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I was asked to pass this on:

Do you have children aged 2 - 7 ?
Do they ever say things like "You're my favorite mummy." ?
or "I used to be an old man...!"
Statements like these may mean your child can remember something of past lives.
Would you like to join a fascinating research program?
Using specially developed material your children will LOVE
from the "Grown-Ups' Book" of "Another Egg, Another Life" (see below) - which you will receive FREE OF CHARGE;

We are currently looking for 20 children and parents interested in this initiative Simply send a mail to telling us something about your child and we will get back to you.
Please SHARE this information with all your circles.
Thank you. Trevor Manning at Wakening Research Studies

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Some of you already know about my interest in reincarnation, particularly when it concerns very young children remembering things from previous lives and how this could be interesting for parents.
Anyway, I've been following the development of a new kind of approach to this subject which apparently seems to have at last reached its definitive form.

This what they say about it:
“Another Egg, Another Life” is a unique two-book set featuring 7 stories about Reincarnating Penguins in Antarctica. It has been created for children aged 2-7, when many can still remember past lives. This is a precious legacy capable of revealing hidden talents, soul purpose and the "bigger picture" to create a new perspective.

"Grown-ups" Edition: Illustrated Monochrome volume - 172 pages.
Contains the 7 stories, full instructions on how to use the material, vocabulary prompts and gently probing questions. These encourage children to feel comfortable about their “other families”, where they lived “before” and the path they should follow in their present lives.
Additional material examines current Research, Reincarnation in history, Child Prodigies and their past life skills, Gender Identity and Testimonials gathered during initial field trials.

Children’s Edition: Lavishly illustrated Full Color Activity Book – 100 pages.
Presents the stories, tracing the progression of a Penguin soul (‘Pengos”) through 7 incarnations and 7 different species, ultimately becoming an Emperor Penguin in Antarctica.
Plus “Fun Facts” about Penguins, many additional illustrations, a chance to reconsider the leading questions and outline drawings of the Penguins to colour. Three additional activities explore children's affinities in sport, music and "grown-up" occupations.

The first books of this kind ever published, “Another Egg, Another Life” can help parents and grandparents learn more about their children, why they chose this family, past life issues that need managing and the paths they should explore.

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Hi everyone.
I've been asking around recently if anyone knows of something that could safely help young children remember past lives? Its because my young daughter was having sort of flashbacks and I wannted to channel them into something to actually help her get on the right path in life?
Anyway, couple of weeks ago I did come across a book I thought I should share.
Bit of a strange book actually. Looks like a regular storybook for kids. Big and square with cute penguins on the front. But inside there are different sections. The first one tells the stories of a Penguin soul with 7 lives as different sorts of penguin working up to be an Emperor. Then there are questions to ask children about past memories they mite have. Then there's some stuff for parents to explain reincarnation. I used it with my daughter and it was pretty surprising actually. Turns out she really thinks she must play a cello but was always scared of telling me.
Anyway, you can check it out.

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