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Error #0 or Error #8

If you received Error #0 or Error #8, it means that you have not upgraded your security in your JustSnipe account.


To fix:


We have posted in our Blog or Service Announcement Page since Oct 27 that we have upgraded our security.

Also the warning message will be shown if you have not upgraded your security. We just found out that quite a few number of people did not see the warning message.

The reason is that many of you have used ad blockers software and it blocks the warning message.

Thank you,

JustSnipe Support

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I just joined JustSnipe even going to the unlimited due to doing a lot of buying on ebay.
Just had an auction sell for 2/3 of my bid.
Changed my bid with over a minute left but didn't seem to go through.
Am I wasting my money here?
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what is error #20000?

i didnt win despite setting up a snipe with a higher price. Is justsnipe faulty/useless?

i just lost two important auctions because of an unexplained 'error'. Justsnipe is not reliable it seems.

They dont seem to have any contact details so i guess theres no way of following it up.

Just reading the limitations on the free membership plan and it says free members cannot schedule to snipe eBay motors auctions. yet
ebay motors is the only thing i buy from?

Hello everyone, I am new hear and I will love ti be showed around. Peace

I mistakenly updated my e-mail to my old ID and now the system won't recognize either my hotmail or my g-mail id. What do I do ??

I have just sniped an ebay auction and i see I have used a free credit but when I go to active I get a network Timeout message and I can not see the item I sniped, but in my dashboard it says 1 item in active. am I sniping the item?

I have not used JustSnipe in a while. I just tried to Snipe an Ebay auction. One of my free credits was deducted and went from 5 to 4 , but I cannot see the item I Sniped in Active snipes. The Summary shows that 1 item is active. Active page says I have no items active.

The new format apparently is not working well for me . The old format worked well.

Two weeks of not being able to see what I Won and what I Lost and on the mobile version can't access anything. Then they had the nerve to charge me for my monthly services anyway. Not impressed. Can't find an email address to contact them directly to complain so hopefully they monitor this Forum and get back to me.
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