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sb: $2
ab: $25

hit 10 you'll get a bust shot
hit 15 you will get a full bod chibi
hit 25 and you will get a full anthro ref too!

base: griwi
edits/designs: me
species: lilaira@ DA/FA

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There are mostly old furry characters of mine in here. I'm trying to get rid of them so feel free to make an offer on them if you see something you like!

Don't forget to read the pinned post to see what you can offer

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Candle Ignisaka for sale. closed subspecies
accepting points only, art can come with it though

When bought i can remove the adoptable part
Animated Photo

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$4 Aussie adopts

base: Lew-lapis@Da
adopts: me

1- Blue/tan point Merle: Open
2- Red Merle: Open
3- Blue Merle: Open
4- Red Bi color: Open
5: Brown Bi color: Open
6: Black/brown Tri color: OPen


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all are open
1- 15 pts
2- 15 pts
3- 10 pts
4- 15 pts
5- 15 pts
6- 10 pts
7- 10 pts
8- 15 pts
send points to if you bought one 

Thanks for lettings me join! I like to make adopts from time to time. :3

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I have the most brilliant idea
I'm going to do a HUUUGE shipping/shippingbreed thingy
So everyone sent 1 of your pony ocs to #EdenShips
And I'll give all ocs a number (on what shows up first on my screen) and raffle them to do a mysterious ship/breed

If you read this comment "drink up your nightmares and let the liquid wash away your shame"

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hello. New here, I make adopts a lot and have a collection for it.   no idea what else to say
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