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"You walk in and you see this new night guard ,she looks like a fox but isn't , and all the animatronics are ready to meet her"

(BTW this is an FNAF one rp and I'm Bonnie and my oc DJ)

+PopplioLover 1987​ any body wanna rp

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+PopplioLover 1987​ look ....its a redraw...much Leeny Face


Ennard: stretching in front of Circus Gallery
(+violet willow johnson)

does it have to be sister location or fnaf roleplay

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.:i Can Hear You:. (w.i.p) almost done

(ok so i drew Ballora crawling like a spider XD this is my version of her plz no Take)

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Species: animatronic of an unkown creature


Color:blue,brightblue,silver,black,and green

Starting location: only found in a abandoned/canceled auditorium

Threat level: passive aggressive..........aggressive level:extreme

Likes:his friends,friendly nightgaurds,his power,tinkering,funtime foxy

Dislikes: ennard,the scooper (even though it doesnt do crap to him),unfriendly nightgaurds,his friends being hurt,circus baby (cause she always picks on him for his height)

Height: 5.7

Weight: 279 kilograms

Agility: extremely agile

Strength: high

Bio: glitch is an animatronic of an unkown creature he was cancelled but not scraped for some unkown reason he is shy and will somtimes enter the other areas or hide in the upper vents but when enraged he can be able to lift up the office doors and disable the cameras

Crushes:funtime foxy

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Animatronic Humanoid


White and blue

Starting Location

Ballora Gallery

First Appears

Night 1

Voice Provider

Michella Moss

Table of Contents

Were you looking for the room Ballora Gallery?

Is someone there? I can hear someone creeping through my room. Perhaps, not.Ballora, Night 2

Ballora is one of the seven animatronics (twelve if the Custom Night animatronics are counted) in Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location.


Out of all animatronics in the series, Ballora is likely the most human-like animatronic yet. Resembling an actual ballerina, she wears a blue bikini and a purple tutu decorated with golden orbs (possibly bells). She has pink rosy cheeks with matching lipstick, blue hair, and blue nails. Her eyebrows are thin and colored in light-blue. She wears golden pearl-shaped earrings, and a pearl tiara atop her head, making her one of the most decorated characters in the series.

In most of her appearances in the game, Ballora stands in a pose with her hands above her head, and has her eyes closed. However, her eyes have been shown occasionally, and are very small with purple irises. Her eyelids are blue-colored sporting long eyelashes as well.


Ballora is only active in Ballora Gallery on Night 2. The main point of the night is to crawl to the Breaker Room with a flashlight to guide the player while avoiding Ballora. Ballora uses audio cues, relying only on the sounds the player makes to find them. The player also needs to pay close attention to the music Ballora makes; the louder the music, the closer Ballora is to the player. If the player runs without checking or moves while Ballora is near, the player will get jumpscared, resulting in a game over.

In Night 4, Ballora is transferred into the Scooping Room and subsequently "scooped" - dismantled from the inside via a scooper machine, thus freeing the Minireenas to attack the player. She is then used, along with the other animatronics, to create Ennard.

Custom Night

Ballora will approach from either the West or East hall. Listen for her music to become louder, then shut the appropriate door.Description from the Custom Night.

Ballora jumpscaring the player in the Custom Night (click to animate).

Night modes where Ballora is active are listed as follows:

Angry BalletGirl's NightTop ShelfCupcake ChallengeGolden Freddy

Ballora will stand around the doors of CAM 01 and CAM 02. Depending on what hall she's in, if the player closes the correct door, they will be able to avoid death. If they don't, Ballora will jumpscare the player, sending them back to the Custom Night screen. Depending on her AI, Ballora can rarely enter the two Halls, or repeatedly do so. As both halls' cameras are disabled, and Ballora only appears on these rooms, she cannot be seen anywhere but in her jumpscare. Headphones may be recommended, as it can help the player know which hall her music is coming from.

Additionally, when the power runs out, Ballora will jumpscare the player, similar to Ennard and Freddy Fazbear from the first game, ending the night and sending the player back to the Custom Night screen. This happens regardless of Ballora's inclusion in a night mode, and will always do so.


