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Who wants to RP with a HUNTER

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| | •Character Template• | |

||> Quotes <||
" À vaillant coeur rien d’impossible. For a valiant heart nothing is impossible. "

" Je pense, donc, je suis. I think, therefore I am. "

" Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. It is what you make of it. "

||> Name <||
Anju Ryū François

||> Age <||

||> Gender <||


59 kg {130 lbs}

[•General Appearance•]
From her mother, Anju inherits the voluptuous (physical) build and rather busty figure. Through months that turned into years of training, she does seem to have grown somewhat muscular, yet still retains a pretty feminine figure. From her father she carries sharp, glazed hickory eyes and also from her mother, long, thick scarlet hair. Whenever her hair is let down, it reaches mid-back while the rest of the time her hair is pulled up into a ponytail. Her skin is delicate, much expected of a female, though doesn't often burn, making it a light ivory for days.

[•General Attire•]
Now, if you refer to the pictures, her outfit usually varies. Though her usual outfits are considered to be loose and sometimes revealing. She doesn't really care though, as long as she's comfortable and can run.

n/a; Anju wishes to participate within the next Hunter exam in order to be listed as a Blacklisting Hunter.

[•Hunter Rank•]

Sanjana Ryū (Mother) :: [tba]
Merlin Francis (Father) :: [tba]

Lola Maisey (Childhood Friend, Deceased) :: [LOCKED]


[•Likes & Dislikes•]

[•Natural Skills•]

|> Perfect Swordsmanship; Anju, when it comes to using swords, has great accuracy and talent. With her prominent footwork and eminent flexibility, paired up with speed, she is able to throw many of her opponents and enemy's off-course. While being able to swing her swords in nearly any direction, she uses them precisely and with specific strategies.

|> Heightened Speed & Stamina; tba

|> Augmented Agility & Flexibility; tba

|> Amplified Strength; tba

[•Uncommon Traits/skills•]

|> Avid Intuition; tba

[•Basic Nen Categories•]

Ten | Expert

Zetsu | Adept

Ren | Intermediate

Hatsu | Adept

[•Advanced Nen Categories•]

Gyo | Intermediate

In | Novice

En | Intermediate

Shu | Expert

Ko | Intermediate

Ken | Intermediate

[•Nen Type•]

Primary; Conjuration
Secondary; (Undetermined)

[•Nen Name•]

i. "Great Swords"
ii. "Great Chase"

[•Nen Ability/Description•]

i. Anju has the ability, as a Conjurer, to create what she refers to as "great swords" out of Nen. The "great swords" are generally a pair of identical swords, though at times the type of sword(s) she creates can change. The pair can cut through virtually everything, except for other objects made out of Nen and usually most organic matter. If it wasn't obvious, Anju uses the great swords for offensive attacks.

ii. [TBA - LOCKED]

As expected of an Conjurer, Anju has always been an analytical and solemn intellectual. She doesn't bother opening her mouth in most scenarios, especially when it comes to giving in her personal input. However, she never minds giving out advice to people, as when she does speak sometimes she uses French idioms that actually have significant meanings. She is constantly on the lookout for certain things, such as an oddity of a person, place or an object, which has led to the development of her enhanced intuition.


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|| Sharp VS Eagle ||

[Hunter Exam: Round 2. Around the area where the sharp stalacities are at.]

+Zion Iι

The darkness was nothing to Shoyo's eyes. He could still see, but his sight was decreased by a fine amount. Shoyo looked around to where the sound of the running water was coming from, after looking above, he saw the razor like stalactites above him. Shoyo was tempted to run, but he wondered if it was the right choice.

| Hunter Exam - Round 2: The Monster Maze. |
| Axis versus the click-click noise. |

At first, Axis hadn't noticed the small clicking noises, but as they grew in magnitude the Kurta began to take notice. He immediately assumed it was to be the first obstacle on his end and began to proceed forward more carefully, removing his hands from his pockets, and taking more care to his surroundings. The dim amount of light was obscuring his vision somewhat, so he decided to proceed much slower now, especially as the clicking noise grew louder.

+Zion Iι

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[~]Sarah's Challange: Hunter Exams, Exam 2![~]

"A divergence of paths, huh?"

Sarah paused for a moment to consider which path she'd follow. She noticed that the sound and air waves behind her were a bit disrupted from what she could tell, and her experience from being an assassin led her to be cautious.

Let's see... The forest makes the perfect place to assassinate someone... I don't know the layout and there is probably something or things already there laying in wait... The dark cave on the other hand... Would put me at an advantage, especially if there's something or things somewhere in the path behind me. I think I'll take...

Sarah would proceed forward into the cave, utilizing En to sense where her eyes couldn't directly see, as the cave was dark. Her left hand would move within her jacket, pulling out two things-- but neither would be visible in the darkness to anything or anyone else.

