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Ground Rules.
1. The Frilly + Fancy tab is for posting stuff related to that channel as well as Kalel's blog of the same name.
2. No hating on other YouTubers.
3. No hating on other members.
4. Yes, you can post pictures, fan fiction, and artwork.
5. Pester me to remind me to watch videos so I am not completely lost when I meet my favorite YouTubers at VidCon.
6. Noah is a moderator because I originally said I was gonna make this community on May 25 to coincide with the anniversary of when he joined google plus and YouTube.
7. I own another YouTuber affiliated community called "Meghan & David's Burries!". Give it some love!!
8. I am currently bored. Someone come RP with me.

~Super T

How does everyone feel about Kalel restarting her channel and deleting all of her videos again?

So she started a new, different blog and the What I Ate Today video is from that blog?

How reliable is the Kalel Deleted Videos channel? Is it also worth subscribing to Watch Us Live and Stuff Reuploads?

Also the last video I watched of hers before the delete happened was her six minute video about her weekly planner. I didn't get to watch her announcement about quitting/leaving YouTube.

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Kalel Kitten with Teal Hai
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Love it all boo

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Kalel and Anthony in wonderland ward


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How Kalel's 2015 was and it's not pretty
Check out this video on YouTube:

This video. This raw, uncut video about confidence, depression, body image issues and Kalel's plans for 2016. 
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