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Name- Naomi Nisaka

Nicknames: Angel, Mimi

Age- 16

Type of Magic- Wind

Class Room- 2-2

Favourite Subject- Art

Likes- Kitties! Drawing, and gaming

Dislikes- bullies, animal abuse

Personality- Outgoing, nice, cute, clumsy, impatient, childish


Clothing- Blue dress, brown stockings, blue ankle boots

Hair Color- Black

Eye Color- Blue

Skin Color- Pale

Accessories- Red hair pin, blue butterfly necklace

◻Personal Info◻

Home Country/ Nationality- Kyoko, Japan

Sexuality- Bisexual

Relationship/Crush- None

DOB- 16/5/99

Backstory- Naomi lived a pretty normal life. She never really liked school, but she had to do well because her parents have very high expectations. People call her angel and she hates it. She is also kind of a crybaby.

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Sakura was fighting a Phantom. She had finally weakened it si she took advantage. She managed to trap it in ice and she left him there Now. Die you mortal. Watches it slowly freeze and then you…

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Dylan was on his phone, strolling around the academy. It was lunchtime. He was going to go to the cafeteria and get himself some food, considering he hadn't had breakfast that morning because he woke up late.
He still felt guilty that he'd forced Ryan to cook food for everybody in the house all by himself, but he was also still angry that nobody raised a finger to help him, yet he couldn't stay mad at his girlfriend for not waking him up.
Whatever, he thought. It doesn't matter. I'll just get some food and hope I don't chuck it back up again.

//I think this is where I'm supposed to post this lmao
Correct me if I'm wrong//

Anyways hi, I'm just putting a little post in the updates because I didn't add nicknames to my character profiles and I've already written out this entire flipping post and I can't be butted to change the original post and rewrite it all so
There's also a lot of inside jokes that I'll explain at the end
There's some pretty mature stuff in here *(vulgar words, offensive jokes, sexual themes) so be warned of that*

Imperio's nicknames:
Peri [everybody],
Prince Charming [Dylan],
Peridot [Jason, Mira],
Mister Androgynous [Dylan],
Pedophile number one [Dylan, Jason].

Dylan's nicknames:
Crossbone [everybody],
Mister break-the-law [James],
Dylanette [Jason],
Miss Draikula [Imperio],
It [Nathan].

Mira's nicknames:
Princess [James],
Dryad [Jason],
Mittney [Dylan].

Ryan's nicknames:
Inmate [Nathan, Dylan],
James from the asylum [Nathan, Dylan],
Mario [Mira],
Mister doesn't-understand-age-laws [Dylan],
Timmyto [Jason],
Pedophile number two [Dylan, Jason].

James' nicknames:
Jamie [Everybody],
Mister make-the-law [Dylan],
Vladimir [Imperio, Dylan],
Strawberry Jam [Ryan].

Jason's nicknames:
Cheesecake [Imperio, Mira],
Janitor [Imperio, Mira],
Sombrero [Imperio, Dylan],
no-good-dirty-rotten-pig-stealing-great-great-grandfather [Nathan].

Nathan's nicknames:
Nate [Everyone],
Mister Wanna-Die [Imperio],
Shinitai [Mira],
Robin [James, Ryan, Dylan],
Skull Trumpet (doot doot) [Jason].

okay inside jokes:
Mister make-the-law and Mister break-the-law are nothing more than an argument between a rebel and a policeman.
Pedophile number one is a reference to Peri having gotten in trouble with having one-night-stands with people who were underage, and Pedophile number two is Dylan's way of punishing Ryan for doing things with Kouri - who is Dylan's girlfriend's little brother.

