What are you doing as parents to help your growing children take responsibility for their behavior and promote independence? What else might you consider? What tips from The iConnected Parent seem easiest to implement, and which ones seem more difficult?

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Set you and your student up for success as you transition into the Tiger Nation!

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Here's an interesting article from the administrative perspective with some thoughts in balancing parenting a college student while giving the student autonomy. The author includes her experience as a parent of a college student and how she understands involved parents of college students.

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If you ever think you're alone in this as a parent with a college student, you're not! Check out statistics for the past year to see what your peers are up to.

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Life happens all around us every day. While we can't always control what happens, we can choose to control how we react to that. Here's an interesting talk about becoming comfortable in and after difficult situations.

Similarly, what if your student has learning and attention issues? What is the beneficial balance of providing support and encouraging independence?

How different is the communication described in The iConnected Parent from when you were in college or in your years just after high school?

Have you discussed with your child how often he or she might want to talk? Who will initiate the contact?

How healthy do you think it is for students and parents to talk, text, Skype, and Facebook so frequently? What do you see as the pros and cons of so much contact?

How do you plan to manage communications with your student if they have an ongoing mental health or other medical concern?
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