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Honestly never come on but just checking to see who's alive or not. If there's anything I can help with then I guess I'll be on once in awhile.
((One of my best pictures of him smiling))

+Baby Boy 
we've made a fucking community for you ;-;

Im thinking in deleting some sad posts
and kinda restard the comunnity, come on
dami's here :3 let's spam this comunnity with yaoi and happy shit

ugh- Fucking why?! why is life such a fucking bitch?!?!?!

What happened to his profile?
I can''t find it?

Well I am saying that Damion is out so ya

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Guys, What is going on?
I have heard he is alive, i have heard he isn't
I heard he is with someone.
What the hell is going on?

Damion is alive <BBB

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Aм ι тнe only one wнo loveѕ нιѕ тongυe?
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