Prince Charming is a reference to Peri's possible royalty as well as his charming personality.
Peridot is not only a reference to his name and birthstone but also to the character Peridot from Steven Universe, who seems to remind Jason and Mira of him.
Mister Androgynous is a salty joke about Peri's femininity, the fact that he's often misgendered and possibly could be getting at his implied transexuality.
Dylanette and It are both jerkish jokes about Dylan's gender.
Miss Draikula is a joke about Dylan's friendship with Victor Draikula.
Mittney is simply a Britney Spears joke.
Inmate and James from the asylum are both jokes about Ryan's time in the mental asylum.
Mister doesn't-understand-age-laws is a joke about Ryan's repeated affairs with Kouri.
Mario is a random nickname that doesn't have any logical backstory. Mira is just cute like that.
Timmyto is Jason's way of making a joke about Ryan's hair. He made fun of the colour of Ryan's hair and compared it to a tomato, shortened it down to Timmy and then added "to" on the end when Timothy Nevets came into the group's life.
Vladimir has a strong backstory. People have always known that Nathan is quite kinky, so when the "Jathan" scandal started up, people took it into consideration. They made a joke about James being Nathan's "daddy", but instead of being upfront about it, said "Vladimir" instead, as Nathan's real father is called Vladimir.
Strawberry Jam is just another joke about red hair.
Cheesecake is another nickname without solid backstory. Jason just called himself "Cheesecake" one day and it went on from there.
Janitor is a racism joke about Jason's nationality.
Sombrero is a joke about Jason's hat.
no-good-dirty-rotten-pig-stealing-great-great-grandfather is Nathan's way of making fun of the one time Jason stole a pig.
Mister Wanna-Die and Shinitai (translating to "I wanna die") were both jokes made up by the group's roommate, Aisu, who was listening to a song called Miss Wanna-Die. It reminded him of Nathan, so he made the nicknames and they spiraled off as a joke about Nathan's suicidal tendencies. He's okay with it because he loves the song.
Robin is actually Nathan's middle name, which James, Ryan and Dylan took a liking to.
Skull trumpet (doot doot) is a reference to how, when Nathan's hanging with his squad, when somebody gets offended or burnt or embarrassed, Nathan will pull out a trumpet, flute or otherwise, and toot a tune. He's weird like that.

Question! What does DOB mean?

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Name: Myfi Sin
Age: 17
Magic: Ablity to talk to animals
Classroom: 2-1
Subject: Art
Likes: Art, animals, music, Childhood friend Sakura
Dislikes: Pervs, bullies, animal abuse
Personality: Sweet, caring, kind, kawaii, bubbly, nice
Appearance: Pink hair, pink eyes
Clothing: dresses
Hair color: Pink
Skin color: kinda tan
Accessories: headband, flower
Personal info: Is childhood friends with Sakura. She helps Sakura get over her shyness.
Home country: Japan
Sexuality: Female
Crush: None yet
Extra: Her name means Wifi in Japan
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❇Name- Imperio Shin.

❇Age- 19.

❇Type of Magic- Psychokinesis/Telekinesis.

❇Class Room#- 3-2.

❇Subject- Music.

❇Likes- Dressing up, never going outside, parties, being inside during storms, the internet, writing and performing music, being in the spotlight.

❇Dislikes- Being shown up, being put down, getting used, losing his hairband, being misgendered.

❇Personality- Imperio is quite ambiverted. Sometimes, his ideal day is to lay in bed all day, whether it be sleeping, messing around on his computer, or writing music. However, when he sees an opportunity to be in the spotlight, he would take it, and he would blow everyone out of the roof - he loves to be alone, but hates to be ignored.


❇Clothing- He tends to wear his hair in a strange fashion, hanging down his neck in thick curls, dropping down the side of his face in fluffy sideburns, flicking all over his face in unorganised and messy ways, only one piece of hair pinned back by a hairclip, and the rest gelled and placed on the back of his head in a triangular fashion. He likes to wear dark clothes and dark make-up, his favourite outfit being a black jacket, dark blue turtleneck, grey trousers, brown belt and boots, and black lipstick and eyeliner.

❇Hair Color- Blonde.

❇Eye Color- Blood red.

❇Skin Color- Dark Hispanic.

❇Accessories- A hairclip and hairband.

----------------◻Personal Info◻--------------

❇Home Country/ Nationality- Mexico.

❇Sexuality- Homosexual

❇Relationship/Crush- Gets into a lot of affairs, but seems pretty close to his friend, Jason.

❇DOB- 19th of August.

❇Extra- He's said to come from a Royal family - he sure acts like a Prince and is incredibly rich. Rumours fly that Imperio has various mental illnesses and disorders - the most notable of which being possible autism and depression. He lives with almost thirty people, many of which are well-known amongst town, especially Dylan Crossbone, Mira Jaanam and Ryan Amara, who all work at a local bar.
His voice is something like the linked video:
{SIDE NOTE: *The linked video has sexual themes and a risque video. Watch with caution.*}

Side note: The picture is pretty old. I'll draw a new picture of him and post it somewhere.

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❇Name- Sakura Yamazaki.

❇Age- 16.

❇Type of Magic- Ice.

❇Class Room#- 1-1.

❇Favorite Subject- Art.

❇Likes- Art, Animals, and Being Alone.

❇Dislikes- Huge Crowds, Being Partners In A Project, and Walking At Night.

❇Personality- Quiet, Loner, Artistic, And Kind.


❇Clothing- A Navy Blue Uniform With Black, Knee-Length Socks.

❇Hair Color- Violet.

❇Eye Color- Lavender.

