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lets revive guys +Kana Iι

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[{Hunter X Hunter: Horizons OC}]
[{Activity Update}]
[{The Demon Blade}]
[{The Basics of Akina}]
Full Name: Akina Banryuu
Nickname: Aki
Chronological Age: 18
Superficial Age: 18
Birthday: 5/29
Species/Race: Human
Sexual Orientation: Straight

[{{The Aspect}]
Face Claim Used: Hyakuya Yuuichirou
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 165
Eye Color: Emerald Green
Hair Color: Black

[{The Affiliation}]
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Faction: N/A
Rank: N/A
Marital Status: Single

[{The Aptitude}]
Skills and Natural Talents

Benzaiten's Blade Art


[{The Ties}]

[{The Persona}]
Personality: Akina is what anyone would call an actual "loner" as the only people in his past were his Mother and the few women she'd call over to attend to him. He had no friends growing up or any social experience for anything. So when around people he tends to act awkwardly or coldly depending on a mood. Despite this and at any other time. Akina is a very charming fellow to work with often not realizing the things he says to people. Especially girls at times because of his lack of social experience. When it comes to work and a test of his blade he seems more alive. More human than ever, as if he could get along with others better.
Likes: Swords, Any Recipe with Fish,
Dislikes: Mountaintops, Getting hit in the head
Strengths: Charming, Knowledgeable
Flaws: Clueless, Careless

[{The Story}]
Akina's background is rather different than what most people would expect. He was raised by only his mother who had been a Hunter with a grisly career. She wanted him to know nothing but training and the art of the blade. So rather than spend her time within the cities or in villages. She'd raise Akina within mountaintops. She was hardcore with her training never ceasing to correct Akina should he mess up often even beating him everyday. She'd teach him how to cook, clean, and sharpen his sword skills. When he reached the age of 16 she'd even invite courtesans to see to his other needs. Even teaching him how to care for women was her priority though she'd have any hands on training.

She taught him mostly everything in his life. The other things he'd seem to already have knowledge of or have studied in books. The two things he seemed to have the most natural talent in had been the use of the blade as well as having a predatory instinct that would seem to come from nothing short of a beast. But due to the time spent being raised on only a mountain he had a limited set of social skills. Meaning he's not well versed on social norms and everything.

However these two were the only known talents because of something he did hide from his mother. For a person with no social skills, he was unusually charismatic. His mother trained him because she believed in his genius with the blade. The Courtesans regular talked with him when his mother was out trying to teach him about dealing with women. Normally always giving a discount for their services.

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Examinee's Dilemma


A single Hunter sat in a chair with a blank book set on the table before her. Not too far off, a sort of cinderblock building existed, though the internal structure could not be easily deducted from the outside appearance. Elluna awaited the examinees in order to explain the conditions and rules of her particular trial.

[To Hunter Examinees Only]
Animated Photo

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| | •Character Template• | |

||> Quotes <||
" À vaillant coeur rien d’impossible. For a valiant heart nothing is impossible. "

" Je pense, donc, je suis. I think, therefore I am. "

" Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. It is what you make of it. "

||> Name <||
Anju Ryū François

||> Age <||

||> Gender <||


59 kg {130 lbs}

[•General Appearance•]
From her mother, Anju inherits the voluptuous (physical) build and rather busty figure. Through months that turned into years of training, she does seem to have grown somewhat muscular, yet still retains a pretty feminine figure. From her father she carries sharp, glazed hickory eyes and also from her mother, long, thick scarlet hair. Whenever her hair is let down, it reaches mid-back while the rest of the time her hair is pulled up into a ponytail. Her skin is delicate, much expected of a female, though doesn't often burn, making it a light ivory for days.

[•General Attire•]
Now, if you refer to the pictures, her outfit usually varies. Though her usual outfits are considered to be loose and sometimes revealing. She doesn't really care though, as long as she's comfortable and can run.

n/a; Anju wishes to participate within the next Hunter exam in order to be listed as a Blacklisting Hunter.

[•Hunter Rank•]

Sanjana Ryū (Mother) :: [tba]
Merlin Francis (Father) :: [tba]

Lola Maisey (Childhood Friend, Deceased) :: [LOCKED]


[•Likes & Dislikes•]

[•Natural Skills•]

|> Perfect Swordsmanship; Anju, when it comes to using swords, has great accuracy and talent. With her prominent footwork and eminent flexibility, paired up with speed, she is able to throw many of her opponents and enemy's off-course. While being able to swing her swords in nearly any direction, she uses them precisely and with specific strategies.

|> Heightened Speed & Stamina; tba

|> Augmented Agility & Flexibility; tba

|> Amplified Strength; tba

[•Uncommon Traits/skills•]

|> Avid Intuition; tba

[•Basic Nen Categories•]

Ten | Expert

Zetsu | Adept

Ren | Intermediate

Hatsu | Adept

[•Advanced Nen Categories•]

Gyo | Intermediate

In | Novice

En | Intermediate

Shu | Expert

Ko | Intermediate

Ken | Intermediate

[•Nen Type•]

Primary; Conjuration
Secondary; (Undetermined)

[•Nen Name•]

i. "Great Swords"
ii. "Great Chase"

[•Nen Ability/Description•]

i. Anju has the ability, as a Conjurer, to create what she refers to as "great swords" out of Nen. The "great swords" are generally a pair of identical swords, though at times the type of sword(s) she creates can change. The pair can cut through virtually everything, except for other objects made out of Nen and usually most organic matter. If it wasn't obvious, Anju uses the great swords for offensive attacks.

ii. [TBA - LOCKED]

As expected of an Conjurer, Anju has always been an analytical and solemn intellectual. She doesn't bother opening her mouth in most scenarios, especially when it comes to giving in her personal input. However, she never minds giving out advice to people, as when she does speak sometimes she uses French idioms that actually have significant meanings. She is constantly on the lookout for certain things, such as an oddity of a person, place or an object, which has led to the development of her enhanced intuition.


