Also! +Jeremy Lorino and +Oscar G have tries setting up a group event in the past, but results have been mixed. Could we line up with another event happening in town and meet up? the +Google Local Houston groups have several +Google Glass explorers that come out for the festivities. Maybe there is some momentum we can build there?

Hey everyone! I know we haven't been too active, but I wanted to let y'all know we have several people ~8 or so who don't seem to be Houstonians who are trying to get access. Should I just make this public? I'm concerned there might be spam... 

Alright let's put something real together doesn't have to be big because I know we aren't a large group but +H. David Shaw will be in town in July so let's shoot for the end of July like the 26th or 27th? +Pritesh Shah

Anyone down to meet up for a late april dynamo game?

I used my insurance for contacts and my dog decided to chew on my reading glasses. Just got the prescription lenses for glass. does anyone know what the average cost to have my prescription added to the lenses?

Taking glass to the opening game of the Houston dynamo. I should be participating on the field pre game production.

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This is a thing, and its happening tonight!

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Recently visited the Google Glass Basecamp in NYC, and tried out all the frames. I think I am going with Bold after trying them all out!
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Any events coming up guys?

This is the case I have been working on.
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