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Hi I got a 2000 Impala ls and i changed the power steering pump about 4months ago i think it was rebuilt from autozone the sound went away and hard steering
but after awhile of driving bad the sound came back and it sounds horrible but it works. Also the tranny makes a noise similar tot eh power steering when it gets hot and hard shifts(even after i changed all the mounts) but the radiator is corroded and old so that may be why. Any help is appreciated. thanks
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This same truck u saw I'd tages
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Currently losing coolant in my 1996 corolla could this be the water pump coming out fast replace pump last year is there another hose

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Hello. I need an opinion on this crack. Does it look safe to keep the tire? It has at least 10.000 miles that I know of, and is Chinese brand. I do a lot of 80mph highway driving.

Is a 1967 327ci motor internally balanced or external? And is a 1987 350ci tbi internally or external?

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How do I ask a question ??

Hay scotty i have a 2007 monty carlo i put two new tires on reer and 4 wheel alinment now when you go over bumps the rear wants to skip side ways any one have any ideas what i can do

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2004 Nissan 350Z Touring Roadster

Now this. I think it's electrical. The auto transmission light went out to show this.
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