Ballora is one of the animatronics from the series to lack counterparts. Others being Baby and Ennard.From Michella Moss's (Ballora's voice actor) profile where Ballora's beta singing audio is located, Ballora is referred as a "Horror game doll".[1]She is the only non-nightmare humanoid animatronic to notably have only sharp teeth. Intended for entertaining children and not being based on an animal with such teeth naturally, the reason for this is unclear.The reason for Ballora not being able to see the player while in Ballora Gallery is likely because her eyes are always closed, making her the only animatronic from the entire series to have her eyes remain closed completely.Ballora's eyes only open when she jumpscares the player in Night 2, one of her positions from the game's title menu, and are only otherwise seen on Night 4 when the player is inside the springlock suit, while she's scooped and after she's been scooped.In conclusion, Ballora's eyes will only open when her faceplates are opened.If her unused file is counted where she can be seen exposing her endoskeleton face from the Primary Control Module, Ballora is the only animatronic in the game to reveal her endoskeleton face several times while opening her face-plates.Oddly, Ballora's eyes are not the same shape as her eyelids. Plus, they are very small.Ballora is never seen performing the ballet dance seen in the trailer, rather only spinning constantly.Her tutu also never spins like in the trailer.Ballora is one of the two animatronics which are not available in the "Making of" gallery, three others being Ennard, Minireena, and Bidybab.Although, Bidybabs still can be seen at the last "Making of" image for Baby.From SacAnime's Five Nights at Freddy's Q&A Panel video on YouTube, Ballora's voice actor Michella Moss said her favorite lines from Ballora "isn't out yet" and sounds "so scary".[2]As Michella Moss stated her favorite Ballora's lines "isn't out yet" could possibly hint that Ballora would appear in the possible next FNaF installment after Sister Location, likely either appearing as herself or still a part of Ennard.Ballora is the only animatronic that is scooped on-screen.In Ballora's photo on the Extras menu, her Minireenas spell out "Baby".Scott Cawthon recently said from his Steam post that either Baby or Ballora were the hardest to design, and including their endoskeletons.[3]On Night 5, Ennard, under the guise of being Ballora, makes its appearance in Parts & Service and Funtime Auditorium.Running towards Ballora when she is spinning in front of the player on Night 2 does not necessarily cause her to jumpscare the player, as seen in this video.Ballora's spinning animation likely does not represent her actual position.From the game's files, there is an unused image of Ballora looking outside of the window in the Primary Control Module with her endoskeleton face exposed.This is actually an image when a controlled shock is used on Ballora, presumably used on Night 2.Ballora is one of two animatronics in the game to have miniature animatronics on stage with her, being the Minireenas.The other is Baby, with the Bidybabs.Ballora is the first animatronic in the entire series whose entire backside can be seen. The second is Minireena.According to Scott's comment on Steam, Ballora walks like a spider, and is able to climb on walls, similar to Mangle.[4]This actually explains the movements of Minireena.Also, similar to Mangle, Ballora jumpscares in a different position, rather than the normal upward position.This, however, is likely because Eggs Benedict was crawling, therefore the head was close to the floor, affecting the perspective.Ballora's voice appears to be similiar to GLaDOS's voice from Portal and Portal 2. However, Ballora's voice is a bit darker than GlaDOS's.When Ballora does her distant singing, the tune she sings in shares a resemblance to the song, "By Baby Bunting".This song is written by her voice actor, Michella Moss.Ballora's bluish color, sarcastic tone in her voice, and her fate of being taken out by misery on Night 4 may actually resembles Misery, the miserable banshee from Ruby Gloom.Singing with her eyes closed and screaming with her eyes open is referred to Episode 8, when Misery is discovered to have a sleep-singing talent.Her miniatures, the Minireenas, may actually resembles Misery's pets, the dust bunnies.The music that plays when Ballora is flying across the player is called "Crumbling Dreams".This may be referred to Five Nights at Freddy's 4.Ballora's special feature, "Balance/Stability" as seen in the blueprint, helps her to stand perfectly without falling.If the Custom Night is counted, Ballora is one of nine antagonists in the series to have more than one jumpscare, the others are Freddy Fazbear (from the first game), Springtrap (from the third game), Nightmare Freddy, Nightmare Bonnie, Nightmare Foxy/Nightmare Mangle (if their jumpscares from the closet are counted), Nightmare Chica (if the cupcake's jumpscare is counted), Ennard, and Funtime Foxy (if the Custom Night is counted).During the Custom Night, if the static were to be removed in CAM 01 and CAM 02 while Ballora is there, it actually reveals Ennard instead of Ballora (this is also visible upon opening the monitor, albeit for a fraction of a second before the view changes to static). This is likely due to the fact that a file of Ballora in these rooms wouldn't be that useful due to the mechanics in the Custom Night, thus using Ennard as a "placeholder". The video explanation can be found here.This is also true for Funtime Freddy.The position of Ennard actually shows Ballora's. This is referred to Ennard under the guise of being Ballora.Ballora in Custom Night will appear after a power outage, similar to Freddy Fazbear from the first game.Additionally, her melody is briefly heard a second before she jumpscares the player, making her the fourth animatronic in the series whose jumpscare is preceded by music. The others being Freddy from the first game, The Puppet from the second game, and Nightmarionne from the fourth game.The jumpscare is also quite similar to Freddy Fazbear, poping out before moving closer to the screen.In addition, Ballora's jumpscare is similar to Ennard.Ballora is the second animatronic from the series to sing. The first being Foxy from the first game.Unlike Foxy, Ballora sings with words.


During Ballora's jumpscare, her upper faceplates clip through her hair bun.This error also occurs with Funtime Foxy's and Funtime Freddy's ears.During Ballora's Custom Night jumpscare, her eyes are still closed. Therefore, it is unknown how she knows where Eggs Benedict is.In addition, Eggs never makes a single sound or movement other than using the monitor and closing doors. Therefore, her audio activation sensor can not be used by Ballora to find him.


 It used to be Nightmare Fredbear, now it's probably Baby or Ballora. I took a lot of time with their endoskeletons. - Scott Cawthon, I'll be honest- I hadn't actually thought about it, but I would imagine that she actually glides on a track most of the time, but after leaving the track she uses all four limbs to crawl more like a spider. I don't think she walks anywhere. So she's basically either dancing gracefully or climbing the walls like Mangle.

Is someone there?
I can hear someone creeping through my room...
Perhaps not.

Why do you hide inside your walls,
When there is music in my halls?
All I see is an empty room,
No more joy, an empty tomb.
It's so good to sing all day,
To dance, to spin, to fly away.
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.:Opened RP:.

+Peter Quirimit+Decidueye


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Ballora: on her stage dances and then sees you
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