Hi Scotty, i have a 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP 3.8L Supercharged. Around 3000, 3500 rpms it sputters like its out of gas. It also seems to do this if i wan to get on the gas to pass somebody. Any advice?

Scotty, we have a 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan. Appears to have an electrical issue. When running, all of the warning lights come on, all of the gauges go to zero. Main headlights come on without turning them on (not the running lights). Power door locks do not work, sliding doors do not work. I checked the wirings on the sliding doors, all good. Checked all the fuses. Even tested for continuity. Could it be the BCM? How do I test for that?

Hello all I am trying to diagnose my 02 Silverado 1500. Since October 2016 it would randomly sputter until it just cut off. It felt like when you're running out of gas. I would try to crank it back up but it wouldn't turn on till letting it sit at least 30 minutes. This is a random problem that would only happen maybe once every couple weeks. Other than that the truck runs perfect. I did a complete tune up. i am still having the problem and it just cut off again while I was going down the road at 50 mph this time it don't wanna turn on at all. It's got spark but doesn't seem to be getting the fuel. I am wondering if it was a fuel pump would it cut off so randomly like that over several months? Or could it be something like my crankshaft position sensor?? The check engine light is on but when I hook up my scanner it says no codes found..please if anyone can help I'd appreciate it my truck has been sitting for a week now and I don't wanna go out and waste all kinds of money on unnecessary parts. Thanks in advance. Btw I love the show Scotty!

Is Mobil one high mileage oil good to slow down a timing cover leak?

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I just replaced my fuel injectors on my 2000 Toyota Tundra V8 and WOW what a difference it made My truck now reaches Full Rpms Gained alot. Of lost power it use to knock i did everything from ignition coils spark plugs switched to 91 that helped but changing my fuel injectors got rid of the knock. If you think your car needs injectors take the innovative and change them i bought remanufactured Injectors there Denso injectors so OEM rebuilt injectors. Happy Wrenching Community

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Hey Scotty, I've got a question.
My car is a Seat Ibiza Mk3 model:2000 1.6 manual.
Well 3 weeks ago my Cylinder head broke, so I took it to some mechanic who repaired the Cylinder head itself and he said he replaced the valves flange water and more.
So the day I came the pick up my car again, I saw gray smoke coming out from the exhaust which wasn't before, and smells like burned oil.
He said it's because of the piston rings.
So my question is: If my car didn't "eat" too much oil before and wasn't smoking and after he repaired the engine head all of that happend.
How come the piston rings can become a problem now?
he said he tested them with liquid or something without tearing the engine apart and he said they are ok, and now they aren't.
So is he loyal? or not? (The mechanic)
And what do you think the problem can be?
By the way I have to add oil all the time...
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Hi Scotty, I have a 2010 Hyundai Tucson ix35. The ac is not blowing in cold air only warm air. Took the car in to a local repair shop, and got it checked. The guy checking it said that it need a new ac compressor and a new expansion valve after doing a leakage check. I learned online that if the compressor is bad it will be noisy.
what is the best thing to do before I go spending money on a new ac compressor.
What is your best advise on my car ac problem


Hey guys. I appreciate the help I've asked for.

Not for me but a buddy of mine has a 99 Elantra like mine. He told me recently when he's on the brakes and he's close @~10 MPH his oil light comes on but goes off when he is completely stopped. He asked me and I didn't know. Enlighten both of us please?

I recently got a 2004 Ford Taurus and I am having problems with catalytic converter or hell I don't know.

I had it hooked up and that's what the guy said the issue was. It was jerking and idling oddly and would take a moment to pick up speed and like... stutter when going up the smallest incline.

Then the popping started. I didn't have the cash on hand to have it fixed properly at the time so I had the converter removed and ran a straight pipe.

But nothing has changed for the better.  Its a little louder, and recently after 3 days driving it like this all the old issues returned but worse and its drinking gas like crazy.

I don't want to fling more money into a car I haven't even paid off yet, I can't.

My question is...
If its not the catalytic converter causing all these issues then what could it be because the quote I got to fix it will pay off 1/3 of my car. I'm not spending that amount to fix it only to learn there was a whole other issues to start with.

I will have the old barely can see light threw it converter put back on and give the thing back to the dealer. I haven't even had the dang thing 6 months yet.

My 96 Yukon keeps getting 134,154 codes and I have replaced the fuel pump, fuel pressure regulator, intake manifold gaskets map sensor, Mass airflow sensor, wires and plugs. At about 50 MPH vibration let off gas slightly goes away. canister purge valve to. please help thanks.
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