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Nicname: the one behind the wall
Sexuality: bisexual
Power:some mind control, (will not work on very strong minded individuals) teleportation, very strong durability and endurance but can die.
Bio:i was a 16 year teenager when I meet the Dark Lord zalgo. To prove my worth to him I killed 666 people in his name before dieing.after I died I was reborn in his dark I serve my Dark Lord as a proud and loyal proxy.

Ah. Feels good to be back

blacked out on floor of throne room 

across the hallways things were broken and there was things missing

a note was left on the floor

Hooded Figure: runs down halls holding a bag full of items almost there... just have to find the way out... he ends up bumping into someone ..........

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Rake hides in a bush waiting for people to pass by

he sees someone from a distance and watches  as they get closer

Rake: who daressssss to tresssspassss?

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(decided to make another one)

Name: The Rake

Age: Unknown

Species: (not sure) 

Gender: Male

Sexuality: None yet

Weapon/ability: Sharp long claws 

Personality: Hostile, Usually violent around humans, Aggressive, Hates people trespassing around his territory (such as a bush or locations like that), Curious at times

Likes: Hiding in locations like bushes, closets, trees, scaring those afraid of him, Some cps 

Dislikes: When people go near his territory, Bob (most of the time), When Bob gets distracted on sprees, Some cps, Garden rakes 

Bio: Some creature with claws who people have claimed to spot before 

Hey...😢 my heart is broken.. I want to die.. Why to I love him? Why do I even try? I keep hoping what was said is a lie.. I'll never love again.. I thought he was my friend.. I trusted in you.. Now you betrayed me what do I do? Every night I cry myself to sleep, your love never to keep, you said you loved me, you said you cared, why did I love you? I shouldn't have dared.. Now look at my scars inside, filled with all your lies, I want to die.. I want to die..

sits under a tree

I hear a sound

Rake: jumps out bush

Not now Rake..

Rake: runs off

stares at ground

(open roleplay) 

sits on bed staring at wall burns picture of Bob and rake wow why are you two such a failures?! gets a knock at the door and walks to it who is it? 

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