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New Video! 6 Tips to fix a broken heater!

Scotty I have a 2006 Sebring 2.7 v6 runs like a rapped ape sometime when I start it it's cuts out and tries to stall then if you shut the car down and restart it it's runs ok I get a code for fuel delivery err what could it be... And is the 2.7 v6 a bad engine mine has 128.00miles and runs great!!! No ticks Knott's starts right up

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👍👍👍MICTUNING 2nd-Gen RGB LED Rock Lights with✨✨✨ Bluetooth Controlled & Timing & Music Mode, compatible with👉👉 iOS 7 ‼️‼️ 👉👉Android 4.3 ‼️‼️above 🚘🚕👏👏 Works great, ✨✨makes the truck look good at night✨✨✨➡️➡️➡️✅✅✅✅
Best rocklights I ever had and very good quality‼️‼️It wasn’t hard to install either and very easy to use too🌟✨🌟🌟

Dear Sir, I have Hundai Accent 2015 ODO 20K. At idle if I turn on the AC the car engine stop working. What could this cause. Thanks.

Hey guys, just so you know, i am still Peter Kapica but i have switched accounts because my old one got hacked. +Scotty Kilmer +Steven Akn1 +Randy Fitz

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Do you know if a 1978 ford radiator will fit a 1984 ford

My 2008 f150 4.2 overheated, I had water in the oil. So do I need to change rod and main bearings?

I wanted to ask how to find the vin code for my 2001 Cougar please!!!

Question, Sub-woofer with amp or Enclosed Sub-woofer with built in amp?
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