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Hello thanks for the invitation...😄

Name: miku
Race: Japanese
Likes:cooking, quietness,
Dislikes: loudness
Bio:.... I am a mystery.... my hair is green/blue...I am a chibi cat and I am very kind....


Name: Tyler King
Age: 20
Gender: male
Race: Human with dragon wings
Weapons: replicated versions of Kratos' blades
Likes: saving and helping people, eating, friends, stupid people
Dislikes: evil doers, thugs, slavers, his friends being harmed
Crush/lover: Lunar (an Oc owned by +Oxford Kirkland​​)
Bio: it was said that a child born with the wings of a dragon would bring the end of war. Tyler was told of his destiny at age 15 and was taken to the capital city. It was there where he made his blades, and met the love of his life Lunar. Further in the months of training, he was stolen by thugs and was kept prisoner to fight in the arena. He escaped and returned to the capital, and reunited with Lunar at age 20. As a battle at the battleground waged, Tyler fulfilled his destiny and put an end to the war by discovering his true power, which was when Lunar got injured and Tyler turned into his dark, powerful, ultimate power. After the war, he kept his promise to help all in need

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Forgot the picture for my Oc

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Lunar walks quietly threw her school hallways

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Name:  Lunar

Age: 16

Race: Neko

Likes:  Reading,Making friends, Being quiet, Kids,  fish, and Baking

Dislikes: Child  abuse, Animal abuse, Mean people, and Water

Bio she hit me when i asked

(Anyone want to do an rp?)

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Name: Angel [Unknown]
Height: 5'3
Weight: 121'
Species: Wolf/Human
Appearance: {Wolf} Brown and white fur and blue eyes.{Human}Pink long hair with blue eyes.
Personality: {Wolf} Aggressive, protective,and brave. But she'll warm up to you,maybe. {Human} Really shy and quiet.
Likes: Hunting{Both forms},Reading,seeing happy families,singing, seeing kids with there families,having no attention on her.
Dislikes: Foster kids,vampires,to much attention,sad kids,chocolate,and peanut butter.
Bio:My whole family died protecting me from the vampires. I was only about two and all the vampires did was try to kill me! My brother and sister fought off some of the vampires while my mom and dad gave me to a strange lady who took me to this big house filled with human kids,it was a foster home. I hated every second of it all 15 years of it. As soon as I turned 16 I was able to go to school and when I turned 17 I escaped to home and was still able to go to school. All I want to do with my life is find other wolves.
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You and me never meet a day in are life into today.

You were the most popular guy in school. Captain of the baseball team and Student body president. Me I was the captain of the softball but I wasn't as popular as you but I was kind of well know. It all started wen the baseball team and the softball team had got into a fight because we had the field booked on the same day. Me: "You guys need to find somewhere else to practice." You: "No how about this whoever wins in a game gets the field." Me: "Okay fine." After a good game we won and you guys had to get off the field.

The next day
Everyone at school was talking about how you got beat by a bunch of girls. But what they didn't you had a crush on the girl with the number 27 all you wanted to do is find her. You asked all the girls you knew on the team who had the number 27. They all told you it was me. So after school you waited for me to come on the field and practice. You see me walking towards the field then you....

(Please say what number it was and ball game to start. Must be 1+. First come first serve.)

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•tuna sandwiches
•horses and kittens
•animal abuse
•Horseback riding
•playing and listening to music
•dying her hair
•climbing trees
Apperance:(see photos below)
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+Kat Chan​ here's where we can college rp
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