Can ye fathom the ocean, dark and deep, where the mighty waves and the grandeur sweep?
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Ivan Raikov

Tutorials and Tips  - 
Please post seascapes only. Please do not make posts that link to images on another site.   The goal is to help Google+ and this community thrive and not to drive traffic to other sites.  You can of course share images from other posts on Google+ as long as those images are actually on Google+.
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THANKS for information....
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‪#‎Fairhaven‬ skyline from aboard ‪#‎sailing‬ brigantine vessel ‪#‎Fritha‬
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Sunset over the Elbe River in Dresden Germany from our Viking River Cruise.
#sunset #river #elbe #dresden #germany #vikingcruises #travel #photography  
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Paradise must look like this... - Esto debe ser el paraíso - Famara Beach - Canary Islands/Islas Canarias

#vends   #españa   #spain   #beach   #holidays   #travel   #beautiful   #amazing   #photography  

Photo by Kurt Wulf
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Longis Bay & Fort Raz
Longis Bay with Fort Raz in the middle at low tide on Alderney. Taken in the late afternoon.
OM-D E-M5ii

#alderney #longis +Olympus +Landscape Photography Community +Landscape Photography +LANDSCAPE Photos +HQSP Landscape +Landscape Photography Show +BTP Landscape Pro #beach +Photo Mania UK +UK Photography Community 
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Rosh HaNikra
North Coast

#landscapephotography  curated by +Margaret Tompkins 
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Sailing in the Fog Under the Golden Gate Bridge (California)
Check how photo looked straight from the camera, how it was taken and processed:

This photo is the perfect reminder why I only shoot RAW format. I embraced RAW from the moment I bought my first camera which supported raw (Canon Rebel). When I opened the first raw photo in Photoshop and I saw its potential compared to JPEG I was convinced immediately and I never looked back.

The only time I switch a camera to JPEG mode is when I shoot sports.

The day I took the featured photo I spent the entire afternoon shooting water polo in Berkley and when after the games I decided to go to Marin Headlands for the sunset, I completely forgot to switch my camera from JPEG back to RAW.

I only noticed the problem when I started to process photos back home. I could not edit this image the way I intended because every time I wanted to apply stronger contrast or more aggressive color correction image would start to break up by revealing ugly banding. I had to settle for less aggressive processing.


Even though it was middle of May it was very chilly at Marin Headlands with strong wind bringing the cold fog from the ocean to the bay. I had to put on every piece of clothing I had in my car, but it did not help. Then I had to fight the wind while setting up the tripod and trying to keep it steady while shooting.

I took 3 bracketed shots with 1EV intervals (-1, 0, +1) on a tripod.


I started with Rapid Lightroom Preset-Based Editing (read my tutorial here), applying Natural preset from Landscape Collection and adjusting the exposure (image was underexposed) with the ToolKit. But I was not happy with the result, I wanted to convey the cold feeling of the scene by adding blue color.

In the Basic Panel, I set the White Balance Temperature to -19, shifting the entire white balance of the image towards the blue color.

In Photoshop, besides regular editing (contrast, color correction, noise reduction) I moved sail boat a few inched up using transparency masks. Also, I did a lot of cleaning with the Stamp Tool by removing distracting elements (white waves) and completely removing a motor boat.
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Sunrise at Heath Point, Far North Queensland, Australia.
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About this community

Share your images of coastal scenes from all over the world.
Cape Gaspe at Sunrise in Forillon National Park (Quebec)
Check how photo looked straight from the camera, how it was taken and processed:

HDR Processed: Lightroom, Photomatix, Photoshop
Bracketing: 5 shots (-2, -1, 0, +1, +2)

This is another photo from my latest trip to the Atlantic coast of Canada. That day, my plan was to climb Mont Saint-Alban and take a few aerial shots of Forillon National Park and Gaspe Bay at sunrise. The trail to the top of the mountain starts at Cap-Bon-Ami in the northern section of the park, only a few steps from the beautiful beach.

I arrived at the beach around 4am and initially I was not planning to unpack my gear before climbing, but when I saw little clouds over the cliffs of Cape Gaspe, I could not resist. The light was not too dynamic and it was enough to take only 3 bracketed shots in order to process them for HDR later.
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Mediterranean sea - Algeria
Kahf lasfar - mostaganem , Algeria mediterranean see
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Southwest Head on Foggy Morning (New Brunswick)
Check how photo looked straight from the camera, how it was taken and processed

It is becoming a tradition for me to visit Southwest Head the first thing after arriving at Grand Manan Island.

Normally, at the time of arrival of the first ferry of the day, it is still foggy on the island. The Southwest Head is the tip of the island from where the fog starting to disappear first and this is the spot from where I start my photo exploration of the island.

This time, the fog lasted much longer than usually and I had a perfect opportunity to take a long hike along the cliffs of the south shore of the island.


It was a warm and humid morning with absolutely no wind. The shooting was easy, I simply took 3 bracketed shots 3 (-1, 0, 1) on a tripod.

I had an idea how to edit the scene even before I took the very first shot. I wanted to create a surreal, cross processed look and the Clock Tower preset was the perfect candidate for the job.

It was a single RAW file editing.

I applied Lightroom preset Clock Tower from my Landscape Collection and after I used TOOLKIT to boost colors and contrast.

The Lightroom Preset Editing Formula: Clock Tower (8, 16, 24, 32, 40)
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Koko Head Sunset Lights (Hawaii)
Check how photo looked straight from the camera, how it was taken and processed:

Processing: Digital Blending with Lminosity Masks
Bracketing: 3 shots (-2, 0, +2 )

My last visit to Hawaii was very short; only 5 days and 4 nights. In order to fully take advantage of my short stay I had plan for every sunrise and sunset of my stay well in advanced.

My schedule on the island was simple: I woke up at 4am every morning and drove to the eastern or the southern shore of O’ahu to photograph sunrises. The island is relatively small and I could be at any part of the island within 30-40 min, no place was out of my reach.

In the middle of the day I always rested on one of the beaches of O’ahu making sure I was ready for one of my planned sunset hikes.

I took featured photo from Makapuʻu Point Lighthouse Trail during my evening hike. The trail is remarkable for couple of reasons. First, it has wide open views to both southern and eastern shores of the island. Plus, it is perfect location for photographing both sunsets and sunrises.


This is was the last photo of my sunset session that day. It was getting dark fast and I took series of 3 shots not using bracketing functionality of the camera. Instead I used exposure compensation, setting value manually for each shot. With the aperture set to F4, I get following shutter values: 30sec, 20sec and 13sec.


To produced final image, I used 3 photos in total.

First, I preprocessed 3 bracketed RAW images in Lightroom and then I blended them together in Photoshop with the help of transparency masks
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Awesome view!|
Marvellous capture Viktor!:-)
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Trev Symo

Images  - 
building swell.
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Whatsapp no. +91-888-582-5880
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Cool Sea Animal
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