knife sheath and magnum holster.

Armour Colour: Mattè Black

Bio: Abducted, like every Spartan-II at the age of six Raiden was taken into a separate training program codenamed "Santo", or "Ghost" in english, he underwent the more brutal version of S-II training by himself, learning how to stay on his feet without someone by his side. After completing training, the new Spartan donned a mattè black suit of CQB power armour and worked alongside Black Team as an unrecorded operative, being labeled a "Wash-Out" by ONI to keep the brutal training program a secret. He continued working along the team until just before the fall of Reach, at that time he would strike out on his on, going to Sangheilios after the Human-Covenant alliance asking for assistance in hiding from ONI, who have since began hunting him down after he let the whole ruined city of New Mombasa which was currently occupied by an ODST squad and a handful of Marine squads, as well as the MP's. know about the project. This was, of course unintentional, but ONI expected nothing but the best from him, soon thereafter he traveled to Installation 07 following an unknown signal. Upon landing on the installation he was put into the presence of a massive forerunner structure, venturing inside he found an AI chip, which contained an AI that was completely unshackled, since then the AI has begun calling itself Tafkar and run most of Ghost's electrical problems. (I might be putting up a separate profile for Tafkar)

credit goes to DeviantArt for the drawings.
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(Just before Halo: 4's ending)

crouching behind a rock I spot a small army of Promethean Knights along with double the crawlers, all seemingly protecting an ancient forerunner structure from an unseen threat

Tafkar: that cold be a problem

Ghost: I know it will be, you see any other ways around?

Tafkar: negative

Ghost activates his cloak and begins to approach the structure before noticing the wolf with a glowing nose and red eyes. Preparing for trouble he unsheathes his combat knife and stays low

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((Here we go!))
Name: Skylarean
Nickname: diamond blade
Type:Furry/also called worgon
Skill type: Is a long rang shooter and has really good knife skills and is pretty good combat fighter
Weapons: Combat knives attached to side, energy sword, assult rifle and DMR
ID: S-5123
With full on armor:7'10
Weight with armor:360
Personalitit or moods: serious,sarcastic,tricky,violent sometimes. Protective
Biography: Lost all family and friends in war and most tragic event occured with her mother trying to protect her from an elite and the elite brutaly killed her sending her on a rampage. Ever since she has been angered with covenents and joined UNSC to fight them off.

cryselius and skylaren are working on a mission together and cryselius is shot being blasted back by a fuel rod leaving skylaren alone
Skylaren: "CRYSELIUS!" goes onto the com requesting a back up ((open))

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