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I’m sick of people skipping this

The elemental dragon kingdoms, all of them are against the dark dragons, who want to conquer all kingdoms, although the kingdoms are so on edge that they fight each other at times

Plant kingdom: although nearly destroyed, this kingdom remains peaceful and strong, they are a very kind dragon bloodline

Fire kingdom: a fierce and loyal bloodline that is hotheaded, they remain strong and difficult to conquer

Ice kingdom: calm and collected, this bloodline loved to hand out with family, they are rarely are attacked

Sky kingdom: a kingdom of beautiful wind dragons, although they are very hyper and usually love a good fight or hunt

Water kingdom: the mysterious group, they usually swim around and stick to their kingdom, they are powerful, and nearly impossible to conquer

Lightning Kingdom: a loyal kingdom with a big heart, they are wise and strong, if you become their friend, dont break the friendship, or they will hunt you down, their kingdom lives in the storm clouds

Poison Kingdom: a sly and mysterious kingdom, no one knows what they do, and what they are planning, they keep secrets ,their home lies in a swamp

Darkness dragons: this divided, aggressive kingdom was shattered when herario turned, taking over and declaring war on all dragons, some are good,some have gone insane

Princess Phoenix’s home: the base of the guardians, she is the princess only the plant kingdom, although allowed to come home she chooses to stay with her family of three children and two grandchildren

Nightmare forest: home to the new nightmare dragon,he is kind and shy, but rarely fights

Dream forest: a beautiful forest where the dream dragon lives, she’s mysterious and usually remains in her forest

Two statues: where the showdown of the former nightmare dragon and herario happened,both frozen alive in stone, this is usually where you find the nightmare dragon

Human village: a home of humans and dragon riders, friends of the dragons also live there, and some humans are oblivious to the dragons existence

2:you must have your profile approved
3: no godmodding or omnipotent brings unless allowed to do so
4:don’t act like a mod unless you are one and don’t ask to be a mod
5: canon characters are allowed
6:if you are a moderator or member, ask the owner before starting an event
7: no raids
8: TO ALL MODS AND OWNERS: if you just accept someone into the community before checking their g+ profile I will down grade you
9: unless allowed for a certain reason, no nudity or sexual role plays
11: you can be whatever you want
12: crossing boundaries-unless your a medic- is strictly prohibited in other tribes
13: hunting on another territory is prohibited
14: fights between kingdoms must be an event and planned first
15: meetings, when they are happening, must be peaceful, if a fight breaks out the Nightmare dragon shall cast a fear spell on all
16: secretly is allowed relationships between two clans, if noticed, will result in exile
17: all traitors are exiled, left with a scar on their muzzles






Tribe: you can be a human in a tribe

Element only answer if you are from another tribe





Weakness must answer





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title: Lightning Kingdom

it was more than a usual storm, they only have lightning, no storms, but there was rain and high winds

there was a nest of lightning dragon eggs, the mother dragon races towards them to support them, but one egg was swept away, she roars, but she new her egg was gone, she manages to get the rest

what she didnt know was that the egg surprisingly made it, it landed in a feild
+Kai F. Jones here you go
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Jakob sat in his home, trying to control his powers as best as he could, he paused as he heard someone on the balcony knock on the door, he opens it
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[{ Title: “Nothing remains... Nothing can go to waste”}]
[{ Place: Dark Kingdom Ruins}]
Adam sighs as he walks around what remained of the Dark Kingdom and mumbles to him self What a waste... As he continued walking as he stopped at the gates to a tower as he walked in thorough the gates he sighed and looked around surveying the area then walking to the center and opening what looked like a portal and started to step through until he heared the snap of a branch and quickly jumped out turning to see who could have possibly seen him

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The Guardian of the community has come
Hammy is in the house!
”Hammy runs around her cage”

”Hammy eats her food that was in a small yellow bowl”

”Hammy bites Ren’s/My finger.”

