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Check out Young Living Essential Oils in the BORO on Meetup

Have you been interested in finding out more about them? Asked yourself what they are all about. Then join in on the fun! Place to meet people and learn, smell, use, and try essential oils.

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Moving from a home to an apartment is not an easy thing to do... we all know moving in general, can be a big pain in the behind... you usually don’t have as much space; but also nothing is yours. All appliances are supplied for you.

That being said... you don’t know what was in it before you got it! 🧐 was it just dishes? Did they clean it regularly? You will never know...

Let’s just be honest 😜 I am not a fan of doing dishes!

But this thieves dishwashing powder!! 😲🤩 wow!

I got it right before we moved into this apartment and David says, “I really like that, I think it even cleaned the dishwasher!”

I love that I can get an all natural product that uses the essential oils, that I can’t get enough of, to tackle daily chores ❤️ who wouldn’t?! 😆

#youngliving #essentialoils #iusethemforeverything #livingabovethewellnessline

Ready to explore! New in town only been here a little over a month.

Got my water with me to stay hydrated! Added some grapefruit-help me with anxiety and promote uplifting feelings 😌
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