+Zion Iι​

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Further X and X Further
For: +Lee "Sin of Pride" Silencer

Yorknew was a bigger place than Sachi thought, and in the time between the Exam stages he wanted to be even more prepared before he would leave for Zaban City. His Nen training had reached a point where he realized that there were some things he just could not do all by himself. There may be advanced techniques he'd never understand all on his own.

He needed a teacher. The only problem was, he had no idea where to start, or who to ask!

Walking along a city street would place him in front of a shop that sold all kinds of food and drink. It wasn't necessarily a café but Sachi listened to his stomach. He was starving. With the biggest smile imaginable he almost ran into the store and ordered quite a few things with the money he had saved from everywhere he had been. With his food, he took a seat by the window, watching the passerby and occasionally looking towards the horizon, toward Zaban.

"I'm going to be a Hunter, no matter what!"


Nen Training
Zetsu, Ren, Shu and Ryu

While traveling to Zaban City, Toro had plenty of time to refine his nen capabilities. In particular, he was interested in finding new ways that would be able to use the aura that he had just unlocked. Luckily, training aura was something that could be done simply with meditation and stationary practice rather than moving around actively like one would do during physical training. Therefore, whether they were traveling via bus, airship or train, Toro would be working on several other ways to utilize nen before the second phase of hte exam began.


"If I can open the gateway for my aura to leak from my body, then I should be able to do the reverse, and seal my aura so my spiritual presence could become masked. I'll work on that first."

With this first goal in mind, Toro got to work. Closing his eyes and calming his mind, he focused on the goal of keeping his presence hidden. He knew that in order to do that, he would need to shut the gateways that were normally forced open so that his aura could seep through. Zetsu is actually one of the easiest tricks to learn out of all the nen techniques. Even wild animals use this ability naturally, as it isn't really nen so much as keeping it from seeping from the body. Thus, it only took an hour for Toro to learn this one.


"Hmmm... when I let my aura out normally, it feels very calm, and it feels very natural. I don't even have to exert myself. What happens when I actually push my aura?"

Ren was something that Toro would need to just work hard to do. It was just like Ten, only just at a higher level of exertion. But how did one actually increase the power of their aura? Nen was still a somewhat new concept to him, and he would simply need to meditate in order to figure out what it felt like to control his nen aura just like his physical body.

Toro was deep in concentration for a couple hours, pushing himself in thirty second intervals. At first it wasn't doing anything. But as time went on, he was able to get a sense of how exactly to use his willpower to push his aura more to the point where it stopped simply flowing calmly around his body, and instead flow wildly like a consistent gust of wind.

"Now this is what I imagined this nen aura to be like..."

It wasn't just the change in the behavior of the aura that Toro noticed, but he could also feel his own body increasing in power due to the increased aura intensity. With this alteration of his physical body, Toro concluded that this technique should be used for offensive attacks rather than a constant defense.


".... But I'm a swordsman. All of this nen crap won't help if I can't extend my aura to my weapon. How to do that...."

Toro drew his blade and held it out in front of him, looking at it with a high level of intensity. After about ten seconds of staring, Toro spoke aloud again.

"Why am I just staring at my sword? I need to focus on extending my aura..."

This was going to prove to be a little difficult to accomplish. extending one's aura wasn't the same as simply exerting it like one does with ren. Since the item one needs to extend the aura to doesn't have a gateway to release aura itself, Toro needs to push his own aura up to his blade in order to coat it with aura.

This took another hour to figure out how use his aura to enhance his swords with aura. Just like he did with ren, Toro would go in thirty second intervals, activating ren, and then pushing his aura to coat his blade. At least, he attempted to. With the first few tries, his aura was only able to extend a quarter way up the blade. However, as he continued to push himself and focus, Toro was able to finally get aura to easily extend all the way up his blade. Now that he was able to use his aura to extend to his swords, Toro was confident with more training, he'd be able to use nen to do much more than he was using it for now. But that would take more time than he had. He only had a half hour before the group reached Zaban City.

[]Last but not Least, Ryu[]

When learning nen for the first time, most people learn Gyo, a technique that is used for strengthening a particular part of the body using nen rather than the entire body. The most common use of Gyo is on the eyes, which allows users to spot hidden aura.

However, with only a half hour of training left before he'd have to recuperate for the second phase of the exam, Toro learned a different variation of gyo, referred to as Ryu. The two techniques are virtually the same thing, only that ryu is the practice of shifting aura from one part of the body to another. This wasn't a complicated thing for Toro to pick up through easy meditation, especially after just learning shu. As a matter of fact, it was much easier for him to shift aura to different parts of his body than it was to extend it to something that wasn't even part of his body.

With this last part of his nen training completed, Toro spent the rest of his time recuperating, knowing that he'd have to be at his best to pass the second part of the hunter exams.

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