Taste is a killer feature in technology. 

I'll give only two prominent examples from Silicon Valley.

The first is what Joel Spolsky says about complex, clever standards. One of his and my favourite examples is REST vs WS* for web services. WS* standards are so complex that even those companies who proposed them first eventually switched to REST standards. Joel encourages us not to be intimidated by super-complex stuffs any more.


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Many weeks ago, I was reading books on Kumon Method. One thing that struck me particularly was the founder's willingness to allow the students to 'cheat.'

In one book, it is said the founder (Mr. Toru Kumon) made a sensation among the students for allowing them to use "cheat books," books with answer keys and worked out solutions.


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The maxim is: "If you are not embarrassed by your web app's release, it's a bit too late." Well, I am just barely embarrassed by my web site.

A programmer looks at this ( https://github.com/tomwalker/django-quiz ) and thinks Multiple Choice Quiz making is 70% done. A teacher looks at it and thinks it is only 5% done. This happens for so many other fields. Let me focus only on education here.
Add just 20% coding and customers(students and teachers) will think we've added 85% and pay/reward us accordingly.
I'm lazy but very ambitious. Join me if you are lazy too.

Q: What do you get when you mix technical people and management people without a Steve Jobs as the "product picker"?
A: Dodgeball, or Foursquare etc.
Jobs picked his products based on these factors: People behaviour, technical trends, your team's finance and skills levels, and competitive landscape.
If you need a picker, please pick my brains ;-)

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Are you thirsty? I have a bottle of H and another bottle of O and a kit with which you can combine that H and that O? Will you be quenched and satisfied? 

Or would you like just a bottle of high quality water at the cheapest price in town from me?

Education is a bit more complex than H2O. Yet many pieces are there, almost free. Who will mix them into A drinkable, usabel form? 
Why not us?
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