❇Skin Color- Pale.

❇Accessories- A Black Bow.

------------◻Personal Info◻----------

❇Home Country/ Nationality- HC: Japan. But She Can Speak A Little English. Yet She Still Has A Strong Accent.

❇Sexuality- BiSexual.

❇Relationship/Crush- ???.

❇DOB- 11-09.

❇Extra- She Was A Very Shy Child Growing Up. She's Learned To Speak Sometimes, Yet She Is Still Very Silent.

-1st Photo: Her Human Form. 2nd Photo: Ice Form.
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//I have a bunch of mini-characters/side characters. Here are the profiles for them. XD
I don't know if the second Ryan pic is "sexualised" or not and I'm scared
Still not sure whether Crossbone and Nathan are too iffy :///

Profile one:

❇Name- Dylan Crossbone.

❇Age- 19.

❇Type of Magic- Blood magic: A type of magic that is a mix between psychokinesis that only applies to his own blood or blood that has been mixed with his own, and creation magic, which is how he uses his blood to create objects such as weapons - he also has regenerative powers. However, this magic is limited:
As a pro, he can create anything he wants with his blood. The con to that is that he has to have extreme knowledge of this objects to do it. For example, if he were to make a gun, he would need to know how to make it WITHOUT magic. He'd have to know the materials, shapes, functions and the place of every single thing in the weapon - He requires heavy amount of research and a photographic memory and it takes a lot of effort to use this magic. Because of the effort it takes, he sticks to a single pistol and an axe, and rarely experiments with new weapons.
As another con, because he has to cut the skin of his body and draw out so much blood, he has every chance of bleeding out. He has to be extremely careful with his powers. Because of one of the disorders he has, he cannot feel pain and has absolutely no clue when everything could just go black.
On the bright side, he has increased regenerative powers. Whenever he needs to draw blood, the wounds heal much more quickly than they would for any regular person. For this reason, if he ever does bleed out, he'll sort himself out pretty quickly.

❇Class Room#- 3-2.

❇Subject- Tailoring and mixology.

❇Likes- Being alone, working at the local bar, being with his girlfriend, tailoring and video games.

❇Dislikes- Anybody - and I mean ANYBODY - flirting with his girlfriend, even at a minimum, being told what to do and wearing jackets.

❇Personality- Straight off the bat, Dylan is a yandere. Yes, he's calm, and yes, he's kind, but if anybody messes with his relationship, he has NO remorse for them. He's very ill in the head, and it's better to stay out of his path. Try to get on his good side by being friendly. It's best not to mention gender, sexuality or relationships around him - he's also sensitive about his diet aswell. He's not vegan for the heck of it. On his good side, he's a very loving man, very loyal and brave, passionate, and let's not forget how energetic he can be.


❇Clothing- Crossbone wears his hair something like Imperio's. He has a very fluffy fringe covering his right eye, of which nobody has ever seen under. He then has sideburns that drop down the side of his head to about the top of his neck, and then the back of his hair curves into curls lower down on his neck. He wears a lot of either all-dark or all-light clothing. Most of the time, he wears a black T-shirt that states "$@!% THE CON-FOR-MIS-TS" on it, with a white undershirt long enough to cover his hands until his fingers are all that can be seen. He also wears long, dark-blue ripped jeans and black shoes. Other times, it's a white t-shirt saying "$@!% THE CONFO-RMISTS" on it, with a long, gray undershirt the same length as his regular ones. He wears light-blue shorts with white ends, and fishnet stockings ranging up to his thighs, with brown shoes.

❇Hair Color- Deep brown hombering to silver.

❇Eye Color- Dark red.

❇Skin Color- Pale white.

❇Accessories- A purple choker collar that says "DADDY" on it around his neck. Similar to his fringe, nobody knows what's underneath it. He also has a watch connected to...cameras? Along with that, he always keeps a dagger on him so that he has access to his magic.

---------------◻Personal Info◻-------------

❇Home Country/ Nationality- English.

❇Sexuality- Unclear whether he's asexual or pansexual.

❇Relationship/Crush- In a relationship with a woman named Scarlett Hadashi.

❇DOB- 30th of October.

❇Extra- Crossbone suffers from many mental illnesses:
Borderline/Antisocial personality disorder, Tourette's syndrome, insomnia, severe paranoia, depression and is overcoming anorexia. He works as a bartender at the local bar and allegedly is tracked by the police for several crimes, including murder or drug abuse. According to his housemates, he's an abusive boyfriend, and monitors the home on cameras he keeps on his watch. He never talks about his crimes. He suffers from a disorder called congenital insensitivity to pain, meaning he can't actually feel pain. He's a hermaphrodite, not a man.
This is his voice:

Profile two:

❇Name- Mira Jaanam.