{First name}

{Middle name}
She doesn’t have one but feel free to give her one

{Last name}

{Nick names}
Hammy the mixed gender Hamster

The Hamcelot (I thought Hammy and Lancelot were a great mixed)

Hammy is a nice and fun loving Hamster once she gets to know you,When she sees new people that she doesn’t know she bites their finger or hand which trust me she can make a person bleed in the real world,Hammy is also tries to play with people like she wants to climb on someone’s shoulder.


{Zodiac sign}

{Physical age}

{Mental age}

{Real age}

Hamster 🐹


Good or Evil...?
>Good< or Evil

Being immortal in the fictional world as we call role play.


{Mental state}
Hammy’s mental state is normal since no harm has been caused to her well being

Hammy has bitten Ren from the very beginning they met her biting some how temporary disabled his healing factor.

Didn’t die from Henry’s secret technique called “Destruction.”

Managed to one shot Nen with ease.

Has managed to be the first Hamster that exists both in the real and fictional world 🌍








Her weapons are her teeth and claws



Advanced reality wrapping:User can manipulate Physics, allowing them to not only bend, but even break the laws of physics. Being the general form of reality warper, 'Physics Manipulators' can invent their own physical laws and impose them on the rest of the universe

Time stopping:Hammy can stop time for about 2 or 3 minutes

Fourth wall awareness:User is aware that one's Universe is a fictional/false one, allowing them to carry out acts that, within the Universe, would otherwise be impossible. Depending on the extent of the user's power, one could potentially gain the powers of Reality Warping and/or Omniscience within the context of their own false Universe.

Fourth wall breaching:User is not only aware of the real world from their fictional world and able to interact with it, but can also leave the fiction they hail to enter the real world and interact with it.

Durability negation:The user can damage the target regardless of its durability, bypassing or negating durability, even if they lack destructive attack power.


Absolute immortality:The user possesses absolute immortality, is unable to die, age, get sick, or be permanently wounded, is absolutely self-sustained, and as the user's mind and soul are as immortal as their biological bodies, they are immune to mental/spiritual damage. Any injuries the user suffers immediately heal, even if the user's body is disintegrated or blown up or completely erased, even if the user is completely destroyed to the sub-atomic level, they will still return to life. Alternately, some users are absolutely immune to all harm, and can never die from any natural causes.
The user's existence and soul become completely free and independent of even the concept of reality, making them unbound to the subjects of life, death, and manipulations. Also, the power cannot be removed, rendered truly perfect and absolute.

Absolute Existence:The user has complete control of their own existence. The user is beyond all there is, even reason, physics, and logic. No rule or law can apply to them other than their own.
The user can also rewrite themselves on any level, at any time, anywhere, without any limit of any kind. They can even change/rewrite their own fundamental nature/structure.
This allows the user access to any ability in existence, said abilities being as absolute as their maker/wielder.

{Lifting Strength}
Below Average: 0 to 50 kg

{Striking Strength}
Below Average Class

Below Average Human (0-5 m/s)

Below average I think 🤔

Below Average

{Secert techniques}


Reality manipulation
Death manipulation
Life manipulation
Truth manipulation
Lie manipulation
Space manipulation
Time manipulation
Destiny manipulation
Fate manipulation
Mental manipulation
Gravity manipulation
Matter manipulation

1.Size Hammy is small like the average hamster since she is from the real world which means she is very easy to step on.

2.Speed Hammy is not fast as a human or any kind of supernatural being which means anyone could out run her which they could step on her

3.Lifting & Striking Strength Hammy can lift heavy things like a family size table or a dead body which makes Hammy easy to squish

4.Durability Hammy doesn’t have supernatural nor human durability which makes it more easy to harm her

Hammy can get tired when running which could make her get very sleepy


(Note:some of the bio is based on true events or a true story)
The Real life story
So my cousin Sammy/Sam’s birthday passed his dad took him to the pet store since he was going to buy Sammy a pet as a birthday gift.When Sammy was searching for a pet that he wanted he saw Hammy as baby hamster,one look at Hammy and Sam knew he wanted her as his pet.When Sam came home with hammy in a box with a few items like Hamster food,a cage,bedding and etc.Which I tried to look after for Hammy when Sammy was trying to build the cage,when he was finished setting up the cage we put her in it.When I was trying to adjust her water bottle she jumped and bit my finger XD which is the reason why Ren couldn’t heal when Hammy bit him because Ren is my main Oc and I also try to make him somewhat like me.