PhotoAnimated Photo
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[~]Sarah's Challange: Hunter Exams, Exam 2![~]

"A divergence of paths, huh?"

Sarah paused for a moment to consider which path she'd follow. She noticed that the sound and air waves behind her were a bit disrupted from what she could tell, and her experience from being an assassin led her to be cautious.

Let's see... The forest makes the perfect place to assassinate someone... I don't know the layout and there is probably something or things already there laying in wait... The dark cave on the other hand... Would put me at an advantage, especially if there's something or things somewhere in the path behind me. I think I'll take...

Sarah would proceed forward into the cave, utilizing En to sense where her eyes couldn't directly see, as the cave was dark. Her left hand would move within her jacket, pulling out two things-- but neither would be visible in the darkness to anything or anyone else.

+Zion Iι

Gaining the Upper Hand: REN
Link to ZETSU:

While Zetsu was no doubt an invaluable skill, Sachi felt more inclined towards seeing the limits of his aura and going beyond them. The intense nature of his spirit drove him to bring forth his aura again, only this time, he would increase the pressure, allowing more of himself to feel the heat of his aura, allowing the floodgates to open just a little bit more than before. For Sachi, it felt more like lifting a heavier weight off his shoulders rather than the freeing sensation of reckless abandon. He needed to exercise control, and this essential discipline showed in how wobbly and distorted his Nen field appeared to be.

He focused his breath and acted towards refining rather than mere exploding. With each passing minute his Nen field would smoothen, but gradually increase, with the pressure doing the same, pressing against his form while outwardly expanding. With a final burst of power he would tense every muscle letting the energy flow freely with only the slightest amount of control. This is what raw Men felt like, now all he needed to know was how to channel it properly.

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Further X and X Further
For: +Lee "Sin of Pride" Silencer

Yorknew was a bigger place than Sachi thought, and in the time between the Exam stages he wanted to be even more prepared before he would leave for Zaban City. His Nen training had reached a point where he realized that there were some things he just could not do all by himself. There may be advanced techniques he'd never understand all on his own.

He needed a teacher. The only problem was, he had no idea where to start, or who to ask!

Walking along a city street would place him in front of a shop that sold all kinds of food and drink. It wasn't necessarily a café but Sachi listened to his stomach. He was starving. With the biggest smile imaginable he almost ran into the store and ordered quite a few things with the money he had saved from everywhere he had been. With his food, he took a seat by the window, watching the passerby and occasionally looking towards the horizon, toward Zaban.

"I'm going to be a Hunter, no matter what!"


Advanced Nen Techniques: Ken, Ko, Ryu


There was something off about Ren. Maintaining it for extended periods of time was suicide, you were blasting your Aura away meaninglessly. Almost like he had done before.
It was this train of thought which led to a realization. Although when he was losing Aura he learned Zetsu to seal it away, it now occurred to him that maybe, Zetsu had been the wrong answer to start with after all. After all, the technique he learned later, Ten, had allowed him to simultaneously maintain his aura around him, while not letting it leak away. Why then would one wish to regress to a state below that, throwing away ones own energy meaninglessly? He reasoned that that must not be the true answer, that the correct path was to not only increase ones output, but to bind that extra Aura around ones body from the start.
He didn’t realize, but this was the core essence of Ken. Perhaps the least complex of the advanced Nen techniques.

His Aura was released in Ren, but this time not allowed to run rampant. He visualized a seal over him, and although a rampaging flame of aura cloaked him, it was denied access to the world outside of that seal, forced to form around his scales.
This is tiring! But much better than before.
Progress this was, but not the end of his learning. For now another concept occurred to him. Gyo, and by extension, Ryu.

This power is derived from Aura, and I am capable of controlling that Aura, even after it cloaks my body. If that is the case, must that Aura be spread out evenly?
He geared up to throw a left, back tightening, arm pulled back slightly. More importantly, a new step was added. He focused his energy, envisioning it wrapping his fist, infusing his muscles, and packing down around it. In response to his imagery, Aura was siphoned away from his torso and right arm, gathering on his left side, and shooting into the fist as he threw the punch.
If it can be focused, can 100% of the energy around me be placed in one body part?
He couldn’t see why not, but at the same time recognized that aura leaked from his entire body. There would always be a small amount coming from the rest of it.
His Zetsu came to mind. Could he possibly seal the aura around his body, except for a single area? He had to try it. His hand was held out in front of him, and the Aura around him vanished. His other hand grabbed his wrist, as if to help separate it from his body. He used Ren without opening his Aura nodes, and focused on that hand. The nodes burst open, and Aura flooded around it in a focused blaze. Ko was also a success.

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["Monster Maze"]
Hunter Exam, Test 2

Upon reaching Zaban City, the exam participants would be lead to a large, skyscraper-like building. As they entered the building, they would (should at least) take notice of the large liquid-filled tubes insides, inhuman-create floating inside of them. For the most part, the creatures would seemed to be dead, that was until they reached the main exhibit.

In the back of the large facility would be a large metal door with strange writings on them, as if the writing seemed to be ancient. In front of the door stood a man roughly 7'3, accompanied by what was a large dog that was almost 6'3 standing on all fours. If you haven't figured it out by now, this man was the second proctor of the exam. He had a wide smile on his face , teeth shining.

"Welcome to Stage Two. My name is Hughs, and this is my dog, Truth. Are you prepared for the maze?"
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