❇Age- 18.

❇Type of Magic- Nature magic.

❇Class Room#- 2-1.

❇Subject- Waitressing and hospitality.

❇Likes- Animals, nature, waitressing, kindness, children, her friends, her boyfriend, her boyfriend's brother, her boyfriend's brother's girlfriend-- She loves everybody, okay? Precious cinnamon roll.

❇Dislikes- Lies, people being mean, dead animals, crime, ungrateful people, her boyfriend cheating on her/getting into trouble with his colleagues.

❇Personality- Mira tries her best to fit in, but is trapped in the mind of an eight-year-old forevermore. She cares about everyone and everything and is far too caring and considerate. She's cute and refined, although, on a good day, there's a possibility that she'll step out of her comfort zone. Like, she'll come to school wearing a black biker jacket, fingerless gloves, a white vest, leather pants and boots, instead of her minidress and stockings that she always wears. She can be reckless when she's happy, but most of the time, she's shy and never dares to make a mistake ever.


❇Clothing- Her everyday clothing is a short, brown dress with no sleeves and a red-feathered brim around the neck, a feathered belt attached to a white satchel and more feathers at the bottom of the dress. She has white stockings and slip-on shoes. She wears her fluffy hair in a ponytail so long that it falls to her calves.

❇Hair Color- Her hair is white, and hombers to pink at its edges.

❇Eye Color- Light blue.

❇Skin Color- Darker asian.

❇Accessories- A bobble that holds her ponytail in place and a satchel containing first-aid things.

---------------◻Personal Info◻-------------

❇Home Country/ Nationality- India.

❇Sexuality- Pansexual.

❇Relationship/Crush- She's in a relationship with the captain of the police force, James Amara.

❇DOB- 25th of November.

❇Extra- Mira is said to have social anxiety and avoidant personality disorder. Because of this, she finds it hard to make friend and struggles to get out and about. She spends a lot of her time in the forest, talking to the animals.
Mira's voice: (Knowing Brittney this might have mature themes so watch with caution)

Profile three:

❇Name- Ryan Amara.

❇Age- 20.

❇Type of Magic- Fire.

❇Class Room#- 3-3.

❇Subject- Cooking.

❇Likes- Memes, cooking, his brother, Dylan's girlfriend's brother, glasses, arson and everything being perfect.

❇Dislikes- His visions, nightmares, Dylan.

❇Personality- Ryan is pretty crazy. He's a perfectionist, and has an insane side to him, being psychotic and a bit of a pyromaniac. He gets angry a lot, despite his kind demeanor, and when he's mad, he doesn't laugh it off. He shouts it off. However, he can be a bit of a meme, and can be really giggly.


❇Clothing- Ryan's favourite thing to wear is a black turtleneck and the same colour jeans. And shoes. He's very plain. He has slicked-back hair and... Yeah, that's about it.

❇Hair Color- Bright red.

❇Eye Color- Orchid purple.

❇Skin Color- Pale white.

❇Accessories- Sometimes, he wears a black flat-cap, other times, he wears a creepy mask.

---------------◻Personal Info◻-------------

❇Home Country/ Nationality- Russian.

❇Sexuality- He's straight. Or is he bisexual? Most people think he's gay. ...What is he!?

❇Relationship/Crush- He's in a relationship with a woman named Reese Brooklyn, but rumours fly that he's cheating on her with an underage boy.

❇DOB- 8th of November.

❇Extra- Ryan is allegedly schizophrenic, bulimic, and has anger issues. He could possibly have BPD, but nobody's quite sure.

Profile four:

❇Name- James Amara.

❇Age- 20.

❇Type of Magic- Fire.

❇Class Room#- 3-3.

❇Subject- Law force/Policing.

❇Likes- Cute things, being with his Russia Squad (him, Ryan and two other boys called Dimitri and Nathan), dogs, Vampires/supernatural and romance movies.

❇Dislikes- He hates it when his brother does inappropriate things with little boys. He hates it when Dylan breaks the law or either Mira or Nathan get overprotective of him, especially Nathan.

❇Personality- James is too friendly for words. He's not the Mira-loves-you type of guy but he sure does care for most people. He's very inspiring and courageous, only wishing for the best for everybody, and constantly putting his life on the line for the better of the world. He's also fighting for his life every second of every day...


❇Clothing- James likes to wear simplistic things, and rarely wears the same thing twice.

❇Hair Color- He's technically bald, but he wears a messy, bright-red, mid-length wig.

