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Error #0 or Error #8

If you received Error #0 or Error #8, it means that you have not upgraded your security in your JustSnipe account.


To fix:


We have posted in our Blog or Service Announcement Page since Oct 27 that we have upgraded our security.

Also the warning message will be shown if you have not upgraded your security. We just found out that quite a few number of people did not see the warning message.

The reason is that many of you have used ad blockers software and it blocks the warning message.

Thank you,

JustSnipe Support

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"Your password or sign in ID does not match" this keeps coming up why how can I get into my account.../////????

Just went to sign in and it is the right id and email but says id not valided

I entered a snipe - everythng looked fine - the auction ended - no-one had won the item. I checked in 'Items not won' and see it says 'Error #20000'

Annoying not to have won the auction and also not to have been 'refunded' the wasted snipe. (I have the free version of JS - but never the less one snipe has been lost)

Can you explain and help please?


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I lost a snipe and received this error message - in Just Snipe it clearly shows the country of the item as shipping to the UK and I am in the UK. My ebay account has me as UK. What went wrong?
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Just didnt win an auction that went well below my JustSnipe bid.
There is an Error #0 on my mobile and #20000 on my PC.
What is going on?

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Really annoyed. Just lost an item that went well under my snipe max with this error message.... why?

what is the email address to customer support?

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I'm signed in, but all the screens look like my status is signed out and I can't see my auctions. The button on the screen says 'Sign Out', but the bottom of the screen shows 'Register Now !!', seems I'm caught in limbo. Signing out and in again does not help. What do I do?
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