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FYI to my CMGRs. We''d love some support in getting this message out (We have some social media toolkits for anyone who is interested and willing to reciprocate as I manage 

Next week  the ‘Beyond the City’ report at the London Stock Exchange on 24th June ( The report will deliver insights into expected trends for the UK economy over the next five years, examining three sectors in particular: manufacturing, energy and environment, creative and digital sectors. The briefing will be led by Sir Terry Leahy, who will be joined by a senior government minister. Date: Wednesday 24 June 2015 / 08.40–09.40.

Can anyone point me to resources on developing a login-based community (or good "case-study" communities) that has/have: blog content, accessible public/private resources, a public/private forum - and here's the clincher - that use(s) a common tagging/categorization structure across these content types?

Forgive my long sentence and what I'm sure is imperfect grammar.


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Hi gang! Just a reminder, the February OCTribe is tomorrow in San Francisco :) this month's presenter is Meghan Murphy, the Senior Community Manager for Twilio. She'll be talking about how to "build, grow and defend" a developer community.

It starts at 7, and it's at 435 Brannan St. The invite has info on streaming as well.

'Twill be fun!

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If you're passionate about building inclusive and accessible online communities, please join our Leading Accessible Online Communities hangout and Twitter chat from 6-7 p.m. PT on January 27. This session is part of a 24-hour celebration of Community Manager Appreciation Day.  #CMAD #a11y  

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Just a heads up, there's only 8 hours left to get tickets at the early bird price for CMX Summit.

Hope you see you all there!  We already have Community Directors, Managers and Executives flying in from all over the world, representing brands like Google, Buzzfeed, TED, Salesforce, Amazon, Autodesk, Adobe, Lyft, Apple, Facebook, Eventbrite, Yelp, Soundcloud, Moz, 500 Startups, Flipboard, Yahoo, oDesk, Atlassian, Spark Capital, Nestle and many many more.

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Find the official event at

CMX Summit is a new event bringing together the world’s greatest community minds to share unique perspectives, experiences and ideas all around community building. 

Our industry has never come together quite like this. We have Community Managers, Directors and Executives flying in from all over the world, representing brands like Google, Buzzfeed, TED, Huffington Post, Salesforce, Amazon, Autodesk, Adobe, Lyft, Apple, Facebook, Eventbrite, Yelp, Soundcloud, Moz, 500 Startups, Flipboard, Zozi, Yahoo, oDesk, Atlassian, Spark Capital, Nestle and many many more. 

Community comes hand-in-hand with humanity. Since the beginning of time people have formed communities to survive, innovate and thrive. 

Today, communities have expanded to massive scale that can exist beyond physical borders, involving millions of people. At the same time, online tools are making it possible for people to come together and help each other offline in exciting and innovative ways. 

More people are building communities for a living today than ever before in history. 

As the community space continues to grow rapidly, we felt that there needed to be a high quality conference to bring our industry together. We want to drive meaningful conversations around your experiences and ideas while being inspired by the unique thought leaders both from within the community space and from other fields. 

CMX Summit will not focus on social media marketing or advertising. Social media may be discussed but only when applied to building true community. 

By doing so, we hope we can create more opportunities for massively successful communities to be built all over the world by community builders who came away from this event inspired and with a sense of belonging to the community that we create here at the CMX Summit. 

Who is CMX Summit built for?
Community Builders - Anyone creating communities from the ground up, online and offline
Community Managers - Professionals responsible for growing and maintaining communities
CEO, Founders and Product Managers - Anyone creating products that require user-to-user interaction

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Definitely empathized with this one. Thought the community would love it, too! 

What's everyone doing for RSS feeds now that Reader is RIP? Just (finally) figured out an incredible method for digesting feed content using HootSuite... except the Syndicator app appears to be a bit buggy. 

Anyone else having that problem / concern? 

And, final post for the day (been a productive one, sorry for taking over the stream). Wondering if there's an easy third-party twitter client that would enable downloadable / visualization of specific twitter chats (or hashtags). 

I think Storify would do this well... but am also looking at other options, especially ones where I could access the data in a spreadsheet (maybe as a .csv). Important information: timestamp, user, hashtag tracked, other hashtags used, content of the message, link (if applicable). 

Thanks. Good community, sorry that I've been removed from it for so long. 

I attended the first public demo of Google Glass last weekend in Durham, NC, and boy, am I sold on Glass, and as a byproduct, also on G+. 
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