❇Eye Color- Left eye is orchid purple, the other is corrupted and bright green.

❇Skin Color- Pale white, although he's partially corrupted, meaning his skin is dyed purple in certain locations. There's one strip of corruption over one eye, dying it green.

❇Accessories- He wears a headband, and always has a rifle on him, unless he's at school.

---------------◻Personal Info◻-------------

❇Home Country/ Nationality- Russian - Has a heavy Russian accent.

❇Sexuality- He's supposed to be straight, but rumours of a scandal between him and Nathan Rezkoye started by Dylan make people think he's secretly pansexual.

❇Relationship/Crush- He's in a relationship with Mira Jaanam.

❇DOB- 8th of November.

❇Extra- James has cancer.

Profile five:

❇Name- Jason Dualle.

❇Age- 17.

❇Type of Magic- Earth-bending.

❇Class Room#- 2-2.

❇Subject- Music.

❇Likes- Imperio. A lot. He also likes pranks, songs, folklore and creepypasta.

❇Dislikes- He can hate anything if you give it to him wrong. Really bad OCD and needs to shut doors three times, wipe both feet twice and flick the lights on and off before properly entering a room.

❇Personality- Jason has no specified personality.


❇Clothing- Jason likes to wear plaid, button-up t-shirts, blue trousers and green boots. Hidden under his hat, he has a frizzy fringe which is straight and short, until at the edges where they extend to his cheeks. The rest of his hair falls down the back of his head and stick out in long sections.

❇Hair Color- Ginger.

❇Eye Color- Green.

❇Skin Color- Hispanic.

❇Accessories- He wears a sombrero all the time. Under his sombrero, Jason has black, fluffy neko ears and under the shadow the hat causes, he has fur from the top of his head, orange fur with black spots. He has sharp claws and the tail of a jaguar.

---------------◻Personal Info◻-------------

❇Home Country/ Nationality- Mexico.

❇Sexuality- Pansexual.

❇Relationship/Crush- Has a HUGE crush on Imperio.

❇DOB- 30th of May.

❇Extra- Other than the fact that he has OCD, autism and bipolar disorder, there's not very much to say about Jason.

Profile six:

❇Name- Nathan Rezkoye.

❇Age- 19.

❇Type of Magic- Psychokinesis and transformation.

❇Class Room#- 3-2.

❇Subject- Music.

❇Likes- Complete isolation and solitude, music, romance, the idea of death, and James.

❇Dislikes- Large crowds, loud sounds, a lot of foods, the idea of life and everybody other than James.

❇Personality- Nathan has a personality!? WOAH! Nathan is very monotone and emotionless, cruel, hurtful, depressing and suicidal. However, he does have a soft side, despite his empathy issues. He loves music, and despite crying a lot, is very brave to still go on in the world despite his terrible life. He's quite passionate about his beliefs, but is a complete outcast among his people and his family, resulting in his lack of sympathy for others. He's...very...ill.


❇Clothing- Nathan's hair sticks above his head in a triangular fashion with a single strand dropping down the right side of his face. He wears a plain, white T-shirt that you'd find in a school uniform, black trousers, a brown belt and knee-high brown belts with strangely tall and sharp heels. He also wears a long, red cape with a hood, and black leather gloves that range to his elbows.

❇Hair Color- Mainly black, but there's a streak of red just to the left side of his hair, followed by a smaller white streak.

❇Eye Color- Dull red.

❇Skin Color- To most, he seems to have white skin, but in the right light, one can see that he actually has really light blue skin.

❇Accessories- Nathan sometimes carries around an umbrella, and has sharp fangs and the same earrings as those in his linked video.

---------------◻Personal Info◻-------------

❇Home Country/ Nationality- Russian.

❇Sexuality- Closeted homosexual.

❇Relationship/Crush- James will be his only love, ever.

❇DOB- 22nd of September.

❇Extra- On top of being a Vampire, Nathan is actually the prince of the Russian Vampire colony. But he's nothing like his peers, his father, or anybody else. He wants to be like his mother, who was executed for being an outcast. He'll never be good enough for his peers... And he's come to terms with it. He just wants it all to end.
Nathan has Asperger's syndrome, antisocial/schizoid personality disorder, stockholm syndrome and such bad bulimia that he's been driven to the point of cannibalism (YOU'D ONLY UNDERSTAND WHY IF YOU GOT TO KNOW HIM).
Nathan's voice:

I don't have pictures of every characters, but I have this for now. From left to right:
Ryan, Ryan (and Dylan's girlfriend's brother), Nathan, James, Dylan (and his friend Victor), Dylan.
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