The Fictional Story
Hammy one day got into the fictional world as we call role play how and why did she get to the fictional universe you ask? Well the first reason is I just had to make a profile,the second reason is her real life existence does not stop her from entering the fictional world and she can do fourth wall breaching so she can come back to the real world.One day Hammy teleported to Ren’s house which Ren found her,he didn’t know who the hamster belonged to so he just assumed that she belonged to no one.Hammy has now lived with Ren and his entire family for about 3 months.
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the innocent dark dragons in the dark kingdom are starting to die out, they can’t find much prey, and they constantly hit with sickness and disease

most dragons are dead, on the brink of death, or struggling to live

a young dragon, called Sheel, was walking through the forest, trying to find some food, she was sick, which she was having trouble staying on her feet, and she was skinny, she wouldn’t make it through unless she had food

+Kai F. Jones
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Title: How Kai became the Ice Dragon Queen.

Kai had been walking towards the castle to visit the queen of ice dragons' castle since they had gradually been getting closer. She had walked through the doors to find the old dragon lying and looking sicker than she had before. Kai walks over and looks at her, asking whats wrong and receiving the answer that the queen is passing. While the queen is giving her final breaths she whispers that Kai is now the newly declared queen of the ice dragons and shall go under the Alias Kade when they talk about the leader. Kai is to not be proven the ice queen so as to not disturb her days of exploration. after the ice queen passes, it is said that a new ice king is a man named Kade who shall not have a face to be shown while it is reallly Kai. Remember, no one knows its really her.

This is basically a summary. For a full version just ask.

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Adam sat watching his experiment in its egg waiting for the egg to hatch he was hoping for good resultant as he had used a rather strong soul to bond to the experiment he was cooking up until he heared footsteps behind him he turned to see who it was with his bow and arrow at the ready
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title: misunderstanding

a young girl was trapped in a flaming house, she curls up and screams as a dragon busts into the house, it looks at her and grabs her taking out the house, no one in the village survived except this little girl, she yells and cries, the dragon holds the crying girl, she paused as she sees a human approaching
follow her as she flies off with the child is fine, you will have to think that she is going to harm the child

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“My creations aren’t nightmares there people like you!”

Name: Adam Green

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Species: Elf

Tribe: None he’s a drifter

Likes: Meeting new people, Making things, Traveling

Dislikes: People destroying his creations, Being forced away

Powers: He’s a Golomancer meaning he makes Goloms
Soul Travel
Being that he makes Golems he makes trips to a different world full of souls an empty plan full of souls he can normally use weaker souls for smaller Golems but for larger Golems he requires more time in that world for stronger souls but the dangerous part is the souls tempt people telling them that they can give them what ever they want making it dangerous to stay long
Quick Golem Making
He can make quick Golems without souls for cores but they are weaker and fall apart quickly after being made
Golem making
He can make Golems out of just about anything from Crystal to even the dead and everything in between though larger Golems as extremely powerful they take a wile to form especially his stronger ones as it takes longer for the soul to bond with the Golem
Elemental Powers
He is not just limited to Golem making as he has full control over the element so besides light and darkness and even able to make pure shields out of mana as well

Weapons: His preferred way of combat is with his Golems Of course but he still wants to keep his enemy at a range with his bow and arrows

Weakness: His stronger Golems take most of his mana to create and build along with his elemental abilities the more mana he puts into everything the more powerful it gets and he also always puts himself at risk each time he travels to the Soul Planes

Crush: None yet

Lover: None yet

Family: It is rumored that when he was a child he had a sister that was stole from him when he was attacked though he knows she’s alive he does not know where she is and refuses to give up the search

Bio: (Working on it because I’m Lazy)
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