"The angel experiment"

part 1
Hello, my name is one I'm a small 4 year old running for my life with my sister and little brother trying to escape my dad but... We were to late he trapped all of us letting us tremble in fear my dad grabbed my brother his eyes not showing smirking he dragged my little brother Tim away I screamed and cried as He did "TAKE ME AWAY INSTEAD NOT HIM" I screamed still he took him away took him into a lab where we were was called the school not like a regular school but a science lab where they turn things into sick freaks I hugged my sister shadow tightly shadow trembled and hugged back saying "we're never gonna be safe" I sighed And said "i know" shadow just kept trembling and then I heard a loud bang with growling and howling but then my dad walked towards me and shadow we both shaked as our dad Lee grabbed both our feet and dragged us to the lab I squirmed and kicked my feet LET ME GO I said shadow was screaming and crying my dad brought us into a room and help up a needle and put it in both of our arms we both fainted our dad took us to the room called cages they have bunch of cages in there and throwed us both in we hugged each other and watched as he locked it he shook and then seem him the big Harry were wolf that was Tim Lee smirked looking at Tim then Lee said this is new I wonder what to call it hmm how about a eraser GIVE ME MY BROTHER BACK lee turned his head nah your mom won't find about it either starts crying yes she will then she will end you Lee smirked I don't think so Dani runs in LEE LEE I CANT FIND THE CHILDREN

(-to be continued)
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