People are telling me I am a catfish. What do I do?

Does anyone have any stories for me?

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Have you been Catfished???
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What does catfish even mean ?

Hi Guys haven't been in a while! Just looking through Only For Teens and this 'new' Guy wanted followers so i added him. In suspension I Google searched his profile pic and sure enough it came up with a picture that's form Tumblr. I will be confronting him in a matter of time.  If anyone wants me to look into someones account let me know on this account or my other account. +Cookie Monster 

Hey guys well me, myself and I. 

I have busted this guy before on my other account ( +Sully Lover ) 
And he blocked me. He catfished me :( I fell for it. (This was around 6-8 months ago) 

But he is at it again! We must stop him at once! 

But i wanna find out who he really is first. His user is bo the maze runner. 

please help me <3

Hugs and kisses

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